This fanfic is not approved by Ganon, and if you DARE bring this to his lair, you will DIE.

"Hey guys," Otis stated at the barnyard with his fellow animals. "Remember the time Mario and the CD-I King of Hyrule had a staring contest?"

Silence as all the talking animals turned to Otis.

"I barely remember that being a thing." Pip squeaked.

"I don't remember it at all," Wally Gator remarked while relaxing in the pig puddle.

"I can't remember a lot of things." Pig muttered while eating a load of food.

"...well I remember it quite well," Quick Draw McGraw stated as he adjusted his red hat. "I was there!"

Cue flashback. Mario and King Harkinian were both having an epic staring contest in Hyrule Castle, with CD-I Link, CD-I Zelda, Gay Luigi, and Quick Draw McGraw all watching. The two tried to counter each other with words, Mario going by his obsession with toast, toasters, and enclosed instruction books, while the King replied with dinner, ships, and his preference of bois. As the time continued passing by, each second becoming more variable than the last, the King finally collapsed, due to not having enough Octoroks to keep him going.

"Father!" Zelda exclaimed as she tried to wake the King up, while Luigi and Link picked up Mario and cheered, the red-capped plumber awarding himself with a bag of Bowser's Sourpuss Bread, an enclosed instruction book for Mario Kart Wii, and a PRRRROMOTION that he gave himself after gloating about his victory.

"You know what they say," Mario mentioned as he jumped from the hands of Link and Luigi, turning to face the open windows, "All blinkers blink blinks!"