Shikamaru wept in head bed silently. The air was cold as it blew it into his house, he had been sent back to his home after the wounds had fully healed. The only thing that hadn't healed was his pride, soul and heart. He gazed around his room empty, like his stomach. Shikamaru wouldn't eat. Hadn't eaten in 3 days. After the little talk with his father.

"Shikamaru? Is it true? You my only son…A dirty faggot…." His deep look of shame as he turned and walked away from me like I was shit. Such a horrible kid…"I really am ashamed of you." Another stab at my heart as if it wasn't already broken….Hello can someone grab this knife out of my back please? MY best friend hating me….I knew he would hate me…But I needed him so badly and I still do but he hates me now.

The young teen watched a flower sway in the gentle wind. The pink petals swayed as the wind picked up, soon the flower was bent over with all of it's lovely petals gone. Shika's gentle brown eyes wept as he though of his own best friend……Now hated him, he tried to say it out loud but the words never came only dry sobs and broken feelings.

After having sat on the same bench for almost 2 house crying over a flower the ninja thought best to leave and go to the ramen shop or something. He slowly made his way to the little shop that a certain ninja loved and took a seat the ramen girl who had always like Shika glared at him….Her normally soft loving eyes were harsh and cold. Shika sighed and looked down…….

So everyone knows.

"So….Shikamaru…Your into guys, I herd?" Her sniveling little voice pissed Shika off to no end but there really wasn't anything he could do about it now. He sighed once glared at her and nodded his head she just scoffed and walked away. After having some wonderful lunch in silence with people looking at him he finally went to the forest to sit and think.

Chouji sat thinking about his fiend in the rock formation that was filled with hot water, the two boys used to sit and play in this water or just relax and talk for hours. At night the two would slip in to the water, watch the water fall and….Tell each other about everything, things they wouldn't tell there own parent or anyone at all.

Shikamaru slowly made his way to the small pool of hot water he and Chouji used to sit in and talk, he slowly removed his pants and shirt, undid his hair tie and took of his shoes. The Nara climbed up the tall rocks and looked over the edge expecting to see no one, he gasped quietly and tried to turn around when he noticed Chouji in the water, hoping the man hadn't noticed him.

"Shikamaru?" Shika froze and wined, he had been caught.. ..He turned around and gazed down at Chouji.

"Yes…Chouji?" The bigger ninja motioned for Shika to come down to him so he did once in the water the bigger ninja sighed and looked up at his friend. "So….Your gay?" Chouji asked his pale friend. Shika nodded and looked down at his hands. "Do you really love me?" Tears filled Shika's eyes as he nodded his pinkish face.

Chouji made his way to the crying man and pulled him close, before Shika could say a word lips wee pressed against his. Heat fell from Shika's face downwards. All thought drifted from Shika's head as a large hand pushed him against a rock, he felt smushed by Chouji. His body heated but something was off. Chouji was so rough…Mean….Shika cried out as a finger dipped inside of him.

"Chouji oh my god stop…AH..!" Cries of pain and forced pleasure wretched through him. He wriggles his hips against Chouji's intruding fingers and plead for him to stop. He begged and moaned, his face was bright red, he wanted Chouji but…This wasn't the time or place for something like this.

The bigger ninja kissed up and down Shika's neck, he kneaded the blushing ninja's ass. He hugged him tightly and fingered his as at the same time. "S-stop this Chouji…S-stop this n-now!" The older teen's hands roamed over Shika's unwilling flesh, he grabbed massaged and even bruised lightly. Chouji flipped the smaller ninja so his stomach was against the wet rock. Shikamaru blushed and whimpered as light kisses sent heat to his growing erection.

With a single movement everything went blurry, in Shikamaru's eyes everything was moving at one time, pain, pleasure, heat…Blood. Shika new he was screaming but couldn't hear his own voice. Everything was blurry and painful, his dream came true, or was this his nightmare?

Pressure built inside of him, burning him as his body was forced to move up and down against the intruding appendage. Torn apart and torn open, blood flowing down the other man's shaft, pain searing into him.. Harsh thrusts and animal grunts, skin splinting and mind racing. Shika murmured curses as Chouji slammed into him, each thrust brought more and more pain to the small ninja's body. He gritted his teeth and clung to the rock as Chouji fucked him from behind.

The air swept over Shika's naked body, after Chouji had finished with him he had left his best friend naked with cum in his ass on the wet grass at midnight. Shika sat looking at the sky, Why does this always happen to me? I have no happy endings..