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Bella's POV

(Bella's 17 years old.)

"Mom! I'm gonna hang out with Serena, is that okay?" I asked my mother, Renee who was talking with my step-dad, Phil. Well, my dad's Charlie. He died due to a heart attack last year. I still couldn't forget that horrible day, but obviously, I had to get on with my life. I used to visit Charlie once a month in Forks. It was beautiful there, the lush greenery was all so awe-stricking and I loved the rain. I was currently living in Arizona with my mom and Phil. It sucked, seriously. People always teased me about my pale skin because the other girls were all so tan with flawless skin. Me? I had pale, ivory skin which made me "stand out" from the crowd (and I don't like it). To make matters worse, I had chocolate-brown straight hair which touched my chest (it sometimes turned a little bronze under the sunlight) and brown eyes, unlike most of the sophisticated girls in my school who have sapphire eyes and blond hair.

She nodded, and I instantly changed from my shirt and shorts to my aqua shirt with a pair of Seven jeans (my only pair since I wasn't rich, you could say average.) and I slipped on my pair of Kors golden sandals and dashed out of the house to meet her at Macdonalds.

"Hey Bella!" Serena called from behind me, freaking me out. I spun around with a look of shock crossing my face. She grinned. She was really stunning, her pale blond hair tied back in a messy ponytail with a white plain rubber band. She wore a black V-necked top with her pleated Marc Jacobs skirt above her knees and she was wearing a pair of blue Miu Miu clogs. To top off her exquisite beauty, she had strong limbs, tanned skin, sapphire eyes, long eyelashes and her skin was really flawless. I shot her a smile back.

"What're we gonna do?" I asked.

"Um... Why don't we have lunch first?" I smiled. It was like she could read my mind. We went to order our food, and chatted while we ate. We were laughing so loudly that a man told us to shut up. She shot him a cocky grin, and I couldn't help but to giggle. After that, we went to shop. And then, as we were looking through the pairs of Converse, my phone suddenly rang. "Oops, sorry," I muttered but she smiled. This was what I liked about her as my best friend - always so patient.

I flipped my phone open. "Hello?" I called into the phone impatiently.

"Is this Isabella Swan?" What sounded like an old lady said from the other line. I immediately paid more attention. No one ever called me by my full name unless it was a formal matter.

"Yes, I am. May I know what is the matter?" I replied in a lame attempt to be formal. Haha.

"Can you please come down to the hospital now? There is an... emergency... Well, it has something to do with your mom and step-dad," she replied in a softer voice.

"I'm coming," I almost growled. What the hell happened? I told Serena about it and we ran to the hospital. I hurried up to the receptionist. "I'm Isabella Swan. My mom's Renee and my step-dad's Phil. What happened?" I shot out like a bullet. Oops.

The receptionist stood up. She answered my question slowly, as if hoping I wouldn't scream and go mad. Serena eyed her suspiciously. "Your mom and step-dad were involved in a car accident... We are very sorry, as much as our surgeons tried to help them, they had lost too much blood and have left this world." She waited for my reaction.

I froze in place. No, no... This couldn't be happening! The tears fell like rain. I couldn't stop. My legs started to wobble, and I fell to the ground. Serena helped me up and tried to soothe me. It didn't work. My heart was not only broken, it was like shattered glass. Serena's mom came and helped me to settle some stuff. They both tried to soothe me and it still didn't work. I couldn't tell you how patient the van der Woodsens were, they stayed by my side, after which Mrs van der Woodsen drove me home. They decided to give me some space and left me alone. (A/N: I used Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. Haha. I thought of using Blair Waldorf too. Haha!)

And I really cried. I knew I looked horrible, but I couldn't stop. And then, the house phone rang. Eat shit and die, you asshole. Leave me alone! I screamed in my head. "Hello? Swan residence," I answered, trying to sound less shaky.

"Isabella," the woman on the other line said. "We have spoke with a family, they have decided to adopt you. They are living in Forks. Do you know how to take a plane there? Or do you need me to settle the things for you? They are the Cullens and they will meet you at the Forks airport." (A/N: Sorry I don't really know what they'll do... I'm not an American either, so... I'm sorry!!!)

"... Thanks, but no thanks. I'll go there. On my own," my voice trembled. I hung up and immediately texted Serena.

Omg... I am gonna leave Arizona. A family in Forks is adopting me. Shit. What am I gonna do about u! Btw pls don't call my voice is very shaky now. No mood to talk. Reply me asap, pls.

The reply was instaneous.

What? U r gonna leave? But... Will u forget me? Pls PROMISE me you won't... Can u call me when u r in Forks everyday? I will miss u so much... Btw, as 4 ur mom & step-dad, cheer up cos I am sure they do not want 2 see u like this. Life has 2 go on, rmb ppl still care 4 u... I will not forget u u r the freaking best friend one could ever have. Do u need me to tell tcher? Don't worry I won't tell any1 in school.

My fingers flew across the text pad.

I'm sorry but I have to leave... They alr decided... And I think I'll go there... I PROMISE u I will nvr forget u. I will call u everyday even if my phone bills cost a bomb cos u r my best friend 4ever. I will miss u so much too... Glad we could hang out 2day. I shall try to cheer up... It's so hard 2 forget. Btw I may not call u 4 a few days cos I need to be alone... Sorry. Help me tell tcher, and thx 4 not telling any1 in school.

Kay, I understand... U r welcome... I hope you will be happy in Forks. If there is anth u want to talk about, sms me and I can call or you can call me. Even if it's midnight I don't give a damn I just want u 2 b happy. Cheer up and I hope u will get on with ur life... My mom asks if u need a lift to the airport. She says she can go and buy the air tickets 4 u. I'm going too so we can meet...

Thank u so much... xxx Don't forget me and I promise u I won't forget u my best friend 4ever... Ur mom doesn't mind? I don't think I have the strength to do those stuffs now...

No prob... xxx I PROMISE U I WON'T FORGET U, U WILL B MY BEST FRIEND 4EVER! xxx My mom says nvm, she's going online to get them now. Flight 303 tmr, 9am. Straight 2 Seattle then take another flight to Forks. R they meeting u at the airport??

Kay... I think they r... Thanks so much, Serena. Luv u xxx...

U r welcome... xxx Gonna sleep now?

I'll try... u shld go and sleep now. It's alr so late...

Kay... G'night and cheer up! Luv u bestie. C u tmr... will miss u like hell xxx

Luv u too bestie. C u tmr and I will miss u like hell too. Tell ur mom thanks alot. G'night to you too 3

I stopped texting Serena and knelt down and I cried. I buried my head in my hands. Could life get any worse? It was hell. After a few hours of howling my eyes (I had no idea how crappy I looked now and I didn't dare to take a glance at the mirror), I decided to pack my luggages. I took my country guitar, contact lenses, iMac, iPod, my handphone, Taylor Swift's Fearless album, Demi Lovato's Don't Forget album and the photo albums with pictures of Charlie, Renee, Phil and Serena with me. Except for my guitar, I stuffed those items into a white sling bag. As for my clothes, I literally took my whole closet along. I stuffed all the hats, tops, accessories and make-up in one suitcase, the bottoms, belts and the bags in another and my shoes and socks in another. Then I stuffed my other miscellaneous stuffs and decorative items in yet another suitcase. I glanced at the clock. 7am. I didn't sleep at all.

I drew open the curtains and stared out at the desert, the glowing prominence of the Sun. I felt the heat and inhaled the air. The tears fell again as I stared outside. A slight breeze blew, making my fringe fall in front of my eyes.