Nikko's Lullaby
Chapter Two
Your Eyes


In which Nikko prepares a special surprise for Stavros...

Nikko found his peaceful slumber being annoyingly disturbed by the sound of Boys Like Girls' Dance Hall Drug playing on his alarm clock. Reaching over to press the snooze bar, he met with a problem... Something was in his bed. His brows furrowed before he raised his eyelids to find his brother, who seemed fast asleep by the looks of it. Nikko smiled involuntarily before reaching over him and pressing the 'off' button to kill the noise, cutting the song off mid-chorus. He had a little surprise in mind for Stavros...

Stavros groaned at the sound of the radio playing beside him. The volume rose and guitar notes blasted from the many speakers throughout Nikko's room and Stavros felt himself waking up to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Damn Regret. It was a shock to Stavros that the name came to him at such a time. Rubbing his tired eyes, he opened them to find a Paramore poster staring down at him from the ceiling. What was he doing in Nikko's room? And just as he pondered that thought, memories of last night hit him like a wall. Did he really get that close to Nikko? Did he actually sing him to sleep?

No... this had to be a dream! Upon sitting up, Stavros beheld the weirdest thing to happen yet that morning: Nikko, standing just outside the room wearing a blotchy, flour-stained apron holding a tall stack of pancakes in hand, just the way Stavros liked them—smothered in syrup, a little whipped cream and a strawberry on top.

"Am... Am I dreaming?" Stavros stammered in disbelief. As he did so, Nikko approached, careful not to trip over anything.

"Nope. I made you breakfast, in my bed, sleeping beauty," Nikko replied, failing to dispel Stavros' strange trance with just his words. Nikko rolled his eyes before waving the meal in his brother's face, the delicious smell just begging to be delicately devoured.

Stavros blinked. "Wow. Thanks, mom," he joked, quickly grabbing the plate to save it from Nikko's short temper.

"I do you a surprise and the next thing I know I'm your mother?" Nikko shot back, an eerie glare in his eyes.

"'Do me a surprise'?" Stavros laughed, teasing his grammar. "I think you need to spend more time with that study group of yours. Next topic: English." Stavros chuckled before taking another beautiful bite of the stuff—despite his appearance; Nikko was actually a pretty good cook.

Stavros' insult didn't even seem to set in as Nikko's eyes went wide with shock. "School!" Nikko shouted. "Shit!" And with that he made a mad dash to his dresser, opened the drawer and tore his shirt off as he rushed to find something better to wear than yesterday's clothing, which he had incidentally fallen asleep in last night.

Stavros turned to check the clock beside him, finding it to be 8:15, meaning Nikko was already 15 minutes late. "Do you need a ride?" Stavros asked concernedly.

Nikko paused momentarily, shocked to find that his brother wasn't completely furious with him to the point of projectiles. A few moments later, Stavros' question set in and Nikko responded, "No, it's only five blocks—I can run faster than you drive."

Stavros rolled his eyes—before something caught his eye. Nikko had taken off his shirt, exposing a well-toned, tan chest with a milky texture that Stavros found himself mesmerized by--his pancakes long forgotten.

Luckily for him, Nikko was in such a rush that he didn't notice as he threw an Academy Is... t-shirt on and examined himself briefly before he noticed pancake mix all over his tight jeans. "Ah, damn it all! Your breakfast made me late, Stavros, so you better damn well enjoy it!" The look in Stavros' eyes looked strangely distant to him though as he said this, Nikko noticed this but decided against questioning it.

Stavros realized Nikko was trying to get his attention and looked up to meet his puzzled gaze. "This breakfast if wonderful, Nikko—you really didn't have to—'

But Nikko would have none of it. "Please," he said firmly. "It was the least I could do for you after how well you helped me with my math. Now we're even."

Stavros chuckled as a memory was somehow recaptured by the moment. 'Who says I don't charge?'...'I do, because I'm your brother...' "Alright, fine, you win," he said in a content defeat as he got up and out of Nikko's bed, realizing he had fallen asleep in his day clothes just as Nikko had done. As he turned to his left he came face to face with Nikko's boxers as the boy continued to strip himself of his flour-coated clothing. "What are you doing?" Stavros asked mindlessly, not knowing what else to say. Needless to say, his cheeks had caught fire.

"Changing, what does it look like?" Nikko replied, tossing his unwanted jeans into the laundry basket—which was already overflowing with dirty clothes. "Hey, do you think you could go ahead a wash those for me? I don't want the stain setting in..."

"Sure," Stavros said dumbly, silently excusing himself to the kitchen and returning once more to the delicacy which he set down on the counter to enjoy.

"Thanks!" Nikko called, opening a secondary drawer in his dresser which presumably contained his pants.

As Stavros looked for a way to distract himself from his growing attraction to Nikko and his cute, black-and-white checkered boxers his eyes fell upon a purple textbook which was turned upside-down. A sudden recognition hit Stavros. "Don't forget your math book!" he shouted to Nikko, once again peeking at the boy as his cheeks lit up. This time, though, Stavros couldn't find the willpower to draw his eyes away, he just didn't want to.

"Yeah, yeah!" Nikko shouted in response as he pulled up a clean pair of black leather pants which fitted him quite nicely in Stavros' perspective.

Shaking his head, the thoughts clouding Stavros' head quickly dissipated. "You have leather pants?" he asked in wonderment, though his voice sounded strict and disapproving.

Nikko, in a surprising rush to get to school, suddenly slipped into his shoes, grabbed his book bag, slung it around his shoulder in record time and, before he was off, retorted, "Can you think of a rocker that doesn't have a pair?" and dipped a finger into the whipped cream which lie atop Stavros' monstrous stack of pancakes, whisking a small patch of the tasty white foam away and making a sound of satisfactory as the sugary stuff met his lips. "I'm off—enjoy your breakfast!"

And before Stavros could say anything in response, Nikko was already out the door—bounding down the street. "Wonder what's with him..." Stavros said, still trying to come up with a theory as he continued to enjoy his delicious breakfast. His eyes once again fell upon the purple bindings of Nikko's familiar textbook before a groan escaped his lips. "Oh, hell no."

Nikko felt an unusual ache begin to swell within his stomach as he made a mad dash down the block, stopping unexpectedly to rest at the corner. Maybe Stavros was right, he probably was sick. Groaning as he made his way to a nearby bench to sit himself down, he blamed it on the lack of sleep he had gotten the night before--so much for his 'beauty sleep'.

A minute or so later Nikko heard his name being called repeatedly by a deep, strong voice. He lifted a brow, not sure as to whether or not he wished to be found, for he did not completely recognize the voice. Upon the arrival of the man calling his name, Nikko stared in shock. It had been his brother--but how come he didn't recognize his voice, Nikko did not understand.

"God, damn it," Stavros cursed as he pulled to a stop before the cross-walk to wait for the signal to go.

"Stavros?" Nikko asked, his heart pounding with what felt like excitement.

Stavros turned to find Nikko slumped oh-so-carelessly upon the bench. His eyes widened at first from shock but swiftly turned to anger as the narrowed to just slits. "Were you even planning on going to school today?"

Nikko rolled his eyes. "Duh! My side just hurts, alright?" he shot back in annoyance. "It's probably just all of the sleep I've missed..."

Stavros immediately regretted having doubted his brother and went to go sit down beside him on the bench. "I'm sorry... That was a little assumptuous of me," he said apologetically. "Here," he said, handing Nikko his purple-bound math book, "you left this."

Nikko smiled softly. "Thanks," he said, taking the book before carefully stuffing it into his book bag. "I'll need that."

"If you get your ass to school I think it might just come in handy," Stavros teased. He took in that now was a good time to get up, and slowly stretched himself into a standing position before offering Nikko a hand. "Would you like me to walk you there?"

Nikko took his hand, stood, and contemplated this. "Have you finished your breakfast?"


"I think I can manage--you go eat up," Nikko insisted.

"You sure? I don't want you falling and hurting yourself..."

"Stop worrying, honestly. And you think I'm the motherly one," Nikko said, rolling his eyes.

"Yeaahh, that would probably be me," Stavros agreed, taking a couple strides backward, towards their apartment as Nikko in turn took two toward the crosswalk. "Later!"

Suddenly turning back around to face Stavros he called, "Wait!" before jolting over to him and grabbing his hand.

Stavros noticed with caution the strange smirk he wore so sexy-like. The thought made his head spin a bit before Stavros mentally kicked himself for thinking such things about his brother. God, you've been resisting this for six years—six years, Stavros, his inner-voice would tell him, A couple more months and he could legally be living under his own roof, with his own job. You are a sicko, a pervert, worse, that's what you are!

Nikko leaned in dangerously close to Stavros' ear before whispering, "Have a nice day," and planting a soft, chaste kiss on his cheek. He chuckled a little, "Later!"

And as Nikko made a risky mad-dash for the crosswalk to make it before the 'go' sign was gone, Stavros just stood there in disbelief. There was something strange about Nikko lately. He just couldn't decide what it was...

Your Eyes are two glowing pools containing all of my deepest desires...

Part 2 (Out of how many? We'll never know!). Actually I don't yet have an ending in mind but yeah, this story is fun to write, hence the fact I stayed up til 4am just to do so. I wanna hear your response to what you think of this couple! I can't be the only one who saw this, can I?

XMysterious Darknessx

(PS. Sorry for Nikko's total OoC'ness in this chapter.)