I really wanted to write a Conrad/Alford. And suddenly this idea popped into my mind and I decided, that I'll try it out, since I seem to have a minor block on the next chapter of Fatefull encounters. But you don't have to worry, it's almost finished. ^^ Anyways, here's the mind-popp-up. It's going to be a twoshot, but I'm willing to write a sequel if you demand one. The 1st part consists mainly of a smalltalk between the two brothers-in-arm and Yozak is wicked once again ^^ Just the way we love him...

Anata – 'till death

„Are you sure he'll like that?"

„Positive. Besides, you're his brother, you should know him better than that."

„That's why I'm worrying."

„Chill captain. You're brother is in best hands."

„Why doesn't that assure me one bit?"

Yozak chuckled. „Because you're a tightass, taicho. What do you think: Red roses or pink?"

„Red goes better with your hair."

„I'll take pink."

Conrad sighed. „I still don't see how you and Gwendal are perfect for eachother."

„I beg to differ. You do. If you didn't, you wouldn't have agreed to be my best man."

„You kept me begging for 3 hours straight."

„I wasn't begging, Weller. I was asking. Besides even if I was ‚begging' for 12 hours you wouldn't have agreed if you didn't like it."

Conrad sighed again. Why had this man be always right? In fact why did he even bother? To argue with Yozak Gurrier was like arguing with a wall. It didn't change a thing. And now that he would become a von Voltaire...things would be interesting for a while. Yes. His older brother and his brother in arm were marrying. And if he was reading between the lines, the Voltaire heir was already planned too. Yes, interesting indeed. Very interesting if it was anything like their fathers.

„Captain, tell me, when are you going to find yourself somebody?"

Oh now that melody again. „Yozak..."

„You know, that incident..."

„Yozak." He used his strict tone again. It rarely worked on the orangehaired man, but it seemed that now was one of the rare times. And one of the rare times when he was actually fidgeting. It wasn't long ago (in the mazoku-time dimension) that Conrad proposed to his lifelong friend. That didn't come out of nowhere of course, they had been together before that. Before Julia. Before everything started to go downhill. At the academy. Yozak was also his first kiss, his first time, his first love and he didn't regret a minute of it. He only regretted that it had to end like that. With a woman who was out of reach. Just as out of reach as her incarnation. Conrad has finally realized that His Majesty was out of question and finally noticed how the other male was still looking at him.

Had been. He had been looking at him like that. He moved on and soon he found out how: With his older brother. And maybe it was better like that. Maybe if he and Conrad came together, there would be doubts about it and it would ruin them. Not only their love but their friendship too. So it seemed that Conrad was bound to stay single for the rest of his life. But it would be a lie to tell that Conrad wasn't happy for his best friend and his brother. Even if it seemed weird to some people, Conrad knew that they were really made for eachother. Yozak was the first one after Conrad to read the faces of his brother and actually understanding them. Knowing how to deal with them. And finally loving them. And with his talkative, never-shutting-up way, he was perfect for the gruff, introverted ‚secret Gwendal'.

So he approached the still fidgetting male and laid his hands on his shoulders from behind. „It doesn't matter anymore. I had my chance and I was a fool to let it pass. Don't make that mistake too." He smiled into the mirror they were standing in front of and the reflection of his best friend grinned back at him.

„You're right. I'm not fool enough to leave such a caliber of man for such a slow fool."

Conrad smiled, Yozak grinned. For few moments there was silence, then Conrad spoke again. „I still think the red ones are better."

Yozak was trying his wedding dress (yes, dress) right now, and they were at the flowers. He wanted roses, but couldn't decide on the color. „And if I take both?"

„Then take instead of the pink ones the white."

„But I really want the pink roses."

Conrad sighed and shook his head. „You are unbelievable."

„And you are complicated."

„Because I'm a halfmazoku."

„That was poor, Weller."

„I know."

This time Yozak shook his head and looked once again into the mirror. „Make-up?"

„Only slightly. You don't want Gwendal to think that you don't take this seriously."

„I don't want him to think that I feel the need to change for him."

„And that's exactly why you should put some on."

„The light-pink eyeshadow would go with the roses."

„I give up."

„I knew you would."

„You're unbelievable."

„And you're complicated."

„That's why you love me so."




„This leads to nowhere."


By now they were both shaking from surpressed laughter.

„So...I'll put some make-up on, light-pink eyeshadow and a slight powder?"

„That would look good."

„And the dress? How does it look on me?"

„You ask that for the 20th time."

„Shut up Weller. You would ask 50 times."

„I would be wearing a suit."

„You suffer from self-delusion captain."

„That one is new."

„I need something new after all."

„I thought the dress was new."

The dress was actually a very simple one. It was pure white. The skirt was thin consisting only from 1 layer and the only motive was the golden trim and the knot in the mid of the right side. The top of the dress went around the shoulders and was goldtrimmed too. Simple but very elegant. Something that Gwendal would surely like. The lace was held by two golden clips, which Yozak told Conrad he had from his mother, which had been a present from his father. So much for the ‚old as the world'.

The ‚blue as the faith' was the strip on his thigh which held the lube he had from Shinou-only-knew-where and ‚borrowed as life' he actually had from Conrad. It was his cologne.

„Precaution, you know."

„Ah yes."

Sighing exhausted, Yozak leaned onto his best friend who put his arms around him, pressing a light kiss onto his neck. It didn't mean anything, it was just an old habit, a ritual of sorts. A soothing move. „So, Weller, when are you going to get yourself a lover?"

„The day that Gwendal tells the maids he knits."

„Remind me to talk to him about that."

„Remind me not to remind you."

Yozak chuckled. „You know, I'm serious."

„Sure you are."

Suddenly Yozak smirked one of his trademark smirks. The one which Conrad learned that when it appeared it was best to turn around and run. „You know what?"

„I'm in trouble."

„I won't marry untill you don't find a lover."

Silence. Then „You wouldn't..."

„Try me."

Needless to say, Conrad didn't even need to try him. The next day was announced that the wedding has been delayed until uncertain and Conrad had to pack his things, jump on a horse and ride of, searching for a lover. From the tower of the castle, two figures watched him.

„Do you really think he'll figure it out?" Gwendal asked and Yozak, leaning into him, smirked. „Positive. Otherwise I wouldn't have dared him like that. It just really needed to be done."

Gwendal nodded, agreeing with his soon-to-be husband and leaning forward he kissed him softly, only hoping his little brother would figure it out soon enough.


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