Leon placed the star on top of the tree with a little more zest than was absolutely necessary, stepping back to admire his final touch, to which he nodded in satisfaction. "Looks good!" he remarked. He felt a pair of soft, gentle hands loop around him. "It does indeed." Claire whispered, sucking on his earlobe. The pair of them stood there admiring the glowing tree; it was a real one, wreathed in fairylights and strung with shimmering decorations which made it appear all the more magical. "Overall, I think we've all done a pretty damned good job with this one" he said, breaking the silence. "Emphasis on we" Claire replied dryly "Where the hell is that lazy- ass brother of mine anyway?" "He claims to be with Jill getting decorations and the turkey" Leon remarked, as the pair sat down onto the soft sofa where, only five days before, Leon had made his move. A move he had not regretted for one minute.

"I reckon." Claire said, sitting in Leon's lap ".he's got the turkey and decorations all right. Currently, I think he's sticking the bone in, while Jill strips herself of all decoration" Leon laughed, clutching Claire's hips. "Those two are sex mad." he observed, smirking. Claire turned to pout at him, sexily. "Well, I'd like to imagine we are too." she whispered, dragging a finger up his body in a seductive motion. "We are indeed" Leon whispered with a monkey grin, kissing her chin "But not when we've been asked to do Christmas shopping."

"Point taken" Claire said, with a giggle. As they finished this small conversation, Jill walked in with roughed up hair, adjusting her skirt. "Jill? Where've you been?" Claire asked with mock outrage. "Um.shopping?" Jill said, hopefully. Leon caught on and joined in Claire's joking attack. "Been banging around town?" he said, a comment which forced Claire to bite her lip to prevent the loud laugh escaping. Jill glared at him. "You think you're soooo funny, don't you Leon?" "Dunno, I'll ask" He turned to Claire. "Claire, do I think I'm funny?" Claire considered this. "Well, sometimes" "There" Leon turned to Jill in satisfaction, an amused smirk slipping across his face "Sometimes, like Claire says" Jill's glared turned into a dryly-amused smile, shaking her head. She walked off, rubbing her backside. Claire's eyes widened. "He didn't take you.?" "No" Jill quickly interjected, eager to keep Chris's reputation clean "I just um.banged my ass a lot against the gear stick" Claire snorted in an attempt not to laugh. Leon also smirked. "You're laughing?" Jill said, folding her arms as she began her own offensive against them with breathtaking efficiency "Coming from a girl who came home with grazed palms, only for us to discover it was because you and Leon got frisky against a wall-" "ENOUGH!" Claire cried, ceasing the sex talk there and then. "Anyway" Leon said, patting Claire's thigh "You guys got the last of the presents?"

"Yeah, Chris is wrapping them now; he's got a surprising talent for it" Jill remarked, as she put a few chocolates on the branches of the tree. "Sort of thing you don't expect guys like Chris to be able to do, I guess" Leon said, with a shrug. "Ah, Chris loves Christmas; his enthusiasm meant he had to learn how to wrap quickly - that way, we got on with things" Claire explained "He gets drunk with the spirit of things"

"And alcohol too, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one" Leon said, smiling "You know.I think this party is going to be a lot of fun" At this juncture, Chris walked in. Leon turned to him, nodding silently. Claire narrowed her eyes as Chris exchanged with a slightly more desperate nod. They appeared to be up to something; and why did Claire always get a slight sinking feeling when this happened? "What are you two up to?" she asked, suspiciously. "Nothing!" Leon and Chris chorused, as Jill began to critically inspect the men. "What is it with men and the truth?" she said, wryly "Come on gentlemen, be honest to your womenfolk" "It's.a surprise." Leon said, finally. "A surprise? Will we like it?" Claire asked sweetly, snuggling up to Leon. "It'll be spectacular" Chris replied, with a smirk. Then, there was a ringing of the doorbell. Claire looked up. "Hm, someone come to see us?" Leon shifted Clair to one side, and jumped up athletically to sprint to the door. He had a feeling that he knew who it was. He grabbed the door- handle and twisted it.his face splintered into a smile as Steve Burnside with his hand being clutched tight by a beautiful brunette stood on the porch, the cold air filled with drifting snowflakes. Steve smiled, if somewhat embarrassedly. "Hey Steve!" Leon said, gesturing at him "Come on in! And who's the lovely lady?" The girl smiled. "Anne, pleased to meet you.Leon, right?" Leon bowed. "That's me. Come in, the pair of ya - And Anna, you've got to meet the mob that Steve associates with." "Everyone here then?" Steve asked, stamping snow off of his boots as he was allowed into the warmth of the main hall, Anna still hanging on. She was clearly a little nervous, although Leon and Claire had agreed to make this girlfriend of Steve's welcome if it was the last thing they did. "Just about; Carlos and Rebecca yet to turn up of course, but then again, no surprises there." Leon trailed off, then turned to Anna ".Hey Anna, want to go and talk to Claire and Jill? I need to talk with Steve" Anna smiled, and she and Steve exchanged a kiss. "Go on hon" Steve said, "I won't be long" "Okay, see ya in a sec!" she said, walking into the living room. Within seconds, there was banter and laughter being exchanged, settling Steve's slight uneasiness. "What did you want to talk about?" he asked, turning to Leon with slight concern. Leon grinned, and shook his head. "It's not serious, Steve. Relax. It's more a Christmas surprise we want you to get involved with later. Tell me.can you sing?"

It was icy cold outside, the snow settling onto the frozen ground thickly, but with the gentleness of a lovers caress. Claire was staring out of the front window, looking across the street lit with glowing decorations that looped from lamppost to lamppost. It was Christmas Eve. Claire wondered if she'd had a better Christmas. She had spent one Christmas under fire from Umbrella's private army in Paris, and in comparison to this one, it didn't really match up. The room was cosy, like a scene out of a Frank Capra movie but in colour; carols played gently on the CD system, mistletoe swung gently from the ceiling, and the Christmas tree glowed with radiance and good cheer. Anna, Jill and Rebecca were sat on the couch, all talking merrily away - but Claire wasn't really in the mood for talking. She was waiting for that mysterious 'surprise' that Leon said he and the guys would be unleashing in exactly. She checked her watch. Sixty Seconds. Well, time to get a good view of the front yard she thought, turning to the others "Come on guys, our gents will be showing us their 'surprise' soon!" "What could they possibly be planning?" Jill mused. "If I know anything about Leon, it'll be cheeky" Rebecca remarked. "They sure convinced Steve quickly" Anna added, "I just couldn't think what it is they have in-" Then, they heard it. A sound drifting in on the cold breeze; singing voices. Claire grinned, and sprinted upstairs, followed by the rest of the girls who wanted to see what it was. As Claire opened the window, she felt her breath leave her body. Jill, Rebecca and Anna all gawped as they saw, over a blanket of clean, white snow.a chorus of carols singers. Some were people they didn't recognise, but the lead vocals definitely were. It was 'O Holy Night', being sung with passion and vigour; Leon's baritone took the lead, while Carlos and Steve hit an easy tenor, and Chris held an impressive bass line. Fall on your knees.! And hear the angel voices.! O Niiight.Diviiine. Claire felt tears of joy gently dripping down her face. Leon had arranged this? With Chris? She didn't wait a second longer; Claire ran downstairs, burning with passion and purpose. The front door was sent practically flying off of its hinges, as Claire Redfield ran, clad in a t-shirt and slippers, crunching nimbly across the snow. Leon lowered his songbook, allowing the rest of the men to finish the song. As it reached a crescendo, Leon ran forwards, meeting Claire in the approximate middle. He took her into his arms, whirling her around and kissing her passionately. She kissed him lovingly, and looked into his clear blue eyes. "So, you got what you wanted for Christmas?" she whispered. "Oh, you bet I did" he replied, with a roguish smirk. And so, on Christmas Eve, as the snow fell and the world seemed for just that one moment to be utterly perfect, Leon got what he wanted for Christmas. Claire Redfield.


Authors Note: About time, huh? :D Whew, had to finish one of my stories.I'll get around to doing Kiss of the Spider when I feel inspired, i.e. when I next watch Spiderman which won't be for a while - although my current plan is something which may interest you. It does involve Resident Evil characters. I'm only going to add one word: Animatrix. ^_~