Booth smile up at her and pulled her down for a soft kiss. "We have all night," he said.

She kissed him back before moving against his body. He was so responsive to her touch, more then anyone she had ever been with. She moved with him back up the bed as her hands roamed over his skin. His chest was smooth and muscular and she loved the way they danced under her fingertips. She moved lower still until she got to the waistband of his boxer shorts. He had way too many clothes on and she was getting impatient. She batted his hands away as he moved to help her take them off. "I got it," she said, smiling, before pulling them down the strong columns of his thighs. She tossed the garment in some random direction, taking a good look at him. He was larger then he thought, larger then she was used to. But that was fine. She could get used to it right quick.

Her hand gently closed over his length and heard his sharp intake of breath. Slowly, she pumped her hand up and down, feeling a sense of feminine power as he groaned. He eyes were closed as he leaned against the pillows, pleasure clear on his face. She bit her lip for a moment in hesitation before taking him in her mouth.

"Temperence," he gasped, his hands tangling gently in her hair. She would have thought he would have bucked into her mouth, but he took careful care to make sure he didn't.

But she could feel him struggling to maintain control as his hips trembled. Carefully, she cupped his balls, and swirled her tongue around his belled head.

"Temperence," he repeated, tugging at her hair. "You don't have…" He trailed off as his balls clenched and he spilled his seed into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily before she licked him clean. It had been a long time since she had done that and Booth was a quick response. She crawled up his body, smiling as she kissed him. "I wanted to," she said, stroking his cheek.

He turned on his side so he could face her. "You're perfect, you know that?"

She blushed and ducked her gaze. "I'm really not," she said. "No one is perfect."

Booth lifted her gaze back to his. "You are to me," he said, kissing her gently. He ran a hand down her side to rest on her hips as his tongue slid into her mouth.

Brennan allowed his tongue to explore the inner crevices of her mouth as his fingers drifted between her thighs. It was easier this time as she rolled slightly, him still at her side, to spread her legs for him.

"You're so wet already," he said, pumping two fingers in and out of her slick channel.

She pulled him a little as his body moved over hers. His fingers were not enough. Just as he was positioned at her entrance, he froze. "Tempe, I don't…" he stammered, trying to tell her what was really important.

"I'm on the pill," she whispered, her hand sliding between them to encourage him to enter into her. "We're safe." She kissed him again allowing him to slide into her. She could feel her walls stretching to accomodate him. She shifted with some discomfort, having not been with a man his size and not having been with a man in some time.

"You okay?" He asked, carefully moving another inch.

Her eyes opened to meet his brown gaze and nodded. "It's just been awhile," she whispered.

He froze again for a second. "You didn't sleep with Jared?"

She shook her head and ran her fingers over his cheek. "No I didn't," she said. "The thought never crossed my mind." She hadn't been able to stop thinking about Booth the whole time she had been out with Jared, so sleeping with the younger Booth wasn't an option.

She could see the see the amount of emotion swirling in his eyes and wrapped her arms around him as he slid the rest of the way into her. Her nails bit his back at the slight pain, but she relaxed and allowed herself time to adjust.

Booth placed a gentle kiss on her neck as he waiting patiently and when she started moving her hips, he raised himself up on his hands to get a deeper thrust into her. Her hands squeezed his biceps as she raised her hips to meet each of his thrusts, but she needed to be closer. "Booth," she whispered, wrapping her legs around his waist. "I need more… Please."

Booth slid a hand down her legs and help her maneuver her slender limbs so her legs were over his shoulders. Her eyes nearly crossed as he slammed into her. She had never felt such pleasure for this long. So many times he brought her to the edge but never pushed her over. She needed more, she needed release. "Seeley," she whimpered. "Please.. I need…"

He thrust into her again and she was so close it hurt, but he started to slow down. "I know Baby," he said. "Not yet."

She almost sobbed in frustration as he lowed her legs all too soon. "Don't stop," she mewled as he began to pull out of her.

"Just changing it up," he said, with a smirk, his eyes falling shut as he pulled from her heat. "I promise you're going to feel so good."

She felt a brief sense of panic as he rolled her over and pulled her up on her knees. But it vanished as his hands roamed over heavy breasts, to the cleft of her thighs. He pinched her clit and she cried out as she felt fluid drip from her center. "Booth, please," she begged. She was tired of begging.

She felt him behind her as he carefully slid into her again. She fisted her hands in the sheets and slammed her hips against his, unable to wait. This time there was no waiting as he began slamming in and out of her. He rubbed slow circles over her clit as she met each of his thrusts. "Seeley," she whispered hoarsly. "I'm so close… harder."

With a final, rougher then he intended, he slammed into her, pincering her clit hard as she cried out his name.

Her arms collapsed beneath her as her climax exploded. She felt him buck against her, spilling himself inside of her. She saw stars behind her eyes as he caressed her skin, still buried inside of her. She didn't think she was going to be able to feel her legs in the morning.

Booth slid out of her, almost painfully and moved next to her. "Bones?"

She turned her head to smile. "Yeah," she answered, rolling on her side, feeling the pleasant soreness between her legs. She pulled her boneless body up next to him and sighed in contentment when he pulled her against his chest. "That was… I don't even know."

He chuckled and ran a hand over her smooth back. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

She slid an arm over his torso and draped a leg over him. She released a sleepy yawn and kissed his chest. She never did the cuddling after sex, but everything with Booth just felt natural.

"Get some sleep, Bones," he said. "We had a long day."

"And the vacation just started," she said, her eyes falling closed. She was pretty sure they'd be spending a lot of time in bed together, rather then going out and seeing the sites. But that was more then okay with her.


Booth stretched as he swam back to conciousness. He reached for Bones, but the space in the bed next to him was empty, and cold. He sat up quickly, taking in his surroundings. Bones hadn't been next to him for some time but her clothes from the night before were still scattered on the floor. He dressed in sweats and headed out of the bedroom. Maybe she was making breakfast or didn't feel well or something.

Walking through the living room, he had a very bad feeling. Something was wrong and his suspicions were confirmed when he found a note taped the hotel door. Why would she… his blood ran cold after reading the note as he reached for the phon.e

"911," the operator answered.

"My name is Agent Seeley Booth, FBI," he said. "My partner's been kidnapped."