A Different Boy-Who-Lived

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Summary: Now, for all who are thinking this is not another typical 'different boy-who-lived' story. The Marauders are in their seventh year, James is going out with Lily and Remus is going out with Regulus. Sirius manages to transfer the marauders, Lily and Reg into the future, 1981 to be exact. For some reason their can not be seen from the future people. Read as their watch their lives.


If someone chose to walk down the street at the moment, their would see a collapsed house and hear a baby crying. If their stood outside the collapsed house they would have saw a giant of a man emerge from it with a baby boy with a lighting scar in the middle of his head. But alas no-one walked down the street with collapsed house, so no-one saw a man, handsome all females would say, argue with the giant man and crying. Even with the two men there. Both didn't see four teenagers staring at the remains of the house and two teenagers crying on each other. None of these teenagers knew what was happening but knew one thing. This day in the future will cause everything to be broken and hurt. The date was no other then the 31st of October


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