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"Alright, Avalanche, assemble!" Tifa Lockhart was standing tall and proud-well, maybe not so tall-before her former Avalanche members, who didn't appear too thrilled to be standing pointlessly in their friend's bar.

Barret snorted. "Assemble? Since when was this Military School?"

Yuffie Kisaragi was probably the most excited and determined in the room. "Come on, guys! Let's do this! Listen up to Tif'!"

Tifa blushed a little, but didn't attempt to hide her grateful smile, instead mouthing, 'Thanks Yuffie'.

Yuffie nodded sternly, and as if she were a sheepdog in a farm, began to walk down the two rows of people standing tiredly before the brunette.

"Cloud, gum out of your mouth!" She squeezed the blonde's cheeks together like a fish until he spat it out, leaving him blushing madly.

"Cid! Stop swearing beneath your breath! I'm not kidding about the soap-in-the-mouth thing, either!" Yuffie snapped, closely resembling a school teacher.

Cid continued to grumble. "I'll #!^ing swear whenever I #%^ing want to!"

"Vincent-" Yuffie began.

"Okay, Yuffie, that's enough for now, thanks. So, guys...Uh...Guys?" Tifa interrupted, staring uselessly at the restless group before her.

Aerith was tending to her bow, trying to be polite, Barret and Cloud were having a silent game of punch-you-punch-me, and the rest were looking for an exit route.

"Guys! Cheer up! It's Easter! Why the long faces?" Tifa asked, her voice, as usual, full of unwavering hope.

The group looked towards each other, desperately praying they wouldn't be the one to speak.

Red XIII noticed their hesitation, and awkwardly replied, "Usually, whenever you call us all together, it's either for spring cleaning, or the children are on the loose. I don't think anyone here is too fond of either. Sorry."

Tifa smiled cheerfully. "Well then, I guess you'll be happy to hear the good news! Being Easter time, I decided to throw a celebration-a hunt, actually."

Yuffie's eyes lit up with joy, and she began to prance and jump around like a pony. "An Easter Egg Hunt!!?? Ohh goodie, I looove chocolate!!!"

Tifa sadly had to break her happiness. "Not quite."

"Huh? No chocolate!? Aw man!" The young girl's face grew dark with disappointment.

"It's a chocobo hunt. We get together in pairs and-" Tifa began to explain, but was interrupted by Yuffie's ever-changing spill of emotions.

"A chocobo hunt!? I looove chocobos!!! Almost as much as chocolate!!! And I looove getting into pairs!! Right, Vincie?"

"Yuffie." This time, Vincent's stern voice attempted to calm the hyperactive teen, and hide his mad blushing.

She turned to the cloaked figure and returned the blush. "Sorry. I'll be quiet now. As quiet as you, Vince."

Then, she walked into a nearby corner and tried her best to imitate Vincent, lowering her head and not speaking a word. The result was surprisingly peaceful.

Tifa cleared her throat, glad to be the leader once more. "As I was saying, we have to get into pairs, and then head out of Midgar. Once we're out, we must each try to find a chocobo in the wild, without any help from greens or the like. This is free-range, natural chocobo hunting!"

Of course, Yuffie couldn't help herself. "What's the prize?"

Tifa bit back a sigh. "A basket for the two winners choc-full of easter eggs and easter chocobos. With only the finest chocolate."

Cloud smirked. "You did good."

Before Tifa could reply, Yuffie interrupted with a quick chirp. "Do you pick the pairs?"

Tifa nodded. "I already have."

Aerith looked at Tifa innocently, but with a teasing expression behind her emerald eyes. "Uh, oh."

Tifa death stared the flower girl. "Aerith, you're with Vincent."

"Aww, man!" A chirrupy young voice whined from a certain corner of the room.

Aerith smirked and skipped over to the silent man, linking arms with him. "Thanks! I do so love my emo friend!"

Vincent awkwardly yawned his arm out of hers, clearing his throat and muttering, "Stuck with the dead girl."

Tifa continued her speech. "Barret, you're with Cid."

Barret and Cid, who were standing next to each other, grinned slyly. Whatever plan the two of them were concocting, it wasn't going to be pretty.

"What about me!? Me!?" Yuffie asked anxiously, jumping out from her dark corner and into the light of the room, where she belonged.

Tifa giggled at the energetic girl. "You're with Red."

"Yippee!!! I love my scruffy doggy! Almost as much as Vincie!" Knowing how much Red hated it, Yuffie ran over to him and ruffled up his fur, aiming for behind the ears.

"Tifa, I must ask, why me?" Red asked gloomily.

Tifa shrugged. "You're the most patient. Oh, and last, but not least...Cloud, you're with me!! You lucky rascal you!"

Tifa looked over at Aerith and winked-naturally accompanied by a smug grin, as she flicked the brown hair from her face.

Aerith poked her tongue out at Tifa and mouthed, 'Bitch'. Ah, today was to be a fun filled day...

Cloud, of course, noticed the silent cat fight that was going on and protested. "Tifa, maybe I should go with Vincent and leave you two together."

Tifa shook her head at the mention of it. "No, no! Vincent and Aerith were meant to be! They're both half dead. Let's go, Cloud."

Grabbing Cloud by the hand, and ditching the half clueless Avalanche, Tifa rushed towards Cloud's loving vehicle. "The hunt starts now!"


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