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Setting: Alternate Universe

Sheriff and the Thief

Chapter One

"Hoahm!" Sheriff Max Tate yawned. He was very sleepy nowadays. There were so many cases which must be handled, especially rubbing case at night that done by a mysterious thief whose initial is Miss M.

And so on, Sheriff Max always feels sleepy in the morning. Hence he decided to sleep. He placed his face downward on the table, and made his hands as pillow.

But when he just began to sleep, a voice woke him up.

"Good morning, Sheriff! Wanna eat some doughnuts?"

Sheriff Max groaned. His sleep was disturbed.


"Shut up, Kenny!!! Don't you know that I WANT TO SLEEP!?" Sheriff Max shouted angrily to his assistant. Kenny gulped.

"I'm sorry, Sheriff," Kenny said guiltily. He put the box of doughnuts on the table. "You can take some if you want to, Sheriff. These doughnuts are very delicious! I bought it in Hilary's. There is new flavor…"

Sheriff Max moaned heatedly. He was cursed to have a fussy and talkative assistant like Kenny.

"Kenny… would you like to stop talking please?" Sheriff Max begged frustratingly. "I want to sleep. You are supposed to know, I'm really tired these days because of damn Miss M."

"I'm really sorry, Sheriff. Now I will be silent as I have no voice. You can sleep peacefully, Sheriff—I promise I won't disturb you."

"Good," Sheriff Max mumbled. And then he fell asleep immediately.


Kenny was eating his fifth doughnuts when the telephone rang. He jumped up in surprise, and then picked the telephone up hastily.

"Hello, this is Sheriff Max's office. Kenny's here. Can I help you?"

"Hi Kenny, may I talk to Max?" asked a girl's voice there.

"I'm sorry, Sheriff Max is sleeping now. He is very sleepy these days because of Miss M," Kenny made his voice lower. "Who's talking?"

"It's me. Emily."

Kenny couldn't say any word for a while. Emily, Max's fiancée, was a girl whom he had a crush on for a long time.

"It's you, Emily," Kenny tried to speak with his usual voice. "What's happened? Do you want to leave a message to Max?"

"Err… actually I don't. I call because my father wants to talk with Max. But if he is sleeping now, I don't want to disturb him. I'll tell my father in order that he can call Max later."

"Okay," Kenny nodded, although Emily couldn't see him. "Your father can call here an hour later."

"All right. Thanks. Bye, Kenny."

"Bye, Emily," Kenny rang off the telephone. And then he took a deep breath.

"Supposing I tell her my feeling since years ago…" he regretted himself. Now he couldn't do anything. Emily, the daughter of Major Dickenson—major of the town, had been Sheriff Max's fiancée. And they would get married, next week.


Sheriff Max opened his eyes. He yawned and limbered up. After that he turned his head to Kenny, who was drinking a glass of milk.

"Is there anything happened when I was sleeping?" Sheriff Max asked. He combed his blonde hair by his fingers.

"Emily called. She said that Major Dickenson wanted to talk with you."

"Oh?" Sheriff Max opened the box of doughnuts, and took a chocolate doughnut. "Why did Major Dickenson want to talk with me?"

Kenny shrugged his shoulders.

"Emily said nothing about it. I told her that her father could call again an hour later."

"Has he called again?" Max asked while eating his doughnut greedily.

"Not yet," Kenny drank his milk up. "Do you want some milk or coffee, Sheriff?"

"Later. I will call Major Dickenson first."

He walked to the telephone, and then made a call.

"Hello? This is Sheriff Max. It's you Emily? Kenny said your father wanted to talk with me. Yeah, I'm much better now after sleeping. Yes Honey, thanks. I'm okay. Damn Miss M. Well, where's your father?"

Max waited for a second.

"Major Dickenson. I'm sorry I couldn't receive your phone before. I'm really really sleepy nowadays, because, you know, we almost always work hard every night. So, what's happened?"

Major Dickenson smiled slightly.

"Sheriff Max, I will not blame you because of that. I know your hard work. And I'm afraid, this night you still may not sleep well."

Sheriff Max sighed.

"Miss M will show off again, right?" he asked tiredly.

"It seems so. Hilary, the owner of Hilary's Doughnuts, received a letter this morning. This letter told her that Miss M will come to her doughnut stall tonight."

"What kind of thing that she will steal from a doughnut stall?" Sheriff Max asked astonishingly. "Doughnut?"

"Well, Miss M always steals food, doesn't she? Thus you should not as astonished as that. Remember, she stole hamburger, steak, vegetables, and anything which is related to food before."

"How weird she is," Sheriff Max mumbled. "But we have to work hard only for a hungry thief!"

"We have to. So, Sheriff Max, I hope you can arrest her tonight. If you can, then your wedding with my daughter next week will be safe."

"What do you mean, Major Dickenson?" Sheriff Max frowned.

"In her letter, Miss M said that her next target is your wedding cake…"

Sheriff Max sighed again.

"I promise I will arrest her tonight," finally he said.


The night.

Sheriff Max, Kenny, and polices gathered in Hilary's Doughnuts. Sheriff Max placed some polices on the roof and the others around Hilary's Doughnuts. Meanwhile, he himself and Kenny stayed in Hilary's kitchen, to keep vigil toward Hilary's doughnut storage room.

"Err… Sheriff," Kenny called Sheriff Max nervously when they had been half hour there.


"May I go to toilet?"

Sheriff Max rolled his eyes.

"Come back soon!" he yelled. Kenny grinned, and then he ran to toilet.

Now Sheriff Max was alone there. He kept alert while thinking about his future wedding with Emily. Then he smiled excitedly. He had been waiting for his wedding day in his entire life, so he wouldn't let someone disturbs it. That's why he must arrest Miss M tonight. And he was so sure he will do it.

"Sheriff Max?"

Sheriff Max turned his head.

"Yes, Kenny? Have you finished with your business in toilet?"

But how surprised he was when he saw there was no Kenny.

"Miss Hilary?" Sheriff Max's eyes widened. "Why are you here? Major Dickenson has you be away from here tonight, doesn't he?"

"He does," Hilary smiled. "But I forget, I left something here. So I come to take it."

The blonde sheriff frowned.

"Don't you permit me to take it, Sheriff?"

"Of course I permit you. This shop is yours," he smiled and stood aside, allowing Hilary to take her things—whatever it is.

"Do you mind to tell me what the thing you left is? Maybe I can help you find it, Miss Hilary," Sheriff Max offered.

"Thank you Sheriff, but I think I have found it," she pointed a box of doughnuts. "I will bring it. My husband Tyson always eats doughnuts and drinks coffee before sleeping."

Hilary took the box and she was ready to go. But Sheriff Max blocked her way.


"You are not Miss Hilary," said Max coldly. "Hilary's husband, Tyson, is in Japan now. I know it well because he is my best friend!"

Hilary smiled strangely.

"If I am not Hilary, so who am I?"

"Can I call you… Miss M?"

Hilary—or Miss M—laughed unemotionally. She put off her disguise, and soon being a cloaked person under a black cloak.

"Don't run! I will arrest you tonight!"

"You don't want your wedding will be disturbed, huh? Catch me if you can!" Miss M threw a smoke bomb. Sheriff Max coughed, but he had anticipated this. He closed his mouth with one of his hands, and then chased Miss M.

When he was running, he collided with Kenny.


"Chase her!!! Kenny, help me chase her!!!"

"Chase her? Who?" Kenny asked confusedly.

"Miss M!!!"

The two ran out. When they arrived outside Hilary's Doughnuts, they didn't find any sign of Miss M.

"Where is she?" Sheriff Max asked the police who kept watching outside, around the stall.

"She? Who?" the police confused.

"Miss M! She passed here, didn't she?"

"Nobody passed here, Sheriff."

"Are you sure!? What about Miss Hilary!?"

The police more confused.

"Miss Hilary came here several minutes ago, and we let her go inside because she said she had to take something. But she has not gone out yet, Sheriff," a police reported. "Aren't she with you, Sheriff?"

Sheriff Max didn't answer. He knelt down, and then punched the ground furiously.

"Sh*t!" he growled. "I will chase you wherever you are, Miss M!!! I will not let you disturb my wedding!!! Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!!!"


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