Mario was trying to make some toast for BREAKFAST, because you know what they say...

"All toasters toast toast!" Mario stated, winking at the camera as he proudly held a bag of Bowser's Sourpuss Bread.

Before a green-shelled Koopa Troopa out of nowhere could correct Mario on that toasters toast bred, the middle-aged, multitalented plumber fired a red hot fireball at the turtle, burning it right on the spot. Turning around, Mario placed all the pieces of bread into the toaster, but of course, it wouldn't fit completely in. Why?

Because a toaster only had four slots for four pieces of bread.

Growling as he noticed that the situation wasn't going as he planned, Mario grabbed a wooden hammer he had in his red shirt and started smacking the toaster, with all the bred still stuffed right into it. This caused the bread to be stuck inside. As Mario tried pushing the buttons to make the toaster toast the bread, nothing happened. Gritting his teeth, mario grabbed the bred out and tried stuffing them back in.

But it wouldn't go in, for obvious reasons already stated and shown to the impending audience.

"How do I put this stupid bread in!?" He exclaimed as he smashed his own forehead on a wooden cabinet, knocking himself out as he collapsed on the floor.

It was then that the toaster, due to the thud, fell off the counter, and landed right on Mario's face. Now that's gonna leave a nasty mark in the morning...