A/N: So this chapter has been edited as i really didn't like it. Still not the best but in my opinion it gets better in later chapters. Enjoy.

It was 10:45 on September 1st 1977. On Platform 9 ¾ the returning students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were greeting each other after the summer holidays as the younger students clung to their parents or bid them farewell. For all the buzz and noise it was relatively quiet on the platform. Only the older students knew why – the absence of James Potter and Lily Evans. As the younger students gazed around the platform in awe, the elder ones frowned. Lily Evans was never this late and for all his flaws neither was James Potter.

"Maybe they killed each other over the holidays." Sarah Harvey a 7th year Gryffindor whispered to her best friend Rachel King, also a 7th year Gryffindor.

"Don't be silly," Rachel laughed "but you're welcome to ask her later."

The entrance of three students however shattered the peacefulness of the platform. The two dark haired best friends strode through the barrier for platform 9 ¾ . Sirius Black was the school bad boy with the highest detention level in the history of Hogwarts. With his long black hair and striking grey/blue eyes he was also the hottest boy at Hogwarts and knew it. The other Boy was James Potter. He had messy black hair, perceptive and mischievous hazel eyes sparkled behind round glasses and his body was toned and fit due to years of Quidditch training. The two boys and their best friends the sandy haired and sensitive Remus Lupin and the dumpy, nervous Peter Pettigrew made up the Marauders Hogwarts group of mischief-makers.

"JAMES POTTER PUT ME DOWN!" No one had noticed Lily Evans, hanging over James's shoulder. Lily was the smartest, and some would say - because of her long, wavy red hair and bright green eyes – most stunning girl and Hogwarts. She hated James Potter with a passion and Potter had the biggest crush on her. So it was no surprise that she was screaming at Potter to put her down or that he just shook his head laughing. What did surprise every single returning student at the station that Lily started laughing as well. "Come on James Please put me down, I can walk you know" Lily begged

"No can do Lil, Sorry"

"Sirius," The pretty redhead turned her head towards him, "Please?"

"Sorry can't help you Love," he said between chuckles.

The whole platform held their breath. Lily hated it when anyone called her Love especially Black and Potter. They again gasped in shock when Lily just stuck her tongue out at him.

"Jamey," She whined, "Please let me down,"

"Not happening sweet," he told her.

"James Potter put me down or I'll turn you into a goldfish."

"Ok fine, fine," he chuckled before flipping her over his shoulder so she stood in front of him.

"Thank you," She muttered before doing something that shocked everyone on the platform even more than they thought possible, she lent over and gave James a hug. The station was quiet except for Black's incessant chuckling.

"Padfoot stop giggling you sound like a teenage girl." James told his friend

"I am not giggling," Sirius Huffed "and I am certainly not a girl,"

"Wanna bet," Lily muttered under her breath.

"What was that Love?" Sirius asked, "Did you want me to show you,"

"Ewww NO WAY," she shrieked before hiding behind James "James make him stop," she giggled

"Padfoot stop offering to show your assets I'm sure no one on the platform wants to see that."

"You do don't you Love?" Sirius winked at Lily

"Let's just go find Moony," James said wearily. Before the three 7th years walked onto the train, leaving a speechless platform behind them.

"What just happened?" Rachel asked Sarah.

"I have no idea."


Remus Lupin looked up mildly from his seat next to the window as James, Lily and Sirius came barrelling into the compartment he was sitting in on the Hogwarts Express. Remus was not surprised in the slightest to see Lily with the boys as he had stayed at the Potter's over the summer right up to the full moon the weekend before.

"Did you hear the silence on the platform?" Lily gasped doubled over at the door

"Yes," James chortled, "That was brilliant."

Remus calmly placed a bookmark in his book before looking up at the three "We haven't even left the station and you three are causing mischief." The three in question just stood there grinning at him. "I expected better from the two heads," he chided trying and failing to keep the grin off his face. James just smirked while Sirius howled with laughter and Lily looked slightly ashamed.

"So..." Remus said "Are you gonna tell me what happened or not?"

At the thought of the incident on the platform the trio standing started laughing again. When they were finally under control and sitting in the compartment - Sirius next to Remus, James opposite him and Lily with her back against the wall with her legs out in front of her – they all began talking at once.

"Okay, okay," Remus laughed "One at a time"

"Well," Lily began "Just before we walked through the barrier this oaf here," she paused to kick at James before continuing "Decided that my legs had failed me, so he picked me up, swung me over his shoulder like a bag of grain and walked through the barrier just like that."

"And she wailed like a banshee," Sirius chimed in before flinching away from Lily's death glance "Sorry Miss"

James chuckled before picking up were Lily left off, "So anyway as we walked through the banner with Lily screaming - what sweet it's true," he told the aforementioned girl "Everyone on the platform stopped talking and looked at us in shock."

"Wait let me guess." Remus cut in "Because of this you felt the need to ham it up in front of the whole school,"

"Guilty as charged," Sirius grinned "Though, they weren't looking at those two getting along," he jerked his thumb in Lily and James direction "It was probably my dashing good looks." At that the whole carriage burst out laughing. "Good one," Remus choked out. Sirius just looked offended.

After the four in the compartment calmed down, Sirius continued "Well we won't bore you with details, but the funniest things were when we called Lily flower here her pet names,"

Lily then cut him off " and when I hugged James don't forget that." Remus chuckled as he imagined that picture, they sure would have shocked some people.

"But the best part," James said "would have to be when Sirius offered to show Lily his family jewels, and she didn't hex him." The compartment was riddled with laughter for a few minutes before Lily sat up straight and swore, "James we're supposed to be in the heads carriage for the Prefect meeting!" she said panicked

"Oh all right don't get your knickers in a knot." James's eyes twinkled

"Come ON!" She whined trying to pull him along. James just smirked at he before picking her up like she was a rag doll, "Later guys," he said to Remus and Sirius before carrying Lily toward the head compartment bridal style.

As soon as the two heads were out of earshot Sirius turned to Remus, "Does it seem like they act like just friends to you?" Remus thought for a moment.

"I'm not gonna answer that coz I don't want to jinx it." he winked.


An hour later James and Lily weren't back yet. Remus was reading his book and Sirius was bored. "Whatcha Reading?" he asked Remus, bouncing up and down on his seat.

"The same thing I was 30 seconds ago Padfoot," Remus said, quickly losing patients with Sirius.

"Oh... I'm bored,"

"SIRIUS BLACK!!" The entrance of the two heads cut of the rest of his rant.

"FINALLY!" the two in the compartment cheered as they entered.

"Did we miss something?" Lily asked bemused.

"I was soooooo bored with out you Love, you to Prongsie." Sirius yelled at the same time Remus groaned "He has been bouncing on that chair and wouldn't shut up since twenty minutes after you left." Lily looked at the boys strangely while James chuckled.

"Now" he said as he and Lily settled back into their previous positions "That prefect meeting was hell." The other three people in the carriage chuckled. "It wasn't that bad." Lily said.

"Yes it was," James retorted "I don't know how you dated Diggory for half of last year, I mean how could you stand him? And how is it possible to have a stick that far up his arse? "

"Don't remind me," Lily groaned as Sirius and Remus laughed.

"Hey, has anyone seen Peter?" Remus asked when the Hogwarts express was about an hour away from the castle. The carriage was silent as the group contemplated this. "No," James said eventually "I don't think I have." The four thought for a moment before Lily snapped her fingers "I've got it," she said, "Remember he said he'd be late back this term?"

The boys looked blankly at her before shaking their heads "Nup."

"You boys are hopeless," She sighed "He told you when he was over at the mansion a few weeks ago."

"Did he say why?" James asked

"No," Lily thought, "Now that you mention it he didn't."

"It's probably a private reason," Remus said, "There is no mystery involved, so stop thinking like that," he said giving Sirius a pointed look