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Michelle was drunk. For the first time ever, even when Jack had dragged her out, she had drunk far more than she should have. The alcohol had been sickeningly sweet and it burned away the memories that held David. She had wanted to get out of the palace, away from her mother, the turning thoughts of her father, after being sent the link to the newest article on . It was the hardest turn her mood had ever taken. One moment she was sipping her coffee, looking over her ordered spreadsheets, and the next she had clicked on the link from a stranger, then her mother was there, chiding her for her taste in men.

What taste in men? She giggled softly, the martini glass' contents sloshing, and she was distracted for a moment, her thoughts no longer fully coherent. I'm a virgin, barely even kissed anyone, and...I'm drunk. She knew she had no true hold over David, they had not agreed to any terms of courtship, never gone far past kissing. But there had been the kiss. There had been his loving words. There had been the times they shared in dark corners and hallways. No, it wasn't much, but she held onto it all very tightly, an iron grasp that seemed to be slipping each time she took another sip. She smiled, the club's occupants were thinning out as the night grew brighter. The hours of midnight, one, two, had passed easily. She drank with an ever growing smile that could not be diminished. At this point, not even the photograph with that, what's the word...oh! Slut! She giggled once more and noticed the bartender pausing to watch her.

He probably knew who she was, knew her brother's habits, but a human, sitting alone at a club at three in the morning giggling alone would be strange for anyone. "My father will have fun keeping this out of the paper." The bartender rolled his eyes at her and walked away. He picked up a phone at the end of the bar and began dialing. Michelle watched him form words, but her lip reading ability had run out with her ability to leave the chair she was sitting on. The phone was hung up as the man took one last look at her as she sipped again at the drink. Maybe I'll take up living on this rather uncomfortable stool. I can pass drinks from the bartender to whoever is ordering them. Probably mostly to my brother. My brother with his sluts and men. My brother and his friend the hero. The jerk. Yes...the jerk. He doesn't get his drinks. He'll get milk. Milk for the farm boy.

"Michelle?" A man's voice came from behind her uncomfortable stool. A familiar voice. She set her drink on the counter and swiveled around, enjoying the feel of the world spinning around her. Confusing her already dizzy thoughts.

"What do you want, David." She already missed the cool feel of her alcohol. She wanted the sweet burn back. She didn't like coming face-to-face with David. It made everything more real, all the feelings of hurt become little pins behind her eyes. She wanted the empty numbness of her drunken stupor.

"I'm here to take you back home. It's close to four in the morning." It was true, and Michelle could make out faint lines on his cheek from a pillow. Who called him? He had obviously been woken up, his voice had a very gravel-like texture to it. His normally perfect posture now slouched.

"I don't want you to take me home. I don't want to go home. I don't want to see my family. And I especially don't want to see you." She was acting like a spoiled child who hadn't gotten her way, and she knew it. But she'd had enough of acting proper. Her mother didn't care much either way, as long as Michelle didn't make a mockery of the public image the Queen had created for their perfect family. Which after tonight, may just happen.

David sighed heavily, grasping at the car keys he held in his hand. "Can we please just leave? You can yell at me in the car when there aren't photographers around."

She pursed her lips and turned to pay the bartender who had been watching the short exchange. He shook his head as she reached into her small purse that had been lying on the counter. "Its already been taken care of."

She nodded, more to herself than in acknowledgment, and got off the stool, using the counter to steady herself. David grabbed her arm and more pulled than lead her toward the exit sign. "Why would you do this? This isn't you, Michelle. You aren't like-" His scolding cut off as they reached the car and he loaded her in.

"Like my brother?" She finished as he got in and started the car. "I'm not the fun one, right? I'm the boring, predictable, daddy's little girl who never gets into trouble and does what she's told and never gets laid." Wow, I'm more drunk than I thought.

David shook his head as he pulled onto the street. There was hardly anyone on the roads at this time of the morning. "I didn't think it was such a big deal to you to have sex. If I'd known I probably could have helped with that problem." She glanced at him, surprised, and watched as his face turned bright red. She almost couldn't hide the amused expression that threatened to take over her face. "Not like that. I don't mean to assume, I know it's not my place."

"Of course not. Of course it's not your place, David. Because you won't make it your place. You've had a million chances but instead you just want to go out with the fun one and kiss sl-other girls. I'm just the one you dance with and take into dark corners. Is there a reason for that? You don't want me because I'll go into the dark corners? Or is there another reason. Are you just not interested in pursuing more than casual...relations with me?" Michelle's brain had shifted into overtime. The sweet burn had run out soon after she'd realized that David had come to her rescue, once again. It was becoming just a bit more than annoying.

"Michelle, you know that's not it."

"No, actually I don't know that isn't it. How could I know if you never bother to explain anything to me. You shower me with pretty words and kisses and rarely speak to me otherwise. How am I to gather any sort of indication from that." She folded her arms across her chest, pouting, wishing to be back on her stool, alone, not being rescued.

They came to a stop at a red light. The silence blanketed them both until Michelle felt all the adrenaline rush out of her body. She slumped in her seat, suddenly overwhelmingly exhausted. The light turned green and still they sat, David slouched slightly with his hands gripping the wheel, and his eyes staring straight ahead. "You don't want to go home?"

She sat up straighter, his voice startling her. "No, I don't." She watched him nod once, a precise up and down motion of his head, and he went into drive, making a u-turn from the wrong lane, and probably too quickly for the regular speed limit. "Where are we going?"

David turned to look at Michelle, grinning. "Not home."


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