Chapter 138.


["Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack. My blood is singing with your voice, I want to pour it out.

The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound. I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallowed ground.

Like some child possessed, the beast howls in my veins. I want to find you, tear out all of your tenderness; and howl.

Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers; Starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters."

( Howl – Florence and the Machine. )]


Daphne sat on her cot; she used her nails to continually pinch and pick at a spot on the side of her neck right over her carotid artery.

Today was the day she had planned for.

She had timed him repeatedly after he was done torturing her and left to fix a deal to save her, it took about 15 minutes to get back.

She held the metal spoon from her breakfast tray in one hand and continually picked at the skin with the other one, so she'd know exactly where she needed to hit.

When he opened the door to her cell, she had to act quickly to surprise him before he shut and locked it.

"Crowley, it's so great to see you today." She said as she stood beside the cot.

Her plan was off to a good start.

Shocked at her he turned around leaving the door cracked behind him.

"Is that so?" He asked, completely caught off guard. She hadn't spoken to him in a month, since the night he had first hurt her.

"Yes, as a matter of a fact it is." She responded, smiling widely.

He looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"What do you have to smile about?" He asked.

She proudly held up the spoon she had managed to hang onto.

He smirked and wittily replied, "What are you going to do… spoon me?"

"Nope." She said shaking her head as she kept the smile on her face.

"Really, love, why are you in a good mood today?" He asked, still confused.

"Because it's the last time I will ever have to see you." She told him.

As he opened his mouth to asked her what she was talking about.

She used all of her might, every last ounce of her strength to shove the metal handle of the spoon right thorough the spot she had been picking at on her neck.

The last thing she saw was the complete look of shock on his face before he disappeared from the room to fix a deal, then everything went black for her.

As soon as she came to, she ran out of the still cracked door to her cell and out of the cellar, fought her way past 5 demons and left the property.

~{-}A month later- 10 months total{-}~

Daphne sat in the small living room at her new house; she was living across the street from the church where Kevin was staying, but he didn't know it.

She was keeping an eye on him because he was her only shot at getting Crowley shoved back in hell.

Her hair was a light bleached blond, and she had brown contacts covering her blue eyes.

Knowing that Crowley would expect her to cut all of her hair off and dress like a guy before wearing dresses all the time; She always wore pink, and dresses even drove a pink Volkswagen bug.

She hated every minute of it, but it beat getting tortured day after day.

She had tried to tell herself that she had won; did the impossible and managed to escape from him again.

But the truth was, she hadn't won at all. She was broken inside, she barley slept at all. The more she thought about the Effrit having messed with her memories, the more she doubted everything she believed.

She didn't trust herself one little bit, or anyone else. To survive, what she had –had to do to escape from him both times, and the torturing she inflicted on the demons and monsters, and to get through the torture Crowley inflicted on her she had to go back to a very dark part of her mind.

She thought about Dean quite a bit, she missed him and it killed her to know he was in Purgatory and she couldn't get to him. But, the more she thought about him the more she convinced herself it was too late for them anyways.

Whether her memories had been altered or not she had gone back to Crowley, how could Dean ever understand or forgive her for that?

And the few months before Dean had been sent to Purgatory, he had been so proud of Daphne for fighting the darkness in her. She had come so far and he was so happy about it. But now she knew the darkness was back, and the more she didn't sleep and doubted everything in her head the darker her thoughts got.

~{-}2 months later – 1 year total{-}~

It had been a year since they had killed Dick Roman and Dean and Castiel ended up in Purgatory. A year since Crowley had –had her memories altered and now 2 whole months from escaping from him a second time.

She kept her hair the bleached platinum blond and hardly ever took the dark brown contacts out; looking in the mirror she could hardly remember herself with dark red hair and her dark blue eyes.

She hated her life, hated the way she had to dress in skirts and bright colors, hated only sleeping a few hours a night. She had only gotten more paranoid and driven farther into the darkness in her mind.

But she reasoned with herself that there was no way Crowley or his demons would recognize her, so changing everything she was –was worth it.

She had gotten her freedom, but at what cost? She wasn't really free at all.

Daphne was still keeping an eye on the church Kevin was staying in, she knew he was their best shot at getting rid of Crowley, but she didn't know what to say to him yet, so she just kept a distant eye on him.


Dean was back from Purgatory and had met back up with Sam. They were at Rufus' cabin.

Sam had told Dean he didn't look for him and had been out of the hunting life for the whole year.

"So, let me get this straight… Crowley took Kevin and Daph, and you didn't even try to find them?" Dean asked his younger brother.

Sam took a bite from the bowl he was eating out of off.

"You were gone, Daphne was gone… Bobby was gone. I had no clue where to even start searching." Sam told him.

"Crowley took Daph." Dean said his voice almost in a growl as he looked at Sam.

Sam looked back down to his bowl and started to eat, while Dean plugged in old cellphones to get messages.

Dean played them out loud for Sam.

Sam Winchester? This is Kevin Tran, Crowley had me at a warehouse and I just escaped. I don't know if he or any other demons are after me. I need your help. Again, this is Kevin Tran.

Sam frowned as Dean played a few more messages of Kevin begging for his help.

He went on to play more of the messages Kevin left.

Sam, it's Kevin Tran again. I talked to Daphne a few weeks ago… I don't know what's wrong with her, but she doesn't seem to know what happened when we went to the lab to kill Dick. She also said she's... staying with Crowley, but I don't know why. She really wasn't making any sense… but she said she was going to try and get away from him in the next few days after we spoke. But that was weeks ago, and I still don't know what's going on.

Dean's face contorted with pain. "Did he just say she was staying with Crowley?" He asked his brother.

"That's what I heard…" Sam said, his voice low.

Dean played the next message.

Sam, I can only hope that you're still alive out there, somewhere. It's not just me that needs your help, Daphne got away from Crowley and she was here with me yesterday. There is something really wrong. She tortured a demon and found out that Crowley had a monster, an Effrit mess with her memories. She also said the demon told her Dean was in purgatory, but I don't know how true any of it is. You're supposed to be friends with her… right? She really needs help, I don't know what to do and honestly she was kind of scarring me. She's not at all like the person I met before. She took off earlier today and I'm not sure where she went but she said she'd stay in touch.

"Oh my god." Sam breathed out, shaking his head. He had no idea of any of this was going on.

"That son of a bitch got a monster to screw with her head?" Dean asked his eyes dark as he looked up at Sam.

"Are there anymore messages?" Sam questioned scooting his bowl of food away from him, no longer able to stomach it.

"Just one." Dean said.

"Well?" Sam questioned.

Dean played the message out loud for him.

It's Kevin Tran again, I'm not even calling for your help anymore. Because if you're alive then you obviously don't care. But I just wanted you to know that I was on the phone with Daphne last night, and Crowley showed up. He took her again, and that's really all I know. But this is the last time I'm ever going to call you.

"When was that?" Sam asked him.

"About 3 months ago." Dean answered as he hung his head wondering what was going on.

After Sam and Dean had found Kevin he told them that the tablet Crowley wanted him to translate had a way to close the gates of hell, forever.

A little afraid to know the answer Dean asked, "In your last message you said Crowley had taken Daph… again. Please tell me you've heard from her since then?" Dean questioned.

"No." Kevin admitted.

"Son of a bitch." Dean said his voice low as he shook his head.

"When she left here, I know she was grabbing demons and monsters to try to find a way to pull a human soul from Purgatory… torturing them to find out." Kevin said as he swallowed hard and looked up at them.

"She called to see how I was doing and we'd only been on the phone about 5 minutes when I heard Crowley in the background. She acted like she was ordering a pizza so he wouldn't know she was on the phone with me. He took her, I'm positive of that, and I haven't heard anything since." Kevin admitted.

"Okay, what did Crowley say to her?" Dean asked.

"I don't really remember she must have dropped the phone, I couldn't make it out clearly." Kevin explained.

"It's important Kevin; I need every detail you've got." Dean urged.

"He said something like 'Hello love, miss me?' and something about her face being pale. That's really all I can remember." Kevin said truthfully.


That day she was driving back to her house from the store, her eyes bugged out when she turned down the street she lived on; parked right there in front of the church Kevin was staying in, was a car she hadn't seen in a year.

Her mind raced, was it just Sam? Had Dean managed to get back from Purgatory?

But one thought overtook the others; Crowley would definitely have eyes on that car. And if she was right, they had led the King of Hell right to Kevin's front door.

She pulled to a stop in front of her house, which was almost directly across the street from the old church.

She wanted to take off and leave the town and all of them behind; if Crowley managed to catch her again she would never get away. But again, Kevin was their only hope at sealing the gates of hell.

Pulling her pink Volkswagen bug to a stop, she got out and looked down the street.

Her platinum blond hair was cut and straightened in a stylish bob; her dark brown contacts perfectly concealed the blue eyes she hid underneath them.

She was wearing a light pink tank top with a pink flower design on it, a short pleated denim skirt with black leggings under it and a pair of dark pink heels.

Sighing she walked across the road and right into the church. She saw both Sam and Dean, she wondered how Dean had escaped from purgatory, but her first concern at the moment was Crowley.

"Are you two freaking insane? You parked the Impala out front? You really think Crowley doesn't have eyes on that car?" She snapped joining the trio as they stood in a circle where they had been talking.

"Uh?" Dean questioned looking at the blond haired, brown eyed girl, confused as to how she knew any of this.

Kevin looked her up down, he had no idea who she was either.

Sam had the same confused look on his face as his brother.

"What? Did purgatory make you deaf? You have to get that car the hell away from here and away from Kevin. He is our only shot at putting hell on a lockdown." Daphne said to Dean who was standing beside her.

"Who the hell are you? How do you even know any of this?" Dean asked her confused.

Kevin shot her with some holy water from a water gun, seeming shocked when nothing happened.

Sam's eyes widened, "D…Daphne?" He asked.

"Yes, dumb ass." She snapped, rolling her eyes.

"Did you not hear me? Crowley has been watching your car… he is going to find us all here and he's going to take me and Kevin." She warned.

"How did you get away?" Kevin asked.

But before anyone could say anything else; they heard something.

"Great, just perfect." Daphne said, her heart starting to race from panic.

"Way to go guys, freaking lead the king of hell straight to the only person on this earth that can read the word of god. Stand up job, really." She lectured as she looked around the room.

Dean finally managed to pull his eyes away from her and shook his head trying to comprehend everything that just happened.

Sam had the demon killing knife, while Dean pulled a weapon she had never seen before from his bag.

She stood back by Kevin as Sam and Dean fought and killed the two demons. After getting his weapon knocked from his hands, Dean was now holding the demon killing knife when they heard another noise.

Daphne stood beside Dean as they watched the door.

She looked down at the knife in his hands. "Give me the knife." She ordered.

"I don't think so…" He said, his voice low.

"Dean, give me the knife." She ordered again.

He shook his head no; reaching down she grabbed the knife with her hand as she elbowed him in the ribs.

Groaning in pain he grabbed his side and looked at her in shock as she hid the knife behind her.

"Hello boys." Crowley stated as he walked into the room, with Kevin's girlfriend Channing at his side possessed by a demon.

"You're still protecting him?" Dean grumbled his voice low so only Daphne could hear him, he thought she had taken the knife so he couldn't kill Crowley.

She ignored him and hoped Crowley wouldn't recognize her.

"Dean, back from purgatory; you're looking… well, purgatory didn't do you any favors." He said as he walked closer to them.

Then Crowley's eyes drifted the unfamiliar blond standing beside Dean, he narrowed his eyes trying to see if it was Daphne in disguise.

He took a few steps in her direction and Dean's body tensed.

Crowley lowered his head and let out a small, halfhearted laugh. "Daphne, marvelous job on the disguise… I really wasn't sure it was you. Thank you Dean, for clearing the air."

Confused and caught off guard Dean said, "I didn't tell you anything."

"Not with words, no. You didn't have to." Crowley said, amused at Dean still being protective over her.

Crowley walked right up, a few inches, in front of her.

"So tell me Daphne… is the rumor true? Do blondes have more fun?" He asked, a smug smile on his lips.

She gripped the handle of the knife tightly behind her back.

"I don't like it… I don't like the hair. And why would you hide those eyes?" He questioned, toying with her.

Without a word she brought the knife forward and almost got him, but he disappeared.

Dean's eyes widened at seeing her almost kill him.

Popping back in the room behind her.

He grabbed her by the back of the neck and threw her towards the wall, the knife flew out of her hand across the room.

In an instant she was on her feet again, but he grabbed her by the throat and pinned her against the wall.

He looked down at his suit; seeing the knife had cut his jacket, he couldn't believe she had almost stabbed him.

"This was a new suit." He said, his words sharp but accent velvety smooth as he looked her in the eyes.

"Shame." She responded, her voice completely cold and emotionless.

Looking back down at the cut fabric, his eyes met hers again and he yelled "That was the stupidest thing you've ever done!"

"Maybe… but I will end you." She threatened.

Dean had now snuck across the room and grabbed the knife, and had started towards Crowley.

But Crowley snapped his fingers and the knife handle burnt Dean's hand to where he had to drop it.

In response to her threat, Crowley lifted her up the wall by her neck cutting off her air supply as he said. "Stupid, stupid move. You're coming with me… and if you thought before was bad before… just wait for what's coming."

Getting his anger under control he slowly let her back down the wall until her feet touched the ground, and she was able to take a deep breath.

Moving his hand form her throat to her arm he kept an extremely tight grip on her.

Dean's head spun from what he had just seen. Before he went to Purgatory, Daphne and Crowley were still friends. She wouldn't have tried to kill him, and he wouldn't have seriously hurt her.

Looking back to his girlfriend Kevin said, "Let Channing go."

"That's not Channing, Kevin… not anymore." Dean told him, as he picked the knife back up and his eyes met Daphne's.

Crowley told Kevin if he came with him, he'd let Channing go.

"He's lying… she's probably already dead. You can't trust a word out of this mouth." Daphne said through gritted teeth as Crowley's grip tightened even more on her arm.

"Oh love, what an awful thing to say to the boy. Of course it's Channing." Crowley said, looking at her.

Looking back to Kevin's girlfriend, Crowley ordered the demon to let Channing talk and snapped his fingers.

The demon went dormant and Channing looked around confused.

"Kevin, what's going on?" She asked, looking to him scared.

"There's a demon in you… and you're going to your safety school.' Kevin explained.

"What?" Channing gasped.

"But it's going to be okay." Kevin tried to assure her.

"I just… I can't." Crowley said, snapping his fingers again bringing the demon to surface.

Channing's eyes turned back to black.

"Okay…I'll do it. Myself for the girl. But this ends alright? No fighting , no nothing. It ends." Kevin said.

"Can't let you do that." Dean warned.

"Or what? You'll kill me?" Kevin asked.

Crowley smirked.

"I'll get my things." Kevin informed the room as he went back to another room.

"Chin up gentleman, I'm a professional." Crowley said.

Dean moved his eyes from Daphne back to Crowley, "Let her go." He said, his jaw tense with anger.

"She's not yours to try and protect… not anymore. She's coming with me." Crowley informed him.

"This ain't over, not by a long shot Crowley." Dean warned, adjusting his hand on the knife.

"Come on, Kevin. Chop! Chop!" Crowley yelled.

When there wasn't a response, Crowley started to walk past them to the room he went into.

Dean got the knife ready to stab him.

Snapping his fingers again the knife burned in Dean's hand for the 2nd time until he had to drop it.

"Really boys?" Crowley asked, smugly as he walked past them dragging Daphne with him, and Kevin's possessed girlfriend followed.

Walking into the back room they faced Kevin.

He pulled a string which dumped a large amount of holy water on them from a trap he had set.

From the pain of the water burning his skin like acid, Crowley let go of Daphne's arm.

"Sam, Dean… run!" Kevin screamed as he ran from the back door of the room, and Daphne followed him.

They all four made it to the Impala and Dean drove away.

As they passed in front of the church, Crowley had Channing unprocessed and then snapped her neck in front of them as they drove by.

Daphne sat in back seat beside Kevin as she wrapped her arms around herself and shivered, the water had gotten her to.

Once they were a good distance away from the church Dean said, "We need to stop and figure out what we're going to do."

"No, we need to keep moving." Daphne argued from the back seat.

"Running isn't going to do any good." Dean argued back.

"How do you figure that?" She asked a jolt of attitude in her voice.

"It doesn't do any good to run when we can't hide. He always finds you." Dean pointed out.

"Not anymore." Daphne told him.

"What does that mean?" He asked her.

"It means that I've got a sigil that hides me from Crowley burnt onto my thigh… so I'm hidden, and we need to keep moving. Alright?" She asked, her voice still empty as she spoke.


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