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Evie and Wilson had ducked out of site just before Cuddy walked back to the nursery. Evie realized that this was the time to make a break for it.

"Come on, let's go." She grabbed Wilson by the hand leading him to the front door. She picked up her keys off of the hall table on their way out.

"Wait, we're not going to say anything?" Wilson spoke up as the followed her out the door.

"And say what, Hey guys were off to go have some really hot sex. Be back in a bit." Evie walked towards Wilson's car. He hurried up to open the door for her. "Plus, it's not like they are going to miss us. They are in their own little world right now."

"Those are both really good points." Wilson said as he got into the drivers seat. Just as he started the engine he felt Evie's hand rub his thigh. "Oh, who gives a damn anyways."

Wilson pulls out of the drive way and proceeds to take Evie back to his place, while House and Cuddy are oblivious to the fact that they have just been left alone.

"So, how far is it to your house?" Evie asked Wilson as she leaned over and kissed his neck.

"Well, right now not close enough." Wilson felt Evie slide her hand up his thigh. She began to stroke him through his pants. It was taking all of his concentration to stay on the road.

"I am I distracting you?" Evie giggled as she notices Wilson slowing down.

"Ah, yeah, a little bit."

"I guess then if I decided to go further it would be a bad idea?" Evie didn't wait for Wilson to respond, she undid his pants then slid her hand down to grab his now fully erect cock. She slowly pumped up and down. Now Wilson wanted to be at his apartment even worse. He speed up trying to stay on the road as Evie proceeded to lower her head to his lap. She takes him in her mouth and sucks- long, hard, deep strokes.

Wilson begins to feel himself start to go over the edge.

"Evie, I'm going to come if you don't stop."

"Go ahead, come." She continues to pump his hard shaft. "Come in my mouth, Jimmy."

Evie lowers her head back down and takes Wilson fully in her mouth. He pulls into a spot just outside of his apartment, turns off the engine just in time to enjoy his orgasm. Evie takes every bit of what he dishes out in her mouth. She sits up and gives Wilson a big smile.

"You are fantastic." Wilson leans forward and kissing Evie, "Now lets go into my apartment so I can return the favor."

They hopped out of the car, rushing to Wilson's front door. He opened they door as Evie slipped by him. Wilson wasted no time; he grabbed Evie by the arm and pushed her up against the closed door. She was surprised by the aggressiveness of him but wasn't turned off it actually was a turn on. He passionately kissed her while pulling her leg up to wrap around his hip. Wilson pushes his tongue into her mouth, trying to taste every inch of it. Evie pulls back to try and catch her breathe. He takes this as a sign to use his mouth for other things. He kisses down her jaw to her neck. He found a sensitive spot and gave it all of his concentration, sucking, licking and kissing, making Evie moan in approval. Her heat is palatable, flowing off of her body in waves, instantly igniting his own fire in return. Wilson decides that he needs a better place to fully gain the access he needs. He takes Evie's other leg, wraps it around his waist and carries her over to his kitchen table. Burning with desire Wilson sets her up on his table and reaches down to stroke her hot wet pussy, never breaking their hungry kiss.

Wilson reaches up under Evie's skirt and pulls off her panties. She slowly unbuttons her shirt, never loosing eye contact with him. Once all the buttons are undone, Evie pulls back her shirt to reveal her beautiful breast bound by a black lacy bra. Wilson continues what Evie started by slipping her shirt down her arms but doesn't take it off completely. Instead he uses one free hand and pulls the shirt together behind her back. Evie's hands are now bound behind her. The fact that he had made her hands unusable was very exciting for her. She may be a hard ass in the hospital but in the bedroom Evie liked for the man to be in control. Wilson slides his fingers inside of her, rubbing up against her pelvis from inside her pussy. He has his fingers hooked upwards, rubbing and stroking her in a steady rhythm, not too fast, but steadily revving up that nerve. Evie was amazed at how he new exactly how to make her come. She feels herself tense up almost immediately, the orgasm rushing forward. In no time at all Evie is throwing back her head yelling out.

"Oh, baby, you're gonna make me come. Don't stop! Oh yes harder…YES! Just like that! Oh, god I'm coming, I coming!" Evie feels the wetness between her legs from the intense orgasm she just had.

Evie gasp for breath as little aftershocks surge through her inflamed loins, Wilson waste no time and shifts her so her hips are right on the edge of the table. He spreads her legs wide and she braces them on the tops of two chairs. Wilson then slowly kisses Evie, a lovely warm kiss. It doesn't last long; he has other thoughts in his mind and begins to kiss down her body until he is between her legs.

He is now on his knees before her, licking her pussy. At first it is soft gentle kisses, Wilson starts out low and works his way up to Evie's clit. Then his tongue gets more involved; a long slow, firm stroke starts things off, followed by shorter faster licks that trace a fiery path through the sensual path of her sex.

Wilson takes his time now, not rushing at all. He wants to enjoy the moment, never wanting to forget the way she taste or feels. Evie is beside herself with pleasure; thank god she was able to get her hands free to grab hold of the table edge. He gives her slow steady strokes of her tongue … licking every inch of her hot wet pussy, inside and out. Evie is moaning and squirming now, the sensation is overwhelming.

"Oh, Jimmy, your gonna make me . . ." Before she could get the all of the words out, Evie came again.

Wilson stands up and pulls Evie close to him. He takes her face in his hands and holds her there for a moment, gazing directly into those gorgeous, passionate eyes, and then he slowly pulls her in for a kiss. It is a slow tender, passionate kiss. Evie hasn't felt that wanted or loved in such a long time. She gives everything she has into that kiss. Making sure that Wilson knows that this isn't just some fling. He pulls back looking into her eyes again.

"I may need to sound proof this place if you continue to be that loud." Wilson playfully teases her.

"Well, stop giving me a reason to scream." She slides off of the table, "Why don't we take this to a more comfortable place?"

"My bedroom is right through that door." Wilson points to the area behind Evie.

"Follow me big boy." Evie takes him by the tie, turns and heads for the bedroom. Wilson notices that there is an extra sway to her walk; not being able to resist the urge, he slaps her fine ass. Evie lets out a yelp, but her smile lets him know he did exactly the right thing and they both walk to the bedroom grinning like a couple of

horny teenagers.

They reach the bedroom and Evie strips down to be completely naked. She climbs onto Wilson's bed, purposely drawing it out slowly, presenting her ass to him. He thinks he knows what she is asking for by this presentation so he grabs her hips holding her in place so she can't crawl away. Wilson smacks Evie on the ass not hard at first but since he doesn't receive a complaint the next slap is a little harder. He then rest his hand on her bare ass, letting his fingers trail down, tickling and teasing. He gently strokes her pussy from behind letting his fingers slide inside her warm, wet folds. Evie moans with pleasure as his fingers slide in and out of her hot pussy. She turns her head back looking over her shoulder to watch him.

Evie spins around so she is facing Wilson, still on her hands and knees. She quickly takes off his pants and boxers as Wilson sheds his shirt. She smiles a big grin when his hard cock pops free and stands straight up for her, inches from her face. Uh, hum… inches from her mouth, a fact she quickly takes advantage of as she takes him in her mouth again. Evie is surprising even herself tonight, giving head usually isn't high on her list of things she likes. But for some reason with Wilson it was so good.

"Oh, baby that feels so good! I love it when you suck my cock." It is Wilson's turn to yell out. He starts talking dirty to Evie, telling her how it feels and what he wants her to do. She just grins and sucks a little harder and pulls a little faster. She loves it when a man is just a vocal as she is. Evie loves the feel of his hard cock in her hand. She loves the taste of his manhood as she tries to suck the come right out of it. She loves the feeling of him weak in the knees because of her actions. Wilson decides to take advantage of their current position and reaches around smacking Evie's ass.

"Enough with the foreplay, I want to be inside you right now." Wilson actually likes taking charge of the events. Not the norm for him. "Lay down on your back."

Evie is pleasantly surprise by Wilson sudden take-charge initiative. She does as she is told and lies back on his bed. Her head rested comfortable on one of his pillows as Wilson climbs in bed and lies on top of Evie. She has forgotten what it feels like to have the weight of a man on her. It is that wonderfully feeling of being loved and wanted. God how she has missed it. He strokes her hair out of her face and leans in for a kiss. It is soft and tender at first but soon rises to a more heated level. Wilson pulls back to look Evie in the eyes. He has an over whelming need to tell her how he feels about her but can't seem to find the right words.

"Jimmy, I know." Is all Evie has to say to him.

She wraps her legs with his so they are now intertwined. Wilson positions himself right out side of the entrance to Evie's wet center. He very slowly slides inside of her while kissing her. She moans approval into the kisses. He continues to pull out and slide back in causing her to throw her head back. Each time he thrust in he hits a spot in her that sends tingles to every spot on her body.

"Oh, baby, you feel so good." Wilson whispers in her ear. He can already feel himself getting close to coming. He wanted to wait as long as he could to so that she could come with him.

"Yes, right there, don't stop. That is so good." Evie encourage him.

Wilson picked up the pace once he heard Evie's approval. He felt her hot walls tighten around his shaft. He new that he couldn't hang on much longer, luckily just at that moment she called out his name letting him know she had come yet again. At hearing his name being yelled out by this extremely beautiful woman, he came fully inside of her. They both just lay in each other's arms not wanting to relinquish the moment. After what seemed like an eternity Evie had to break the silence.

"Man, we really should have been doing that a long time ago." She starts to laugh at her own comment and is soon followed by Wilson. They both curled up under the covers exhausted but feeling secure in what had just happen. It was the first time Evie thought she just might sleep through the night with no nightmares

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