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Plot: Yusuke and Kuwabara are dragged into the spirit world by a bunch of demons. But when the demons brainwash Yusuke, can Kuwabara make it out alive before being killed by his best friend?

Author's note: So, here is my new story. I was originally going to post this after Lucifer's Magic was finished, but I couldn't wait. As far as the time line is considered, it takes place after Yusuke and the gang comes back to the human world after Sensui is killed. Also, the characters may be OOC at times (especially in this chapter), just a little heads up. This chapter is a set-up for the rest of the story, which i'm planning to have 5 or 6 chapters.


Chapter 1: Between Friends

"Hey, Kuwabara, you home?"

Yusuke and the gang had just returned from the spirit world after beating Sensui and Yusuke had spent some time with Keiko, but he couldn't get Kuwabara out of his mind. The guy disappeared the minute they started walking away from the cave. One minute, Kuwabara was walking a couple feet in front of him, the next, he was gone.'I wonder what happened? It's like he's got a fifty page paper due tomorrow". Yusuke looked up toward his friends room. Before he could jump up to the window, the door opened to reveal Kuwabaras sister, Shizuru.

"Yusuke? Wow, you've changed. Kazuma's up in his room,". Yusuke nodded and, once he reached Kuwabaras, pushed open the unlocked door. The redhead, who was sitting on his bed, looked up.

"What do you want Urameshi?" Kuwabara asked. Yusuke wasn't sure if he should come out and ask what was wrong with his friend or dodge the subject for now.

"So, I was thinking about ditching the hair. I mean, it would be kind of hard to explain how my hair grew this long," Yusuke said, laughing.

"Come on, Urameshi, why are you really here?" Yusuke knew he should have just come out and said it.

"Look, what's up? I know something is wrong with you, seeing as how you disappeared in no time. You need to talk?" Kuwabara looked down.

"It's nothing. Just something stupid". Yusuke marched over to the bed and hit Kuwabara in the back of the head.

"You idiot! Don't tell me you're okay when it's pretty obvious something is bothering you". Kuwabara responded by grabbing some of Yusuke's long hair in his fist and yanking it.

"OW! What was that for?" Yusuke yelled, jumping up and rubbing the back of his head.

"You hit me first, remember?"

"Oh, stop being such a baby".

The pair were quiet until Kuwabara spoke, "Look, it's just....I'm trying to deal with this in my own way okay?" Yusuke cocked his head to the side in confusion, then sat back down next to his friend.

"Deal with what?" Yusuke asked.

"Promise not to laugh? 'Cause if you do, i'll punch your brains out". Yusuke simply nodded. "It's just that....things just seem different now. You seem different,"

Yusuke chuckled, "Well, of course i'm different now, duh! What are you blind?"

"I...I just don't want things to change between us". Yusuke was shcoked. Kuwabara had never been this open with him before.

"Kuwabara, look, if you're scared things are going to change just because i'm part demon now, you must have rocks in your head. I'm still me. Lighten up Kuwabara". But Yusuke knew what Kuwabara must have been feeling. They were always close, not just because of their friendly fights, but because, where Hiei and Kurama were the demons in the group, Yusuke and Kuwabara were the humans. Now it was just Kuwabara and Yusuke knew he must at least feel lonley.

"Why don't we go out and get some ice cream? Huh? Bet that'll make you feel better," Yusuke said, trying to lighten up the mood, "Besides, Kurama is coming over in an hour to clip this hair off and I need something to do other than sulk around with you".

"Urameshi, you don't even have money for ice cream," Kuwabara pointed out, cracking a smile. Yusuke rubbed his hand on the back of his head as he smiled.

"Yeah, I was kinda hoping you would help with that". Usually he would argue, but Kuwabara just laughed, "Why not?" As they headed outside and walked down the street, Kuwabara punched Yusuke on the head.

"What was that for?!" Yusuke yelled.

"You laughed earlier when I told you not to. I told you I would punch you if you did". Yusuke knew Kuwabara and sulked. He hated when his friend was right.


The next day, Yusuke was laying on the grass, underneath a tree in the school yard. Kurama had cut his hair the previous night (which took longer than Yusuke thought) and the tattoos had disappeared when he had woken up.

"What are you doing Urameshi?" Yusuke heard. He turned his head to see Kuwabara out of the corner of his eye.

"What does it look like i'm doing? Running a marathon?" Yusuke asked, closing his eyes.

"Hey, if you're gonna start that, you might as well say it to my face". Yusuke smiled and stood up. But when he turned to face his friend, his smile faded and was replaced with a look of worry.

"Kuwabara ge-" but it was too late. Kuwabara had been knocked out. Yusuke faced the demon responsible, but soon, felt a hard hit on his head and the world faded to black.

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