Land of Confusion

Chapter 1

'The Truth' by Lacuna Coil blared through the speakers of the midnight blue Ford Focus as it pulled up to the security gate, the woman inside handing the guard her pass. She smiled sweetly at him when he let her in, knowing her best friend was expecting her. She parked the car and cut the ignition, shutting the music off before stepping out, pulling her purse with her. A cigarette in her mouth as she finished it off, she blew smoke out and stubbed it out with her black Stiletto heels, wearing a pair of blue jeans with a wine colored halter top.

Her hair was a deep auburn red and she had deep jade green eyes. That's why her parents named her Jade. She hated her name and pushed her blue shades up on top of her head, locking her car and headed inside the arena with her pass around her neck.


Stephanie was waiting impatiently, her blue eyes narrowed. She was thrilled her best friend Jade was coming, not so thrilled with the current storyline that seemed hell bent on giving her a migraine. "Is she here yet?" She demanded, glancing at her husband, ignoring his exasperated sigh as he got up to poke his head out the door.

"No, for the hundredth time."


After showing her pass to the security guard at the door, Jade walked in and wondered how the hell she was going to find Stephanie in this fiasco. It was just like her to make her come to a packed arena full of Superstars and let her fend for herself. Not fair and so not funny. Jade made her way through the mess, sticking to the wall like glue, and managed to turn a corner, heading that direction, hoping it was the right one. The guard had told her where to go and, normally, she wouldn't have a problem, but due to everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off...that wasn't the case.

"Sorry!" A man shouted over his shoulder when he accidentally plowed her right into a wall, not stopping, but sent her an apologetic look, continuing on his way.

"You alright?" A hand reached out to help her, followed by a curse and a man bracing himself against the wall, pinning her there. His hands were on either side of her head, making sure to keep their bodies apart as equipment was carried down the narrow hall. Cursing again when he almost got whacked in the head by a loose pole.

Swallowing hard and trying to shake the cobwebs from her mind, Jade slowly looked up at the individual who helped her up, piercing blue eyes coming into her view. "Yes, I think so." She couldn't believe how crazy it was and made a mental note to kick Stephanie's ass later, sighing gently. "Thank you."

She flashed a smile, dusting herself off; glad nothing had been ruined. She spoke too soon when the man reached down to pick up her now broken blue shades, groaning. These were very expensive! She sighed, placing them in her purse, shaking her head as she raked a hand through her dark auburn hair.

He stared down at her, wondering who she was. He had never seen her before; she couldn't be new talent, could she? "Are you lost?" He asked softly, stepping against the wall when another crowd came by. Mayhem, complete mayhem and usually he loved it. Usually. "I can show you wherever it is you're trying to get too."

A sigh of relief escaped her as Jade relaxed somewhat, nodding. "That would be wonderful. I'm looking for Stephanie McMahon-Levesque's office." She was pressed against the wall as another herd, this time women, came barreling past him and hoped she made it there alive. At this rate, she doubted it and suddenly needed another cigarette. Her nicotine fix would have to wait though, still not believing her favorite shades were destroyed.

"Are you now?" He sounded both amused and slightly annoyed, grunting as he looked at the herding women, shaking his head. "I'll show you and I'm apologizing in advance if I seem rude, I haven't had my nicotine fix yet." He was going to need it very, very soon before he wound up putting someone through a wall, a cigarette tucked behind his ear. He had been on his way for one when he seen the woman getting ran over.

"It's alright, I need another cigarette myself." Jade replied and let him lead her down the hallway toward Stephanie's office. She was the leader of the writing team and currently playing the General Manager on the Raw roster. Jade didn't watch wrestling, but Stephanie told her what she was doing since they talked at least once a day. Jade grew up with Stephanie and Shane in Greenwich, but when she was eighteen, she ventured to New York City to pursue her writing career. Now she was a three-time best selling novelist and was well off as far as money was concerned. "Thank you for escorting me." She said once they arrived, staring into his blue eyes, and extended her hand to him. "I'm Jade by the way. Jade Halverson."

"Nice to meet you. Randy Orton." He took her hand, shaking it with a firm grip. "She's just in-" Randy paused when Paul stuck his head out, instantly taking a step back.

"She's here." Paul said, holding the door open for Jade, gesturing for Randy to take a hike quickly before he did something bad. Like kill him.

Jade did not miss the tension between the two men, raising a slow eyebrow, and watched as Randy took off, his touch having sent a bolt of electricity up her arm. "Hey Paul." She greeted with a smile, hugging him and barely got out of that embrace before Stephanie clobbered her, yanking her inside, shaking her head as the girls began talking at the same time. Paul took the opportunity to step aside, neither realizing what he was doing. "I'm going to KILL you for making me come to this madhouse." She stated once they were done yapping, sitting down in a chair across from Stephanie's desk. "So this is what you do eh? Nice digs."

"Temporary." Stephanie said dismissively, waving a hand and dropped down into her chair, shooting her husband a pointed look. "Don't you have somewhere to be sweetie?"

"Now you're kicking me out..." He grumbled, shaking his head and walking out the door. "Women..."

"Was it hard getting in?"

"No, but the zoo you have out there is hard getting through. Luckily, I had some help." She smiled at the thought of Randy, causing Stephanie's eyes to narrow slightly, and wondered what was going on. "Okay, what happened?" She demanded, crossing one leg over the other, folding her hands in her lap.

"You remember how I told you about me getting hurt in the ring a few weeks ago?"

Jade's eyes widened instantly and she covered her mouth with her hand, the realization dawning on her. She was a very smart woman, seeing Stephanie slowly nod her head. "Oh man and that wasn't apart of the show right?"

"No, so while you're here, stay away from him Jade okay?"

"Not a problem."


"Stay away from Jade."

He couldn't catch a break, could he? He had been on his way to have that cigarette when Paul just HAD to stop him. "Or what?" He asked, sounding almost tired.

"Or I'm going to finish what the board made me stop." Paul wanted nothing more then to beat the shit out of this punk, but had been cautioned he wasn't to touch Randy until their big match.

"How is that going to happen with his back up?" Ted DiBiase said from behind, crossing his arms in front of his chest, Cody Rhodes on Randy's other side, all three men glaring at him.

Cody had no idea what was going on or who Jade was, but he wasn't about to let their leader get pounded to the ground. He could also tell Randy was getting pissed fast and noticed he hadn't had a cigarette, looking over at Ted worriedly. "Come on Randy, he's not worth it, not yet man."

"Hide behind your little friends, Randy." Paul said, his tone patronizing, though his eyes were on fire. "Hide behind the board, behind your lawyers and doctors. Soon, you'll be out of people to hide behind."

Randy just stared at him, his blue eyes cold enough to freeze hell.

"Go on, run little boy. Come back when you're ready to play with the big boys."


After Jade and Stephanie talked for awhile, she decided she needed a cigarette break and the hallways were mostly clear. Stephanie had warned her away from Randy and she would do just that. It's not like she wouldn't be on the road long. They were currently in New York City, having three shows at Madison Square Garden. Legends were made here and it made her smile as she headed toward the exit, her Stilettos clicking against the arena flooring, pass around her neck. Honestly, she really wished Stephanie could get something a little more discreet, rolling her eyes, and walked outside, going fifteen feet away from the building before lighting up.

Randy was in a corner, hidden in the shadows, merely an orange dot and an occasional orange tinted face when he inhaled. He knew without even asking that she had probably been warned away from him and that set his anger on the rise. This woman didn't even know him and she no doubt would think he was an insane, deranged man. Which he could be, but so could everyone else; they just chose to hide it.

"Hello." He said, voice carrying.

Jade heard a voice behind her, holding her lit cigarette between two fingers, and looked through the darkness, seeing Randy's face when he took a drag of his own. Her instincts were telling her to run back inside and toward Stephanie's office, but her heart was telling her that she owed him a thank you for helping her earlier. He didn't have to do it and chose too. He couldn't be that bad.

"Hello." She replied, taking a drag and flicked some ash away, her long auburn hair flowing in the light breeze, the sun having set on the horizon already so it was nearly dark out now.

"Finding your way around better?" He asked politely, not moving from his spot.

No doubt she would run screaming into the arena, ready to report him for breathing too loud. Randy tapped the ash off his cigarette, sighing quietly. Sometimes being the villain wasn't easy, especially when he was a ready made man for it.

"Not really, but I will eventually." She replied, refusing to move from her spot. She wanted her cigarette damn it! No man was going to chase her away from her nicotine as she walked over to lean against the railing. One foot pressed against the bar, her elbows leaning against the top as she took another drag. Closing her eyes as she let the nicotine fill her, inhaling before exhaling, the smoke blowing out as she flicked more ash. "By the way, thank you for helping me earlier. That was nice of you; you didn't have to do it."

"You almost ate concrete wall." Randy said softly, a smoke ring emerging from the shadows, his blue eyes temporarily lit up as he inhaled. "Couldn't let that happen." He wasn't as bad as people made him out to be, not to strangers at least. When he got to know them, then maybe. "But you're welcome."

So far, Jade didn't notice anything dangerous about Randy, though he had that aura about him. He could be dangerous in a very sexy way. Jade immediately cleared her mind of that as she took another drag, slowly walking over to him as her heels clicked against the black asphalt until she was standing in front of him.

"Do you mind if I join you to finish this off?" She asked, not waiting for an answer and leaned against the wall beside him, seeing him get to his feet, and flicked ash away. Jade felt drawn to him and ignored the warning from Stephanie and Paul, shaking her head.