To Heal the Scars
Chapter 1 - The Smoke Has Cleared

I fail at a summary for this but it's basically post "City of Glass". I'll do my best not to butcher it. Aiden and Skylar belong to me, their surnames don't but I'm going to use them. Skylar's use of Japanese weapons belong to me. The names for Aiden's seraphs belong to me (dunno their names yet..). Pretty much everything else belongs to Cassandra Clare. (:

Skylar Ravenscar leaned against a pillar with her arms crossed over her chest as she watched the Downworlders and other Shadowhunters take the Mark that the famous, or infamous, Clary had just created. Skylar shook her long dark bangs that escaped from her other-wise perfect ponytail out of her gray eyes fighting the rising anger. More than anything she wanted to be out there with the other Shadowhunters but her young age, 16, held her back. Closing her eyes for a brief second she turned her head and looked at the night sky. The stars were always brighter here and Idris than back in the United States where she was when not in Idris.

"We should be able to defend Idris as well," Skylar sulked, just barely succeeding in hiding the annoyance and slight whine in her voice.

Her friend Aiden Monteverde glanced down at his petite friend by his side. He, only being 17, was not allowed to join the war effort either. Although he was annoyed by this rule as well, he attempted to see a bright sideā€¦if there was a bright side.

"Then protect the children," he said. "We may not be old enough to join the war, but we are old enough to protect those that can't defend themselves."

Skylar narrowed her eyes and nodded slightly. Despite living at the Lisbon Institute his parents ran, Aiden had no accent but could speak Portuguese perfectly.

The crush of both Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike then began to disperse. It was nearly midnight and it was almost time for the show. Skylar looked around for Isabelle Lightwood, a girl she was once friends with during childhood but she had somehow disappeared. Aiden had left her side briefly but now returned after meeting with his parents briefly. Skylar's gray eyes searched his face, and she knew that despite his cool demeanor he feared for their lives.

Aiden brushed his lightly curled black hair out of his light brown eyes and observed the night sky. An ominous tinge of orange had taken over the black sky. Aiden touched Skylar's shoulder. Skylar glanced up at Aiden as he tossed his head in the direction of a building.

"Let's go Sky, the kids are waiting for us."

Sky nodded and followed Aiden into an adjacent building from where they were standing. The lights were off for the most part as children huddled together. The younger ones were obviously fearful while the some tried to remain brave. The older teens such as Skylar and Aiden bordered them, standing nearby doors with their weapons at the ready.

Skylar knew that if a demon or anything else got through the kids would be well protected. Absent-mindedly she touched the sheath that was horizontal against her back that contained her two blessed sai, twin Japanese swords. Many others carried various weapons, swords, bows and arrows, small daggers. Aiden's prominent weapons were two seraph blades that he kept strapped to his back.

Skylar felt a tug at her waist and looked down to see a small blond girl with fear in her eyes She looked no older than five. Taking pity on her, Skylar lifted the girl into her arms, attempting to sooth her. Aiden smiled faintly at the little girl and touched her head before walking away to converse with Shadowhunter boy that was probably his age.

Skylar moved over to the other small children and bent to put the girl down once she felt the child relax. Smiling at another older teen Skylar let the girl loose.

A loud boom from one of the halls entrances made Skylar reach for the little girl again and instinctively shield her. The kids all let out a collective scream as cries echoed throughout the room.

"What was that," the other teen asked Skylar.

Quickly standing Skylar whirled around to the source of noise. There was a hideous growl from the door as five minor demons rushed into the room toward the kids with more trailing behind them.

"Stay close to the children," Skylar ordered as she ran toward a demon that was heading straight at her.

Pulling out her sai, Skylar ran at the demon with amazing speed and stabbed through its head delivering a fatal blow before pulling her sai out. Swiveling around Skylar cut through another demon effortlessly. A scream pierced her ear as she turned away from the demon that lie dead at her feet. The girl she had left to watch the children had lost her weapon. Before Skylar had the chance to get to her a heavy weight hit her back.

With a small cry Skylar fell to her knees dropping her sai. Looming over her the demon that had swiped her back prepared to swipe again down her front. Before it could deliver it's blow, it's head was chopped off and it fell to the side. Aiden stood behind it, holding his sword in both hands. Hauling Skylar to her feet, Aiden's eyes flashed briefly.

"Thank God for healing runes," Skylar said as she retrieved her sai.

"Thank God for me," Aiden corrected her with a cocky half-grin. Skylar rolled her eyes before she ran to the clustered kids, mentally curing herself for leaving them in the first place. One of her many flaws, Skylar thought, was her "jump-the-gun" tendency.


For what might have been a few hours later, the demons stopped coming instantly. One minute they were pouring in and the next they were retreating from the hall. Skylar, now covered in sweat, grime, and blood let her grip become loose on her sai. A couple of the older teens had fallen, all of the younger kids were alive but some had sustained injuries from being in the middle of the melee. Aiden made his way toward Skylar, sporting a jagged cut down his cheek.

"Something must have happened to Valentine," Aiden noted.

Just as he finished his sentence and frantic and a severely battered Isabelle ran in. Catching her breath she spoke quickly, but her words were clear. "The war, it's over. Valentine's dead."

The older teens that had gathered together in a clique stared at her mutely for a moment, searching for words to describe this moment. Glancing at each other, slow smiles mixed with cheerlessness and relief spread across their faces at Isabelle's words.

I loved Cassandra Clare's series. They were amazing! So I know this chapter is super short, but I just wanted to establish Skylar's and Aiden's role during CoG...even though it's pretty much toward the end of the book. And yes, I borrowed the surnames "Ravenscar" and "Monteverde" from Clare. I wanted to established kind of "old-blood" or "in-story" characters.

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