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Hideki LaShae

Chapter One

Kaiba Seto looks at the half-naked blond lying unconscious in his guest room. When his limo driver hit the pedestrian with the car door half an hour earlier, he didn't think it would be Jounouchi Katsuya. And when he brought the unconscious teen into his mansion's guest room to wait for the doctor to arrive, he didn't think it would be up to him to undress his guest in preparation for the doctor's examination. And when he was asked to undress Jounouchi, he didn't think he'd find the blond wearing lacy women's underwear. So when he did discover the lacy underwear, he didn't think it would affect his opinion of the other. But what surprises him the most about his current predicament is how aroused the sight of his enemy in women's undergarments makes him. He lightly brushes his fingers over the lace-covered bulge that is Jounouchi's flaccid cock, and his own cock hardens in response. He grabs the blanket and covers the blond.

Seto steps outside of the guest room in time to see the doctor approaching. He nods his head. "Evening, doctor."

"I take it my patient is through that door?" asks the doctor smiling at Seto.

"Yes. Do you need me in there with you while you examine him?" replies Seto.

"No. I think I can go without assistance this time, unless you wanted to expand your medical knowledge…"

"I would like to assist," says Seto without thinking. He opens the door and enters with the doctor.

The doctor passes his medical bag to Seto and starts his examination, asking Seto to pass him instruments as needed. He smiles as he turns away from Jounouchi. "Don't worry. He hit his head pretty hard when he hit the ground, but he'll be okay. He should wake up anytime now, by morning at the latest. He'll probably have a headache when he wakes though."

"What should I give him for the pain?" asks Seto as the doctor packs up his bag again.

The doctor passes a small packet containing two pills to Seto. "Give him that if he needs it."

"Thank you, doctor," says Seto placing the medicine in his pocket.

"I'll see my way out. Take care of him," says the doctor.

"I will," says Seto as the doctor steps out of the room. He turns to look at Jounouchi and smirks as an idea comes to him. He steps out of the room and heads off to make the necessary arrangements.


Blood pounds in his ears and his head throbs with pain. Jounouchi groans as the aches and pains in his body make themselves known to him. He silently wishes for the sanctuary of the unconsciousness he held onto just moments before. Slowly, regretfully, he pries his eyes open, and he blinks once against the sudden appearance of… darkness?

Jounouchi looks around at the dark room, but he doesn't see much. It appears that he's just in a quaint but fairly good-sized bedroom. He sits up in the bed, and his heads spins for just a moment before he closes his eyes to let the dizziness pass. He groans aloud. "Damn! Why the hell does my head hurt so much?"

The door opens so silently that Jounouchi would miss the simple fact if it weren't for the ray of light that seeps in from the hallway. As it is, Jounouchi's eyes move to the doorway to see the shadowy figure enter the room.

"Where am I?" asks Jounouchi quietly.

"My home," says Seto equally as quiet, "How does your head feel?"

"Like an A-bomb went off in my head," whispers Jounouchi.

Seto pulls a pill packet out of his pocket and opens it to remove the pills. He holds them out towards Jounouchi. "There's water beside you."

"Thank you," whispers Jounouchi taking the pills and lifting the glass of water. He takes a sip of water to wet his mouth before popping in the pills with a large gulp of water. He swallows and takes another drink of water. "What am I doing here?"

"Resting," says Seto, "There was a little accident, and you were mildly injured. My doctor has already examined you, and he said you'll be fine."

"Oh. Is that why my head hurts?" asks Jounouchi.

"Yes," says Seto, "Do you want to go back to sleep now?"

"Why are you helping me?"

"Because my driver is the reason you're hurt," says Seto sitting down in a chair beside the bed.

Jounouchi nods simply at that.

Seto leans towards Jounouchi and brushes a strand of blond hair away from the brown eyes. He smirks. "I never realized that you were into wearing women's clothing, puppy. I must say it looks quite lovely on you."

Jounouchi's eyes widen. "What?"

"Look down," whispers Seto leaning back.

Jounouchi looks down at his clothing, and he gasps when he sees the black and white maid's uniform upon his lanky form. "Why the hell am I wearing this?"

"I couldn't resist. I thought it was the perfect complement to the lacy underwear," says Seto, "Very attractive by the way. Pink lingerie is definitely your color."

A deep blush covers Jounouchi's face. "You… You know about that?"

"I undressed you so the doctor could examine you."

Jounouchi lowers his head in shame. He reaches down and fiddles with the white crinoline of his underskirt. In a meek voice very unlike himself he asks, "So what now?"

"What do you want to happen now?" asks Seto.

"I don't want you to tell anyone…"

Seto's cock twitches slightly in anticipation. "And what would be the reward for my silence?"

Jounouchi turns his head away. "What would you like?"

"For now I would like you to look at me," says Seto flipping the switch of the lamp on the bedside table.

"Okay," says Jounouchi as more light brightens the room. He looks up into Seto's deep blue eyes. His fingers continue to work the fabric of his clothes. "Why a maid's dress?"

"It was the only thing I had in your size on such short notice," says Seto, "Don't you like your new dress?"

Jounouchi's blush darkens. "I've never had a dress before. I get enough strange looks from salesclerks when I go in to buy undergarments for my 'sister'. It's embarrassing enough."

"You'll be glad to learn then that I have put in an order for a few dresses for you," says Seto smirking.

Jounouchi's eyes widen and his jaw drops. "You what?"

"This dress is nice on you, but I would much rather see you in… finer things," says Seto.

"Are you gay?" blurts Jounouchi.

"Are you?" Seto raises an eyebrow.

"I have a fetish for wearing women's clothing," says Jounouchi.

"I'm aware of that now," says Seto, "but that isn't what I asked."

"And you didn't answer my question."

"I am gay," says Seto, "and while you have a fetish for wearing women's clothing, I have a fetish for being with a man wearing women's clothing." He slides his chair closer to Jounouchi and leans towards him. "What do you think, puppy? Do you find me attractive?"

Jounouchi swallows hard.

Seto moves to sit on the edge of the bed. "Well… do you find me attractive?"

"I'm not gay," chokes Jounouchi.

Seto groans even as he feels his cock twitch again. "You don't know how you affect me, puppy. I always thought you were beautiful, but now… knowing what I know… I want to hold you in my arms and rub my hands across the satin and lace dress you wear."

Jounouchi closes his eyes and imagines the feel of the sleek material against his skin. He smiles and sinks back into a lying position. "What are you suggesting?"

"I was thinking that we could make a deal, for each other's silence, but that's entirely up to you," says Seto, "I won't force you of course."

Jounouchi opens his eyes and looks up at Seto. "I'm listening. What kind of deal?"

"You say you're not gay, and if not, this would be a very informative opportunity for you. One which would be highly profitable should you try to blackmail me later," says Seto, "I know your secret, and I could easily out you to the world. That would ruin the sparkling relationship you have with the spotlight now. As of right now, you only know me to be gay, and I can easily overcome that being brought to the world's attention. However you have something that I want, so I'm willing to make a deal with you and put myself on the line."

Jounouchi sits up and listens patiently.

"I am suggesting a six-month dalliance to which extent you will be given an abundance of women's clothing, wigs, makeup, and appropriate accessories. In return, you will go out on a date with me every Friday night, dressed as a woman of course…"

"Fridays are movie night with the guys! They'd get seriously suspicious if I were to miss Movie Night for six whole months!" exclaims Jounouchi interrupting Seto's explanation.

"And you have plans with your little friends on Saturday nights as well?" asks Seto irritably.

"No. Not a consistent thing. If I were to have a date on Saturday night, they… well, they'd probably notice, but it wouldn't be a huge thing," says Jounouchi.

"Fine then," says Seto, "In return for the clothes and other items, you would go out with me every Saturday night. You would get to see the side of me that I would only allow a potential lover to see, and that would be information that could ruin me in the public eye if it were ever to be revealed. Then, after the six months are over, I would ask you to have sex with me, but I wouldn't force it. It would still be your choice. If you wanted to have sex with me then we could make a new arrangement, but if you remain resolute that you are not gay and don't wish to have sex with me, then our time together will be over. You could still keep the clothing though."

"Okay… so you want me to be your boyfriend for six months, and if I want to have sex with you at the end, then we'll prolong the relationship, but if I don't want to, then the relationship is over. And I get new clothes," says Jounouchi.


"Why don't we skip the dating part and you just give me the clothes? It would be the same result anyway."

"Then consider the six months payment for the clothes. You can't exactly afford the type of attire I'm planning to buy you…"

"And you wouldn't force me to have sex with you?"

"I'm not a rapist. If you say no, then I would stop all sexual activity," says Seto.

"What happens if I refuse this deal?" asks Jounouchi looking at Seto seriously.

"Then I tell the press about your lovely lace panties. You've become quite famous since entering the Battle City Tournament. I'm sure the news would spread all the way to Kyoto and America where your family lives," says Seto.

"All this thinking is making my head hurt even worse. Can I give you my answer in the morning?" asks Jounouchi.

Seto nods. "Do you need anything to eat or drink before you go to sleep?"

"Could I get some crackers and ginger ale? That medicine is sort of upsetting my stomach," says Jounouchi quietly.

"Of course," says Seto standing up and heading to the door, "I will be back in a moment. Just relax."

Jounouchi closes his eyes and relaxes into the comfort of the bed.

A few minutes later, Seto returns with a plate of crackers and a glass of clear liquid. "I apologize. I don't have ginger ale right now. My cook doesn't usually stock it unless someone is sick. I brought you a fresh glass of water instead. She put some baking soda into it to help your stomach."

Jounouchi opens his eyes and smiles slightly. He sits up as Seto places the plate and glass on the nightstand. "Thank you."

"I'll leave you alone now. Sleep well tonight," says Seto.

"Hey, Kaiba," says Jounouchi as Seto turns to the door.

Seto stops and looks towards Jounouchi.

"Pleasant dreams, okay?"

"I think I'll sleep quite pleasantly tonight," says Seto with a slight smile, "Good night." He walks out the door and closes it tight behind him.

Jounouchi turns to his small dinner and starts to eat it slowly as Seto's plan runs through his brain over and over again. He finishes what he can eat and drink before lying down and covering his entire body with the warm comforter and snuggling into the soft mattress to fall asleep.


Jounouchi wakes up to the smell of freshly cooked pancakes and eggs. His stomach growls, and he blinks his eyes open.

"Good morning," says Seto setting the breakfast tray down on the nightstand, "Did you sleep well?"

Jounouchi smiles. "Very well. I wasn't expecting breakfast in bed."

"I wasn't expecting you to come downstairs to the dining room in a maid's uniform," says Seto, "and your other clothes are still in the laundry."

Jounouchi sits up slowly.

"Does your head still hurt? I can call the doctor again."

"No. My head is better," says Jounouchi, "but thank you." He looks over the scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast, and sausage on the plate, but his hand reaches out for the amber colored juice. He takes a sip of the apple juice before whispering, "I've made my decision."

Seto raises an eyebrow, but he doesn't speak.

"There's some amendments I want to make to your deal before I'll agree to it," says Jounouchi.

"And what would those be?"

"One. You can't call me mutt anymore," says Jounouchi.

"Unless we plan to tell your friends about us dating, it would cause suspicion for me to stop calling you mutt," says Seto, "but I doubt they would notice if I changed it for the pet name, puppy."

"Puppy sounds better than mutt at least," says Jounouchi, "Okay. Two. You can't call me by my name when I go out as a female."

"What would you like me to call you then?" asks Seto smirking.

"I was thinking we could come up with a suitable name by rearranging the letters in Katsuya," says Jounouchi blushing, "It would be easy to remember… hopefully."

"You mean something like Ayustak?" Seto chuckles. "Tsuyaka? Yakatsu?"

"Okay. Maybe that was a bad suggestion," says Jounouchi laughing, "That is kind of funny."

"One I don't find funny though is Suya Kat," says Seto, "Suya would be your family name, but since you would be my girlfriend, you would let me call you Kat."


"No? You wouldn't let me call you Kat?"

"Not until the first month was over. While our relationship was still young, you would call me by my family name Suya, and I would call you Kaiba," says Jounouchi, "but then our relationship would develop more, and we could start calling each other Kat… and Seto."

Seto smiles at the way his name sounds coming from Jounouchi's lips.

"Three. You can't tell anyone that I'm dating you, and I won't tell anyone either," says Jounouchi.

"Anything else?"

"That's it," says Jounouchi.

"I'll agree to your terms," says Seto.

"Then you… have yourself a boyfriend… er, girlfriend for the next six months," says Jounouchi. He holds out his hand to shake.

Seto shakes Jounouchi's hand. "You start on Monday after school. That's when you will visit someone very close to me to get your dresses. Now eat up before your food gets cold!"

Jounouchi smiles as he pulls the plate closer and starts to eat greedily.

Seto sits down in the chair and watches Jounouchi eat like a starving man. "Do you eat regularly?"

"Huh?" asks Jounouchi with his mouth full of eggs and toast. He swallows quickly and looks at Seto. "What do you mean?"

"You eat as if… as if you don't know when you'll get your next meal," says Seto.

"Yeah, so I skip a couple of meals," says Jounouchi, "No big deal."

"Don't skip anymore meals," says Seto, "If you have to come here to get your meal, then you should do so."

Jounouchi sighs.

"I take care of what is mine," says Seto, "Don't worry. I'll figure out something that will appease your friends as to why you come here for food, and I'll even figure out a cover story so that they don't question you to death about whom you're dating. Just don't tell them anything for the time being."

"Are you this nice to all your boyfriends?" asks Jounouchi.

"You can ask one yourself… on Monday," says Seto leaning over to swipe a triangle of toast from the plate.

"The person who's going to be dressing me up…?"

"Is my ex-boyfriend, Shalara," says Seto before nibbling on the toast.

Jounouchi blushes as he takes a drink of apple juice. "I haven't even had a girlfriend before. How many boyfriends have you had?"

"Just Shalara."

Jounouchi starts to eat again. "So… why did you two break up?"

"I suppose the short version is that I wasn't attracted to him when he wasn't in women's clothing," says Seto, "He was just as handsome in men's clothing, and very striking cloth-less, but I just couldn't… I couldn't keep my body interested in him when he was nude."

"Do you think maybe that means you aren't gay?"

Seto smirks. "I have no such problems with you."

Jounouchi's eyes widen and he rapidly swallows the food in his mouth. "When the hell have you ever seen me naked?"

"We have the same physical education class. You have a tendency to strut around the locker room like a rooster, showing off your massive cock to everyone," says Seto, "That's the reason I don't shower with the class. I don't want anyone to see the erection you give me."

"Should I feel honored?" asks Jounouchi blushing.

"Only if you want to," says Seto before finishing the piece of toast in his hand.

Jounouchi finishes his breakfast in silence with Seto watching him. He leans back. "So what now?"

"I'll check to see if your clothes are ready and then you can do whatever you want," says Seto, "I'm sure Mokuba would like to play with you, or you could go back home."

"And Monday I get to go meet your old boy-toy," says Jounouchi. After a long moment he asks, "Did you love him?"

"I thought I did, but if I had, we wouldn't have had the problems we did." Seto stands and heads to the door. "I'll be back with some clothes for you to wear."

Jounouchi climbs out of bed and heads through a doorway into the bathroom. He looks at himself in the mirror and happily twirls around to get a good look at the dress he wears.

Seto steps into the doorway holding the pile of clothing Jounouchi wore the day before. He smiles at the blond's reaction to the dress. His mind plays out a small fantasy as he watches his happy new boyfriend… Jounouchi saunters up to him with a feather duster in hand and a smile upon his face. "Kaiba-sama, would you like me to dust your crotch?" … He stifles a moan as his cock hardens. "If you'd like, you can keep that dress too… for role playing circumstances of course!"

Jounouchi spins towards Seto and blushes. "Role play?"

"Yes," says Seto, "You've thought about it before, haven't you?"

"Oh! You mean something like… Kaiba-sama, would you like me to dust your crotch?" Jounouchi sways his hips as he walks towards Seto, one hand waving around an invisible feather duster.

Seto gasps as his newly found erection throbs painfully. "Some… something like that!"

"Yeah right! Like I'd ever say something like that!" exclaims Jounouchi, "But I was thinking that this dress would be great for Halloween!"

"So you don't like fantasy in the relationship?"

Jounouchi blushes as he realizes Seto's reason for asking. "Some fantasy I guess, but not as a maid. Maybe a damsel-in-distress who gets saved by a knight in shiny white armor. But not a maid."

"I'll have to have the appropriate costumes made then," says Seto holding out the clothing towards Jounouchi, "Here are your clothes. You're welcome to the shower if you want one."

"Thanks," says Jounouchi taking his clothes and setting them on the counter beside the sink, "So…"

Seto raises an eyebrow.

"How physical is this relationship going to be?" asks Jounouchi rapidly.

"As physical as we both want it to be," says Seto, "I won't force you, but I figure by the end of it we will at least have kissed a time or two. Hopefully it will end with us having sexed each other up pretty thoroughly, but that all depends on how things work out."

"So you're not going to force me to kiss you or anything?"

"No. I'm not a monster."

Jounouchi smiles before turning his back to Seto. "Could you help me with the zipper on this dress? I'd like to take a bath."

Seto steps up right behind Jounouchi and presses his lower body up as close as he can get against the firm butt hidden beneath the skirt. He slowly lowers the zipper and lightly touches the flesh as it is revealed to his blue eyes. "Are you really okay with this arrangement?"

"I have to be. I can't have you telling everyone I like to dress like a girl. I'm okay with this," says Jounouchi looking over his shoulder at Seto, "Just don't get any funny ideas about kissing me or anything. You can jerk off to thoughts of me all you want, but don't expect me to get involved."

"I won't expect it," says Seto, "but I won't give up hope either. And I won't stop trying to get you to want my touch and my kiss and my love…" He runs his hands up Jounouchi's arms.

Jounouchi shivers slightly before stepping away from Seto. He blushes. "Thank you. You can go now. I'm sure you have some important work to be doing."

Seto sighs. "And I was trying so hard to find a reason to ignore it all!"

Jounouchi laughs. "And here I thought you were some sort of robot that loved to work all day and all night! But you really are a normal teenager, aren't you?"

"I am." Seto smiles. "Maybe soon you'll see how 'normal' I really am."

"Maybe… Now, seriously, do you mind leaving so I can get undressed?"

"What's the problem? I've seen you naked before."

"And that was before I realized you were into me…"

Seto slips up closer to Jounouchi's body and whispers into the blond's ear, "Oh, but I'm not into you, yet anyway. I would like to try that soon though."

"Out!" exclaims Jounouchi blushing redder than a ripe tomato.

"If I don't see you between now and then, have a good weekend and I'll pick you up from the school grounds precisely at two-thirty so we can go clothing shopping for you," says Seto, "And remember not to tell your friends anything about this yet, I'll think up the story that we'll tell them and inform you on Monday."

"When I get my dresses…" Jounouchi smiles.

Seto turns quickly and walks out of the bathroom, leaving the door open as he makes his way to the bedroom door and heads out.

Jounouchi proceeds to discard his womanly clothing and prepare the bathwater before climbing in, completely nude, and sinking into the hot water.


"Hey, Jounouchi, are you coming by the game shop?" asks Motou Yugi running, along with some of their other friends, up to his blond friend who walks down the pavement to the street, "Grandpa got a new shipment of cards in and he said we could take the first peek at them!"

"I'm sorry, Yugi. I would love to, really, but I sort of already have plans," says Jounouchi.

"You? Plans? Yeah, right!" exclaims Honda Hiroto slapping Jounouchi on the back, "You're coming to the game shop and that's final!"

"Oh, really?"

Jounouchi's head snaps towards the sound of the voice, and he sees Seto leaning against the back door of a black sedan. He blushes slightly.

"Good afternoon, Kaiba," says Yugi smiling sweetly, "We got some new cards at the game shop. Would you like to come over with us and check them out?"

"I'm afraid I can't," says Seto, "I have business with Jounouchi this afternoon."

"Business? Jounouchi?" asks Honda, "What the hell business could you possibly have with him?"

"Hey!" exclaims Jounouchi.

"He has agreed to become Mokuba's babysitter," says Seto, "I don't like leaving my brother alone when I go out on dates, so he'll be spending Saturday evenings with him."

"Okay, I understand that," says Mazaki Anzu, "But… That doesn't really explain what business you have with him today."

"Simpleton," says Seto, "There will be occasions when Mokuba attends a business function in my absence, and he will also be escorting him there. Hence he needs appropriate attire. My brother simply refuses to attend any function if his bodyguards and escorts are not wearing the latest Armani fashions!"

"So you're going to be working for Kaiba now, Jounouchi?" asks Yugi with a smile, "That's great! Why didn't you tell us?"

Jounouchi hangs his head. "I didn't think it was all that important. Sorry guys…"

"Now come along, Jounouchi. I'm not paying you a thousand dollars a month to sit around talking to your friends," says Seto pushing himself off the car and opening the door.

"Yeah, I've got to go get measured for my Armani monkey suit," says Jounouchi stepping up beside Seto. He turns to look at his friends. "If I have time after I'm done, I'll stop by the game shop. Otherwise, I'll see you guys tomorrow!"

"Have fun, Jounouchi!" exclaims Anzu smiling.

Jounouchi climbs into the car, followed quickly by Seto who closes the door before the car takes off.

"Do you think that is a good enough cover story?" asks Seto.

"Hey, I think it's great! I would have liked it if you could have given me a bit more warning before you started going into it. You made me feel like an idiot!" exclaims Jounouchi, "And what's this about you paying me a thousand dollars a month? They'll certainly notice it when I'm not any richer than before!"

"But I do intend to give you that money," says Seto smirking, "There are benefits to being a kept man, you know. Clothes, cars, money…"

Jounouchi blushes. "And the Armani suit?"

"I have a business trip scheduled next month," says Seto, "I wish I could avoid it, especially now because I would really like to be spending that time with you, but I have to attend. There's also a party planned that weekend by one of my business associates. You will escort Mokuba to the party while I'm on my trip. And you will wear Armani."


The car pulls up outside of a discreet little shop with an elegant woman's evening gown in the front display, and the driver hops out quickly to open the door for Seto and Jounouchi.

Seto climbs out first before turning to watch Jounouchi climb out. "Come along around the back with me. This is Shalara's shop. We're expected."

Jounouchi bites his lower lip and follows Seto around the back of the two story building and up the staircase. He notices Seto just open the door and walk right in without knocking, so he follows suit and closes the door behind him.

A woman with long blond hair, braided elegantly behind her head, sits on the sofa reading a book. She closes the book once she sees her guests, and she stands.

Jounouchi sees the soft velour of the jacket over the sleek cotton dress and he glares jealously.

"Nice to see you again, Seto," says the woman, "Your friend's kind of cute. When you called me last night, I was half expecting you to bring Mari to see me today."

"It's good to see you, Shalara," says Seto stepping up to the woman and giving her a brief kiss on the lips. He turns towards Jounouchi with his hand outstretched for the blond to take. "This is my new girlfriend, Suya Kat."

"A pleasure to meet you, Kat-chan," says the woman, Shalara, bowing slightly.

"Same," says Jounouchi coldly.

Seto raises his eyebrow at Jounouchi's cold, jealous expression. "Suya? Are you jealous because I kissed Shalara?"

Jounouchi turns his head away. "Why would I be jealous of …?"

"Did you want to kiss Shalara? I'm sure she wouldn't mind," says Seto.

Shalara blushes. "Of course not. I enjoy being kissed."

"I don't want to kiss her!" exclaims Jounouchi.

"Oh, then you're jealous because I kissed her instead of you," says Seto knowingly. He steps up to Jounouchi and pulls him into his arms. He uses one hand to tilt Jounouchi's face towards his while his other arm traps the blond against his body. "Don't be jealous over that little kiss. I care for Shalara, but not like that anymore. I care about you, Suya."

Jounouchi scoffs. "Really? And who's Mari?"

"Mari's my little sister," says Seto smiling, "No reason to be jealous about her either."

"You don't have a little sis…" Jounouchi's eyes widen. "Oh!"

"Exactly," says Seto with a nod, "How do you think I got into this?"

Jounouchi backs away from Seto. "Oh, hell no! You're attracted to Mari? That is sick!"

Seto glares at Jounouchi. "I am not attracted to Mari! She found this store, and I brought her here once so I could make sure it was a safe place for her to be! That's when I met Shalara."

"Oh…" Jounouchi blushes bright red as he steps back up to Seto's side.

"You two need to have a very long heart to heart very, very soon," says Shalara, "Now… What is it that you really came here for, Seto, since you didn't bring Mari to get a new dress?"

"I was actually thinking I might pick up a new dress for Mari if you have something you think she might like," says Seto, "but the reason we're really here is for Suya. As you can see, she doesn't look much like a woman, and that just doesn't do. Do you have time for a complete make-over?"

"Of course I have time! You asked me to clear my schedule for this afternoon and I did!" exclaims Shalara, "Do you want to go downstairs and look through the new dresses for Mari, Seto? I'll get Kat-chan secure in her new skin!"

"I actually need to have a private word with you about that, Shalara," says Seto, "So that you can make sure Suya has all the right clothing for the events we'll be attending."

"Okay. Kat-chan, would you mind going into the next room… it's my bedroom… and remove your shirt and pants? I'll need to measure you for your new clothes, and then we'll get you fit with hair and make-up," says Shalara smiling, "There's a robe on the bed that you can put on."

Jounouchi looks to Seto with questioning eyes.

"Everything will be all right, Suya," says Seto with a gentle smile, "Go on."

Jounouchi nods and he heads into the next room, closing the door behind him.

Seto moves close to Shalara so that he can whisper to her. "I want him to look like a woman, Shalara, with blond hair. I don't care what he says about hair color, but it has to be blond. I'll be taking him to some fancy places, so he will need fine dinner wear. He'll also need typical everyday clothing, and we'll be going out to a few night clubs and concerts… and I want him to have a silk nightgown, something above the knee."

"Seto, do you think you'll have the same problems with him…?" Shalara's voice trails off, but her concerned face remains close to Seto's.

"I'm attracted to him as a man," whispers Seto, "Having him as a woman is just icing on the cake… Besides, unlike you, he's a natural blond. And I love blonds!"

"I'll take care of him," says Shalara, "I'll get him a special wig for your concerts, something blond with colored highlights, and we'll show off the clothing to you. We'll have a fashion show for you if you want to wait in the shop!"

Seto kisses Shalara's lips again. "Thank you. You're wonderful, Shalara!"

Shalara smiles adoringly. "Wonderful, yes, but not wonderful enough."

"Take good care of Suya for me," says Seto before heading down the inside set of stairs into the shop.

Shalara moves to the bedroom door and knocks on it lightly. "Kat-chan, may I enter?"

"Yeah," says Jounouchi opening the door. He wears the robe closed tightly around his body.

"Don't let Seto bother you. He's really a wonderful person," says Shalara stepping into the room and closing the door again. "How well do you know him?"

"We go to school together," says Jounouchi, "We have a lot of the same classes, and we're both into Duel Monsters. He calls me a mutt."

"A mutt? Really? I'll have to have words with him," says Shalara, "You look more like a Labrador to me."


Shalara laughs. "I don't mean anything by it, and neither does Seto! He used to call me names too. It's the way he shows his interest in someone."

"Like a little boy hitting the girl he has a crush on?" asks Jounouchi.

"Yes," says Shalara pulling off her blond wig, "Something like that."

Jounouchi's eyes widen. "You… you…you!"

"The first time Seto saw me, I was blonde. That's why he was attracted to me," says Shalara brushing a thin black hair away from his eyes, "He's always had a thing for blonds, and only blonds I'm afraid."

"Did you have sex with him?" asks Jounouchi abruptly. He blushes burgundy.

"Don't worry about that. He's an excellent lover, and very considerate. He'll make sure you're more than satisfied in the bedroom," says Shalara with a light blush of her own, "Now, let's start measuring you!"

"He's my first boyfriend…"

"And your last I think," says Shalara pulling out a measuring tape before helping Jounouchi out of the robe. She starts to measure the blond's various body parts. "Just one word of advice when dealing with Seto…"

"Yeah?" asks Jounouchi desperately.

"Be yourself, Kat-chan," says Shalara, "He likes you the way you are."

"He likes me to fight with him at every turn?" asks Jounouchi, "Who knew he was glutton for punishment?"

Shalara smiles. "You did, apparently, because you never walked away from a fight with him."


"Yes, Kat-chan?" asks Shalara moving away from Jounouchi and opening an oak armoire to reveal a bounty of wigs and hair extensions. "You may put the robe back on now. For awhile at least."

Jounouchi covers himself with the robe again. "Kaiba's been acting different towards me lately… since he found out that I enjoy wearing women's clothes. That's when he asked me to be his… girlfriend…"

Shalara glances at Jounouchi's unruly blond hair before pulling out a wig with straight hair the same shade of golden blond as Jounouchi's own. She turns back towards Jounouchi with the wig and walks up to him. "Sit down."

Jounouchi sits down upon the bed quickly.

Shalara starts to place the wig upon Jounouchi's head and fix it to lie properly. "It is not that he is different now, Kat-chan. It is that he did not show himself to you before. Seto hides. He hides his true emotions and desires from everyone. He has a mask to protect himself from getting hurt. He really is quite fragile."

"Kaiba? Fragile?"

"You'll learn soon enough. Just please, he's one of my best friends. Please don't hurt him," says Shalara tilting Jounouchi's chin so she can look straight into his eyes.

"I don't think he'll be the one hurt when this is all said and done," says Jounouchi quietly.

"He won't hurt you intentionally," says Shalara, "He's a nice guy."

"Another thing he doesn't show people!" exclaims Jounouchi.

"Okay. I like that wig on you," says Shalara before turning back to her collection and pulling out another wig, a slightly paler blond with sapphire blue streaks. "What do you think about this one for clubbing?"

"Blond and blue for clubbing?" asks Jounouchi, "I'm not much of a blue person, you know…"

"Seto's eyes are blue…"

"Really?" asks Jounouchi with slightly widening eyes, "I never noticed!"

Shalara sighs.

"Would Kaiba like me in the blue wig?"

"I think he would," says Shalara.

"Okay, but if he's not happy with it, then you're finding me a new one," says Jounouchi.

"Absolutely!" exclaims Shalara hugging Jounouchi happily, "Now, what would you like to do next? Would you like me to show you how to apply make-up? I think a nice hazel eye shadow or maybe even a teal would like nice on you? With a subtle rose blush. And burgundy lip stick… Or would you like to pick out some lingerie and negligee? Maybe in a soft baby pink?"

"Let's do make-up first," says Jounouchi, "I think that will take longer."

"Okay!" exclaims Shalara. She moves to get her make-up kit and pulls up a chair to sit in front of Jounouchi.