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Author's Note: It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that the original author of this story, Hideki LaShae, is currently unable to write. She started this story back in 2006 and got through 25 chapters before an unforeseen event prevented her from finishing. This is the first work of hers that has been posted without being finished first, and I had hoped that if I, one of her sisters, posted it and read your comments to her that she might return to us both. That has not happened. I know she wanted this story to go on a lot longer… She had plans for a Valentine's date and a few other events to occur, but I'm not as skilled at writing as she is. I know she would want you to know how it ends, and that is why I have tried my best to complete this chapter for you all. Much of this writing might look familiar because as I said, I am not my sister. I was fortunate enough to find some of her unpublished work that I added into this story, and I hope this gets a response which might help Hideki to return to us. Please don't send comments of concern or distress… She doesn't seem to respond well to them. I won't go into what happened to her, but please know she is alive and there is still hope for her recovery, but until such a time as that happens, consider this Hideki's retirement piece. I leave you now with my conclusion, based upon her notes, to Lace. – Raemeara LaShae








Hideki LaShae


(Written by Raemeara LaShae)




Chapter Twenty-Six



"My stomach really hurts, Seto. I don't want any food this morning," said Jounouchi.

"You don't want food?" asked Seto looking at Jounouchi worriedly. He placed the bowl of rice he was offering Jounouchi down on the table. "Is anything else wrong? Do you want to speak to a doctor? I can call my personal doctor and have him here within an hour."

"I'm okay," said Jounouchi, "It's not that bad. I just don't feel well enough to eat and keep it down. I just think I'd send it right back up if I would actually eat."

"Should I call the doctor?" asked Seto pulling out his cell phone.

"No. I'm fine," said Jounouchi, "I don't need a doctor for a lousy case of nausea."

"All right. If you're sure," said Seto.

"Yeah," said Jounouchi. His eyes suddenly widened, and he clutched his hand to his mouth. He jumped up from his seat and ran to the sink to start vomiting into it.

"That's it. I'm calling the doctor," said Seto flipping his cell phone open and punching in the speed dial for his doctor.

Jounouchi took a deep gulp of breath. He turned on the water to rinse the sink, and he washed his face.

"Doctor, I need you to come to the mansion immediately," said Seto into the phone, "Something's wrong with Jounouchi… Well, he's throwing up in the kitchen sink."

Jounouchi spit out the last of his second wave of vomit, and he washed his face again.

"Thanks," said Seto hanging up his phone, "He's on his way."

"I'm feeling a bit light-headed now, Seto. Can you help me sit down?" asked Jounouchi.

"Of course," said Seto wrapping his arm around Jounouchi and guiding him to the living room sofa. He got a trashcan to sit beside the blond.

The doctor arrived in just a moment and proceeded to examine Jounouchi. "Well, I know why you're vomiting, Jounouchi."

"What is it?" asked Jounouchi.

"Is Jounouchi going to be okay?" asked Seto stroking Jounouchi's hair.

"Yes. She's fine. She's just pregnant," said the doctor.

"She? Why are you calling me 'she'?" asked Jounouchi.

"Because you're female," said the doctor.

"I'm not female. I have a dick," said Jounouchi.

"Actually, according to your medical records," said the doctor pulling a manila folder out of nowhere, "That isn't a dick. Your vagina is actually inverted. It's a rare defect, but your parents' medical insurance at the time of your birth didn't cover the operation to get your genitals fixed. So your parents never had it done and treated you like a boy, but you are female. And you are pregnant. Congratulations."


Jounouchi bolted upright and screamed.

"Puppy? Are you okay?" asked Seto sitting up and wrapping his arm around Jounouchi.

"I just had a nightmare," said Jounouchi, "I was feeling sick, and I started throwing up. Then you called the doctor, and when he examined me he said I was pregnant and a female. He said my dick wasn't a dick, but a vagina that was outside instead of inside."

"It's okay," said Seto, "You aren't female. You aren't pregnant, and your dick is most definitely a dick."

"I know… I know…" Jounouchi panted to try to regain his breath and calm his racing heart. "I don't think I can go back to sleep after that!"

"That's all right. I think we can figure out a few things to do…" Seto kissed and nibbled on Jounouchi's neck.

Jounouchi moaned and tilted his head to the side to give Seto better access.

"Do you know what today is?"


"March 25."


"Do you want to have sex with me?"

"No! Seto, I'm not having sex with you!"

Seto froze and moved away from Jounouchi. He climbed from the bed.

"Hey! Why'd you stop?" whined Jounouchi.

"I'm feeling really thirsty. I think I might be dehydrated. I'm going to get a drink," said Seto wrapping his robe around his nude body, "Try to get some sleep. I'll be back soon." He left the room.

Jounouchi lay in bed awake all night, unable to sleep after his dream and waiting for Seto to come back to bed, but the brunet never returned.



Jounouchi walked into the dining room wearing a pair of jeans and one of Seto's button-down dress shirts. "Hey, I missed you last night. You didn't come back to bed."

"I remembered something I had to do, so I spent the night in my office," said Seto finishing the coffee in his cup.

"Oh, well, I hope you got a lot of work done." Jounouchi leant down to kiss Seto's cheek, but Seto shied away from him. "Huh? Is something wrong?"

"This isn't working. I've arranged for an apartment and a job for you…"

"What? What do you mean? Are you breaking up with me?"

"This isn't working between us, Jounouchi, and we both know it. An-Sing can help you move into your apartment tonight. Good luck with your life," said Seto standing and coldly walking away from Jounouchi.

"What? Why? Why are you breaking up with me? I… I don't understand!" cried Jounouchi watching Seto's back.

Seto didn't turn and just left the dining room.

"I… I… don't understand…" Tears rolled down Jounouchi's cheeks, and he ran. He ran from the room, the house, down the street, through the town, and into an alley before he finally stopped to realize not only did his broken heart hurt like hell but also so did his shoeless feet. He sat down on a nearby crate and bawled loudly.

A car drove up the alley and pulled to a stop nearby. A young man with black hair stepped out and heard Jounouchi crying. "Hey, are you okay?"

Jounouchi looked up and wiped his eyes to try to see the person.


"Hidemi?" asked Jounouchi as his eyes widened.

"Shit! What happened to you, Jounouchi? Your feet are bleeding! Come on! Let's get you inside and bandaged up," said Hidemi walking over to Jounouchi. He lifted Jounouchi bridal style and carried him up the stairs into the apartment over his shop. He took Jounouchi straight into the bathroom and set him down on the toilet. He grabbed the first aid kit and a few other items from under the sink before starting to gently clean one foot. "What happened?"

"Seto broke up with me! For no apparent reason!" cried Jounouchi and more tears fell from his eyes.

"What? He broke up with you? Why?" asked Hidemi.

"I don't know!" squealed Jounouchi.

"Come on, stop crying. There has to be some reason, maybe some imagined slight, something taken out of context and misunderstood. You need to stop crying and think about this clearly…"

Jounouchi wiped his eyes and grabbed a facial tissue from the nearby box to blow his nose.

"Obviously you didn't miss his birthday, and he told me about your Valentine's gift to him…"

"He told you about the blowjob?" gasped Jounouchi in horror.

"Actually no. He told me about the manga, but I'm happy to learn you're getting more experienced in bed. I'm sure that was his best present."

Jounouchi blushed beet red.

"Could you have forgotten something? A special memory? A date? An anniversary? How long have you two been dating?"

"Um… Let's see, September to October to November, December, January, February, March," said Jounouchi counting off on his fingers. "Six months on the 25th of March."

"Today is March 25." Hidemi wrapped a bandage around the clean and disinfected foot.

"Today? Six months today?" Memories unfolded like a movie through Jounouchi's mind.

"You don't know how you affect me, puppy. I always thought you were beautiful, but now… knowing what I know… I want to hold you in my arms and rub my hands across the satin and lace dress you wear."

"What are you suggesting?"

"I was thinking that we could make a deal, for each other's silence, but that's entirely up to you," said Seto, "I won't force you of course."

Jounouchi looked up at Seto. "I'm listening. What kind of deal?"

"You say you're not gay, and if not, this would be a very informative opportunity for you. One which would be highly profitable should you try to blackmail me later," said Seto, "I know your secret, and I could easily out you to the world. That would ruin the sparkling relationship you have with the spotlight now. As of right now, you only know me to be gay, and I can easily overcome that being brought to the world's attention. However you have something that I want, so I'm willing to make a deal with you and put myself on the line."

Jounouchi sat up and listened.

"I am suggesting a six-month dalliance to which extent you will be given an abundance of women's clothing, wigs, makeup, and appropriate accessories. In return for the clothes and other items, you would go out with me every Saturday night. You would get to see the side of me that I would only allow a potential lover to see, and that would be information that could ruin me in the public eye if it were ever to be revealed. Then, after the six months are over, I would ask you to have sex with me, but I wouldn't force it. It would still be your choice. If you wanted to have sex with me then we could make a new arrangement, but if you remain resolute that you are not gay and don't wish to have sex with me, then our time together will be over. You could still keep the clothing though."

"Dammit, you stepped in some broken glass somewhere. This might hurt a bit, but I'll try to be gentle." Hidemi pulled some tweezers from the first aid kit to pull the glass shards he could out of Jounouchi's foot.

"Yeah, whatever. Let's make a deal." Jounouchi blushed. "Let's never talk about our first deal. Let's pretend there was no first deal and just try to be a normal couple. I won't question your intentions, and you don't have to explain it to an idiot again. We'll forget there was a first deal until the six months are over. That's when you could ask me to have sex with you, and the deal would come back into the light, but until that time we'll keep it hidden, keep it secret… forget about it so that it doesn't overshadow our real goal to become friends… maybe something more, but we'll worry about that if it comes to it… We'll just be two people, together, exploring our feelings for each other, and doing what comes naturally without having to worry about some stupid arrangement we made."

"So you're saying…?"

"You don't always have to ask me for permission before you do something, unless you're not sure if I'll accept it. Say if you wanted to kiss my cheek, you wouldn't have to ask me if you can, but if you wanted to kiss my lips, you would ask because you know I'm not ready to do that," said Jounouchi.

"And you won't ask me about the deal anymore? Do you still want me to pay you then?" asked Seto.

"That is your decision."

"It was a part of the original deal, and I like the idea of taking care of you," said Seto lightly caressing Jounouchi's cheek, "So I will still pay you your allowance. But that's what we'll think of it as, an allowance for my girlfriend so she can buy things she wants when I'm not around."

"So… do you like that idea? Of not talking about our deal?" asked Jounouchi leaning into Seto's hand.

"Very much. We'll use this time to learn about each other," said Seto smiling, "I would kiss you right now if I thought you would let me, but since the lips are out, I think the cheek will be close enough."

Tears ran down Jounouchi's cheeks as Hidemi disinfected his wounds.

"I'm sorry. I know it hurts."

"Do you know what today is?"


"March 25."


"Do you want to have sex with me?"

"No! Seto, I'm not having sex with you!"

"I am such a fucking idiot!"

"I take it you figured out what happened?" asked Hidemi bandaging the second foot.

"I am such a fucking idiot!" exclaimed Jounouchi, "I need to go to him! I need to see him… I need to explain! I love him."

"I'll take you to see him."



"Mokuba says Seto locked himself in his home office, so I'll take you up to his room. Then I'll go get him to come up to see you."

"Okay," said Jounouchi.

Hidemi picked Jounouchi up and carried him inside the Kaiba mansion. He took him straight upstairs to Seto's room and placed him gently on the bed. "I hope you've thought about what you're going to say!"

"I have. Thanks for everything, Hidemi…"

"Good luck." Hidemi walked out of the room and closed the door.

"Thanks. I need it." Jounouchi removed all his clothes and lay down in what he felt would be a sexy position. His breath caught in his throat when he heard the argument ensuing on the other side of the door.

"Just shut the fuck up and get in there!" yelled Hidemi opening the door and shoving Seto into his room.

"Hidemi! You bastard! What the fuck!" screamed Seto pounding on the now closed door.

Jounouchi cleared his throat.

Seto spun around and saw Jounouchi on his bed. He swallowed hard. "What are you doing in here?"

"I apologize, but we need to talk. I'm sorry. I took what I had said literally, and I forgot about our deal. I didn't remember it. I didn't remember the conditions… When I said I didn't want to have sex with you, I meant not now. I'm not really ready for sex, but I love you, and if the only way for me to still be with you is to let you have sex me, then you need to get your ass over here and fuck me! Please, Seto… don't break up with me just because I'm a forgetful idiot!"

"Wait a minute. Repeat that. What did you just say?"

"I forgot about our deal, okay? I know! I'm stupid! It's just… somewhere along this journey with you, I fell in love with you!"

"You love me?"

Jounouchi nodded. "Yes!"

Seto pounced on top of Jounouchi in the bed, and he kissed him frantically. "I love you! I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU!"

Jounouchi sniffled and wiped away the stray tears from his eyes. "Really?"

"I've loved you for so long, even before we started dating. I just didn't know how you felt…"

Jounouchi kissed Seto. "You have me at your mercy, Seto. Take me now…"

"You just said you're not ready for sex. I can wait a while longer as long as you stay by my side… I thought… When you said you didn't want to have sex with me, I thought you meant ever… I thought you remembered. We can wait until you are ready. I love you enough to wait for you."



((There was a big surprise at the Duel Monster's World Tournament this afternoon, but instead of describing it, let's just show the clip… It speaks for itself,)) said the reporter on the TV.

Seto passed Jounouchi the reward check for coming in World Champion.

Jounouchi looked at the paper in his hand and blushed. He leaned closer to Seto and whispered, "I love you."

The microphone pinned to Seto's lapel amplified the quiet words and echoed them around the arena's speakers.

"I love you, Jounouchi Katsuya," said Seto before pulling him into a passionate kiss.

CLICK. "I think that's enough ME TV."

Seto took the remote from Jounouchi and set it on the nightstand right beside the check for the reward money and a small slip of paper that read 'This certificate entitles the bearer, Kaiba Seto, to one whispered "I love you" from Suya Kat Jounouchi Katsuya.'

Jounouchi looked over at Seto and smiled. "I love you, but aren't you worried about the effect this might have on your company?"

"I don't care what people think about me. I love you. You love me. That's enough for me. The world can go screw itself for all I care!"

"I want to make love to you, Kaiba Seto!" exclaimed Jounouchi.

"Are you sure you're ready for this, Jou?" asked Kaiba.

"I'm ready. Are you?" replied Jounouchi.

Seto started to unbutton his shirt. "I've been ready."

"Well, hurry up and get undressed!" exclaimed Jounouchi quickly pulling his shirt over his head, "Your body has been teasing me all day! Have you any idea how hard it is to duel when you have an erection harder than a lead pipe? I just wanted to strip you down and fuck you right there on that podium!"

Seto quickly helped Jounouchi out of his pants. He reached his hand down to Jounouchi's entrance.

"No… Just take off your clothes and take me. There's no need to prepare me," said Jounouchi. He pushed Seto's hands away from his ass and started to pull off the clothing barring him from the lightly tan flesh of his lover.

"If I don't, it will hurt," said Seto helping Jounouchi push his pants down his legs.

"I don't care!" Jounouchi's heart skipped a beat at the sight of the naked, aroused brunet, and he brought Seto's lips into another passionate kiss. "Take me now!"

"I'm sorry," whispered Seto pushing Jounouchi onto the bed as he slid his penis into Jounouchi's entrance. He chuckled. "You were expecting this… You used lubricant already, Jou."

Jounouchi gasped and buried his head into Seto's shoulder.

Seto placed a light kiss on Jounouchi's temple.

Jounouchi smirked and brought his lips to Seto's as he pushed his hips up to meet Seto's thrusts, burying the other's engorged cock into his body.

Seto shifted his position slightly and rammed into Jounouchi's prostate.

"Seto!" exclaimed Jounouchi closing his eyes as the wave of pleasure hit.

Seto thrust in and out of Jounouchi's body. He wrapped his fingers around Jounouchi's member and pumped it against his toned stomach allowing his flesh to give pleasure to Jounouchi's need.

Jounouchi pressed his lips to Seto's just in time to silence both of their cries of satisfaction that came with their respective discharges.

"Katsuya," panted Seto pulling out of Jounouchi's channel.

"Seto…" Jounouchi held tightly to Seto's arms and pulled himself as close to the brunet as he could. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me for loving you," whispered Seto cuddling up to Jounouchi.

"No… thank you for being my first," whispered Jounouchi blushing.

"And thank you for being my first, Kat," whispered Seto.

Jounouchi kissed Seto long and hard on the lips.



The end (maybe)