Summary: In the past twelve months Jackie Burkhart has had her heart shattered into pieces by the love of her life. She's been abandoned by the girl she once saw as her best friend and older sister. Steven Hyde and Donna Pinciotti are realizing that the mistakes they made in the last few months have hurt Jackie in ways they would have never imagined. They're both asking for her forgiveness, but she doesn't know if she can forgive them after everything she's been through. She has the help of her best friends Eric Foreman and Brooke Spencer who have both promised to stand by her side and back her up with whatever decisions she makes.

Disclaimer: I don't own That 70's Show, but I wish I did. I wouldn't have allowed the disaster that was Season 8 to happen. Sam would have never walked through that door and Jackie and Hyde would have finished the conversation they started. Jackie would have never turned to Fez and claimed that he was the perfect match for her. Eric wouldn't have gone to Africa. Kelso wouldn't have moved to Chicago, and instead Brooke would have returned to Point Place with Betsy.

Relationships: Jackie/OOC, Jackie/Hyde, Donna/Eric, Brooke/Michael and possibly Laurie/Fez.