Mario was playing a game of tag with Toad around the local lake in the happy-go-lucky Mushroom Meadows. Of course, with the two boys being the only players, the two got bored, and eventually settled down, to look at the crystal clear lake and the surprisingly clear blue sky, of which is usually blocked by the white puffy clouds you normally see in green grassy meadows.

"Hey Mario, I'm curious," Toad asked curiously as he picked up a bright yellow daisy flower and chucked it right into the tip of the lake he and Mario were sitting right on, "How come it's usually only me and you who come here every so often?"

Mario scratched his chin, wondering the exact same thing as well. "Hmmm... you have a point, Toad." He stated as he closed his eyes, suggesting as he nodded his head back and forth, "Perhaps the fact that we both normally go through here on our adventures could just be a little coincidence, since Bowser's Castle is towards the western direction, whereas here, this is towards the eastern direction."

Toad's mouth opened up a bit as he looked at Mario in awe. "Maybe..." He lied back on the smooth grass, looking up at the bright yellow sun that shone down on the lake, making it appear even shinier than before, "Maybe that's why we always come here. It's a nice break from being stuffed in Toad Town and Mushroom City." He laughed. "Goodness knows that this is our little playground, Mario. Hehehehe!"

Mario also laughed standing up and stretching his arms as he embraced the gentle breeze that joined in on the nicely temperate weather condition, before lying back down on the grass, turning his head to the right to see Toad, who turned his head to the left to see Mario. The both of them smiled as they turned their faces forward and just embraced the peacefulness of the Mushroom Meadows. Over to the west, cows from the Moo Moo Ranches could be heard mooing as they graze the farm, while a family of four-legged green and yellow shelled Koopa Troopa march forward to the lake from the southern direction, with Piranha Plants making conversation via snapping their jaws at each other in the northern direction, and from the eastern direction, the faint noises of the traffic in Toad Town and Mushroom City behind, could crickets be chirping in harmony as several bees pollinate the huge number of beautiful, pretty flowers that grow alongside the berry-filled bushes. Absolute peace and quiet.

"...What if the others found out about us being here, Mario?" Toad asked, obviously throwing Waluigi and Bowser out of the question as the two characters alrady had experiences of going through the Mushroom Meadows.

Mario sat up, taking a good ponder, but instead of questioning the possibilities of it, he shrugged it off as he pulled out several vanilla cupcakes from his red shirt, offering one to Toad. "Who cares. Come on, let's celebrate this little moment of ours," He said with a grin, taking a bite into his own cupcake.

Smiling, Toad gladly took the cupcake and munched down on it, sitting closer to Mario as the two continued glazing at the lake, being in complete harmony with each other and nature as they enjoyed their sugary sweets.