Yeah sorry, I know this is like the second authors note I've put up in a few days, but I figured that since this is a humour story, I may as well amuse you with something....

Ok, if you go into the reviews for this story, you'll see that there are like four anonymous reviews, all in the space of about ten minutes. All pretending to be a different person and all saying like the EXACT same nasty things.

Ahem. Example:

Penname: twilightv

your story was good and looked promising but then you dragged it on for a bit but i stuck with it hoping for it to get better and then of all things you wrote yourself into the story and it became an obsessive fangirl sad craze thing. Then two minutes later.... Penname: Seriously? this story was good but really halfway through nothing happens and are you sure this is a twilight fanfic or a declaration of your ott fangirl-ness About two more pathetic reviews followed. I literally just sat there and LAUGHED. No! I'm not crazy, I just think that its hilarious that that person thinks they're kidding anyone. Besides, sometimes when people are being complete bitches, you just need to not take them seriously, you know? Anyway, my theory is that it's the same person who copied this story on a different site and now that she knows I'm onto her she's panicking. What do you guys reckon? Sorry for the long authors note, *yells into distance* SORRY FANFICTION ADMINISTRATION. Ps: Sorry to you other guys who may have thought I went OTT fangirl, I'll try not to anymore when I eventually get the sequel up.