Chapter 1 -A/N this going to be more background information, this chapter wont have much to do with Sam and Dean.. But the next ones will : ).


"I need a small mocha espresso" said a young women. "Okay, that will be $2.15." She took her order and walked away.

She glanced at the clock, only 30 minutes left until closing. She continued to stare at the clock.. Daydreaming about being alone there , in this old library.

After she closed the coffee shop down, that's when the real work began.

"Daphne!" She jumped at the sound her name.

"Yes?" She stuttered. It was the manager Greg "Sorry.. I er didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to make sure your going to be okay locking up by yourself tonight? If not I could have Tanya stay and help.?"

Daphne flashed him her infectious smile. "No, Greg, thanks that's sweet and all but I've been working here for 2 weeks, I think I can handle it." He smiled, but still seemed a little uneasy, he then punched the time clock and waved goodbye. She waved back and smiled,

She had been waiting 2 weeks, for the Saturday lock-up rotation list to hit her name. No one really liked to lock up on Saturday nights, because the library is closed on Sundays and it takes so long to get everything in order, but that's what she was counting on. It not being suspicious that her car would be so long after closing time.

She quickly cleaned the area, and put her apron away, pulled the gate down and locked it up, She threw the keys into my purse and headed outside, opened the trunk of her 1971 custom made Charger. Flipped the hidden switch and the secret compartment flipped open, she ran her fingers over the weapons, and ammunition. She grabbed a bag out of the car and filled it with what she was going to need… adrenaline pumping through her entire body. This was it, this is what she loves for. The thrill of the hunt.

She looked down the long lonely side road, She squinted her eyes thinking she saw headlights off in the distance.

She looked around the empty parking lot and headed back into the library with her flashlight and iron bar in hand.

She immediately headed down into the basement, that's where the vengeful spirit has been seen, in the area there have been several homes burnt to the ground with the family inside.

She had been tracking this case for a while now. The ghost is Eva Ayers, she was the first librarian this building ever had. She was 32 when she met her untimely death. She had finished her job one night, she was out later then normal because she was setting up a display of new books they had just received. She lived just down the road so she walked home, and was met by her very mad husband, who was also drunk. He yelled and screamed at her about how if she ever cheated on him he'd kill her. They screamed and yelled until finally he said he was going back to the bar.

He left, and she locked the door behind him, kissed her 4 children goodnight, and went upstairs to bed. She awoke later on in the night to the very intense smell of smoke. She ran downstairs to her children's room. But it was to late for them. She managed to find a window and climbed out. She staggered down the road to the library, and crawled in a basement window, followed by her husband who was now even more drunk and more angry. It was then that stabbed her to death. And now every 4 years on a Saturday night she posses a wife and mother to burn her house down and stab her husband. And tonight was 4 years from the last fire/stabbing incident.

She went to the nearly empty room that was once Eva's office. She looked around and found a box with some old pictures, some of them were of her.

About that time she thought she heard footsteps headed towards her, She quietly laid the iron bar down and grabbed her gun. She held her breath and strained to listen to hushed voices, she heard a male voice. "Are you sure this is the right room?"

A second male voice "yes.. It has to be." and with that that door opened. She shined my flashlight in the faces of 2 extremely attractive men. She had her gun pointed at them, she then realized there were 2 guns pointed back at her.

Startled She yelled "Who are you?. Put your guns down"

The shorter of the 2 replied in a very cocky tone. "We're library security, I'm going to have to ask you to lower your gun."

Daphne smiled smugly and remarked, "Really? that's funny considering we don't have security officers, I work here."

The two men exchanged an uncomfortable look.

She sighed, realizing they were at a stand still. "I'm reaching towards my right to turn the light on."

They nodded.

She reached to the side and flipped the light on. They all three winced at the sudden change in light.

"Dean Winchester?" She wondered aloud.

Dean glanced around and raised his eyebrow at her. "Daphne Tayler? I don't believe it." Dean said flashing her a brilliant smile, she could never forget his smile.

Sam cleared his throat.

"This is my brother Sam." Dean said. Looking Daphne up and down.

Sam smiled. Daphne nodded and said "Hi."

After a moment Sam said "So. Daphne What are you doing here"

She replied "Probably the same thing you both are, trying to get rid of a vengeful spirit."

"You're a hunter?" She nodded her looked at Dean, who was still looking at her, he stepped towards you and said. "Having any luck?"

"No, I mean her murder was 44 years ago" Daphne replied

"Right, but there could be some hair or anything we need to find it before she stabs some poor bastard to death"

"Yeah, Dean, I know.. But 6 eyes are better than 2.. We can cover more ground"

Sam stepped forward and said "Alright, ill take this side".

After about 20 minutes of searching Dean said "There's something in this air vent."

She stepped over to him, and saw what he was talking about ,down in the air vent on the floor, there was something that glimmered in the light." They removed the cover and pulled out a beautiful gold necklace.

Sam sighed "Well that doesn't help to much."

"Wait. I've seen this somewhere" she want went to the box of pictures and found on of her, and around her neck was that very same necklace. She ran back to Dean and looked at the necklace

"No way!" She exclaimed.

"What is it Daph?" He asked.

She said "That's Eva's necklace, look at the clasp" entangled in the clasp were Some strands of hair. strands of her hair.

Just then the lights went out and the room went ice cold.

Daphne scrambled across the room to grab her flashlight, she turned it on was staring straight into the face of Eva.

She gasped and reached for her iron bar, but it went flying across the room, and so did her gun.

Sam came up behind the ghost and she sent him flying across the room, and he hit his head on the corner of a filing cabinet and was out cold.

In all the commotion the necklace had fell back into the air vent. Daphne tried to dart for it, but Eva intercepted, she pinned Daphne up against the wall, and had her hands around her throat.

Daphne tried to fight back but she was paralyzed, She couldn't catch her breath, suddenly the whole room went back to her.

Daphne woke up on a couch on the 1st floor of the library. Startled she jumped up and saw Sam sitting in a chair holding an ice pack to the back of his head. He smiled kindly and said "Your awake?"

"So are you" She replied.

"I guess Dean burnt the hair huh?" Sam nodded. She nodded and smiled.

"We got to get out of here. We can all go back to my hotel room and we'll talk, and catch up." She said looking over at Dean.

"Alright, we'll follow you there." Dean said.

They all went outside and She saw Dean's car parked across the lot from her car.

She headed over to her car.

Dean raised his eyebrows, she followed his gaze to her car.

"My uncle left it to me." She said aloud.

Dean nodded.

She put everything back in her trunk and drove off with them trailing behind her.

In the Impala, Sam looked at Dean and said "So you and Daphne know each other?" Dean smiled and nodded "Yeah, You could say that".


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