S/N: Time has passed since the conclusion of Just Like You yet for all the happiness that fills their lives, the adventures & struggles never end...


The last he can recall her shouting his name like that was when that building blew up with him inside after flushing her using a blast from his ring, but these days when not busy looking after her, he was busy as a man of the community in Dakota. He and Shayera took up residence there in the months following Near 09. The community was surprisingly welcoming, but of course the chance to have even former costumed heroes in the area was nice especially as John's only acquaintance in Dakota is one Virgil Hawkins. The same Virgil that 'moonlights' as Static, but even he had been hesitant to the role after what happen with John and the others in the past yet he had a change of heart or mind when seeing what happen during the Near 09 news segments.

John winces in pain as her grip hurts like hell, but she's giving birth today or at least it appears so what else is there to do in that situation. They were on their way to an engagement party when she starts flustering that it is time and of course he thinks she meant they had to get going, but what she really meant after shaking him several times was she getting close to birthing their first child. He stays with her in the back of the vehicle at the time as Virgil drives though he has his license now fortunately. She is told to breathe in and out, to stay calm, and of course by the time they get her into a hospital bed, they have to start being quick about this since humans have never delivered a child born from a Thanagarian.

Virgil contacts the Watchers to alert them to the situation so of course J'onn insists on transferring her to the nearest Watchers' medical facility. The Watchers operate in a way very similar to the disbanded Outsiders insofar as being decentralized with the numbers, but a number of high level facilities are maintained just the same. Once stable to teleport, the three of them are at the Watchers Medical Facility in Gotham, which had been paid for and funded by various philanthropists including Bruce Wayne.

She grips his hand again and he really winces this time. It did not hurt as much as having his Lantern ring hand injured twice in three years, but still hurts just the same. She had been in labor for most of the day and John did not dare asking how long it could take since there is no way to guess even for her as there is no definite time frame reference. The word got around that she was in labor for real this time so many had come to see this event because it is the first child born to their extended 'family' since before Near 09. John pats her down with a damp cloth and occasionally tries to give her some water. The night is a long one and even into the next day as well yet sure enough by the early hours of morning there is a breathing, healthy bundle of joy resting in Shayera's arms, one that she been entirely inseparable from the moment she saw his eyes.

He had her eyes yet his skin looks closer to his father though of course they clean him up before bringing him back over to her. The two are almost fencing over a name until he says Rex and she says Wallace, but of course he understands why she said that name. They decide to name him Warren, which is not really a combination of the names, but he does know that he was close with both Wally and Rex before their deaths. Rex had died during their time together in the Marines and he did not care to recount Wally's death much as the sight had taken him back to the way that Rex died years before that death on that particular lawn.

It was only after Near 09 that they all finally pulled together to formally attend a naming of a park in his honor in Central City that they collectively mourned the anniversary of his passing except in the tradition of a wake they told stories about him. It was also the day that little Cassandra got to meet her 'cousin' if one likes to think of that way. Shayera comments to Barbara about how big Cassandra is now compared to the last time she had seen her, which was when Shayera had been entering the last third of her pregnancy. She also notices that Barbara is again with child and makes a comment to Barbara about Dick not being able to keep his hands off.

"What can you say when a man loves you that much?"

"Guess Cassandra will have to get used to having a sibling in a couple of months."

"She'll probably love yet boss him or her around eventually."

"They do that don't they?"

"I would guess, but Dick is the only of the two of us to kind of have that experience."

"Yep being an older 'brother' to Tim would be a sign of this."

"So what's the little guy's name?"

"We named him Warren… for Wallace… for Wally and for Rex."

"Who is Rex?"

"He was an old buddy of mine in the Marines, he passed away long ago just before I became a Lantern. A great guy, I never thought I would ever be that close in terms of a friend until we all got teamed up together when J'onn arrived on Earth to help us with the Invaders."

"I heard about Wally from Dick, I heard a lot about the Titans too, but for me as a kid it was always hearing about Batman and later seeing Robin that first night I went out as Batgirl though I was pretending to be Batman to rally the crowd to show them that Dad wasn't crooked."

"Yeah, Gil Mason was working with Two-Face to corner the crime and the cops by eliminating all the competition, but Babs, I can tell you she surprised the heck out of me even though we didn't know it was each other for a long time."

"When we did learn it was when Dick quit being Robin and I ended up taking his spot more or less in the duo until Tim came along, that mess involved Two-Face as well."

"Anyway enough shop talk, let's see what those delightful children are up to shall we?"

Cassandra and Warren are in the sandbox together just as Oliver and Dinah happen along smiling at them. Dinah kneels down taking note of how like his mother Warren looks and he is even got his mother's signature grip when he pulls at Oliver's fingers when Queen tries to shake the little guy's hand. Clark and Lois are also here and people are likewise kind in awe of her now somewhere in the middle of the first third of her pregnancy. Oliver and Clark talk awhile as the latter relates the joys of farming to the somewhat more adventurous archer.

"It seems like a lot of us are becoming parents now or getting married."

"Lois is literally glowing if you understand that."

"The house was in a glee worthy mood when she got the call."

"I was fairly surprised myself even with some residual you know."

"Surprises are nice even when things are good like this."

"I know I upset them all in particular with a certain decision in the past."

"They know you are yet forgiving is the only way to really move on otherwise it's the bad memories that will hold us back."

"So how are you in the way of making a family with Dinah if that's what you two want?"

"She found out she was pregnant during our stay in Galway. Twins if you can believe that."


"It is all we know for now, and sometimes it is better to keep some level of mystery."

"Part of the charm, part of the love with them," continues Clark.

"Fortunately nobody has tried calling me Cupid yet."

"I wouldn't count it Ollie," says Dinah.

"A lot of expecting mothers around here today."

"Well we owe that delightful wonder to the men that love us right Smallville," comments Lois.

"Hello Dinah."

"You are starting to show a little Lane."

"I hear you are expecting too."

"You seen Shayera's boy yet?"

"No is that him over there with Cassandra?"

"Yep that's him."

Lois and Dinah go over to Barbara and Shayera. However attention turns to people noticing Donna and Roy enter together, which is somewhat unexpected to some given how everyone went their separate ways before their own little odyssey unless they were with someone beforehand. Dick had almost seen that one coming given how interested she was in what Roy was up to before the massive team up, but whatever was going on with them, he was sure Donna could handle herself fine. Diana came in next and some of the women did tend to gravitate to her eventually as nobody had seen her in a long time either plus the rock on her finger got their attention. Bruce is much more discrete in slipping into the area, but a certain grin on his face made clear something unexpected was happening for him and for Diana.

Linda Park was also on the scene covering how the heroes of Near 09 were celebrating the mantle of the Flash as Central City had come to welcome the newest Flash, the mysterious female that had come one day to say she was taking over for the previous one. The city had not exactly welcomed her from the start yet they had come to see that she was intent on living up to the spirit of her predecessor. Things had been calmer in the months following the Near 09, but that by no means the troubles over at all, just passing into smoother waters for now. Separately Bruce and Diana admit to the men and the women about their intentions to marry. Naturally the women all want a look at the rock and most of the guys have this look of disbelief that the Bat, that Bruce is committing to a woman after years as a so-called eligible bachelor.

"There comes a time when it doesn't hurt so badly anymore and you want to be happy."


"We were getting closer ever since I came back and then quite a bit of time after the big fight with Ra's; he nears me at the promontory with a blue-black box in his hand."

The men have little to say due to disbelief and as for the women they can hardly believe it except those that knew him better than most. They were happy for her and a lot for him.

"Not a wedding to miss to say the least…" is a thought in mind with most of the women.


Elsewhere Talia keeps her days busy looking after Darius while under the watchful eyes of Vandal who had for his part done a great deal to stabilize some portions of Kasnia following the turbulent civil war that swept the country for many months. The fighting came to abrupt end when the Near 09 nearly wiped their country off the map. She took up a different name, but kept the boy's name. However those who know her though protect her secret still refer to her by her given name, but to anyone else she is Anastasia.

A/N 1: Story kicks off with the birth of Warren Stewart, son of Shayera and John. Named partially derived from Wallace 'Wally' West and Rex Mason. Shayera wanted to name the boy after Wally and John wanted to name him after Rex. A partial nod on John's part to Rex Stewart aka Warhawk from Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped. Shayera's motive here is her friendship with Wally and of course in this case this version of John hasn't been to the future.

A/N 2: Several female characters, heroines or otherwise are pregnant, not plot convenient or typical, just thought well maybe some of them want kids after the all the trouble they went through to save the world and just maybe they had wanted kids even without the Near 09 stuff.

A/N 3: Much of what Dick or Barbara talk about refer to events that happen during BtAS or TNBA episodes. As for where is Talia or Darius, well they are around just being discrete is all because once it became known was responsible for Near 09, being connected or related to Ra's is difficult. However Vandal is keeping an eye on them simply because the Society has survived bad things before.