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Author's Note: This was originally two chapters from my drabble fic… These two chapters were two of the only ones I wanted to save. Plus, who doesn't love Gavin-centric fics?

The Pink Violin

"Open it, Krissi, open it!"

Kristoph Gavin sighed as he reached for the package on the table. As he slowly and meticulously opened the box, he wondered what exactly his eleven-year-old brother was so excited about. True, Klavier had been rambling on for weeks about finally having enough money to get Kristoph the birthday gift he'd wanted to get… But his birthday had been several months ago.

Admittedly, though, Kristoph's interest rose as he pulled the gift out of the cardboard box… As did his surprise.

"Klavier? How on Earth did you save up enough for a new violin for me?"

"Well… Mommy said if I got one like that, it would be cheaper! And I've been saving up my allowance for over a whole year!" Klavier answered proudly. "Finish opening it."

"All right."

Kristoph carefully unlatched the case and opened it. He stared at the instrument inside, blinked, and then looked at Klavier in disbelief.

"Klavier. Why. Is. It. Pink?"

The younger boy burst into a fit of giggles. "'Cause colored ones are cheaper, silly! And you always wear that pink ribbon around your neck."

"I-It's magenta!" Kristoph protested.

As Klavier's giggles turned into full-blown laughter, Kristoph clutched said ribbon defensively and looked back at the new violin in horror…

Klavier sighed as he walked down the winding hallways of Central Prison. He made it a point to visit Kristoph at least once a month, but his older brother usually didn't have much to say anyway.

The prosecutor sighed as he arrived at Cell 13. As usual, Kristoph's back was turned to him—he was sitting down in the cell's surprisingly expensive-looking chair, actually. Apparently, the older man had taken his violin off the shelf, and several familiar notes rang into Klavier's ears.

"Toccata and Fugue, bro?"

"…Why, yes, Klavier."

"Will you let me in today?"

Klavier tapped his foot on the floor as he ran his hand through his bangs. He waited for an answer, but Kristoph remained silent as usual.

However, Klavier suddenly grinned. "Hey, Krissi. That's your pink violin, ja?"

An out-of-tune note suddenly jarred Klavier. As he winced, Kristoph's sudden stop to tune the instrument's D string only confirmed the answer.

"You know, bro, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were attached to that thing. I mean, it's pink for starters, it can't stay in tune, and it's over ten years old now…"

"Klavier. This visit is over."

"If you say so, bro."

As Klavier turned to leave, he couldn't help chuckling. Not only had Kristoph shown a rare hint of emotion in his voice just then, but if Klavier had been paying any less attention, he wouldn't have caught that touch of embarrassment.

A/N 2: Just for the record, colored violins really are cheaper, and yes, they do go out of tune a lot.