Chapter 32

Jade didn't answer and leaned up, taking her tank top off, revealing her midnight blue bra, matching panties underneath the shorts no doubt and tossed it over the side of the bed. Passionately kissing him, Jade was already unbuttoning the dress shirt he was wearing. "Make love to me." She whispered, pressing a finger to his lips when he began protesting. "I'm ready and I need you. Randy, please..." Jade began kissing down his neck, nipping at the soft flesh while pressing against him, her nails gently running down his arms once the dress shirt was fully off, leaving him in a white tank top.

Randy stared at her, the tightening in the front of his jeans something he couldn't ignore, but at the same time...Groaning, he took Jade by the arms, rolling her onto her back on the bed, hovering over her. "You sure?" He whispered, brushing his lips against her. When she nodded, Randy pulled back to take in the bra and panty set she wore, his eyes darkening as he peeled off his tank top.

"I know it's hard for you, but-" He cut her off effectively with a deep, passionate kiss, causing her heart to skip a beat as he took her sleeping shorts off, loving his warm, strong body on top of hers.

Writing had gotten her mind off of what Mark had done to her. Everything she felt from that night was now in her words and it was time to move on. When they were both fully undressed, Randy proceeded to take his time, making sweet love to Jade, who enjoyed every single second of it. Every moan, every whisper, every gasp, moan and groan had feeling to it unlike the pure animalistic nature she experienced with Mark. He didn't even cross her mind once as Randy made love to her, like she wanted, even brushing his lips against the bruise on her shoulder, which brought tears to her eyes before kissing him.

When they climaxed and settled down, Jade spooned against Randy, lacing their fingers together and looked down when he set something in front of her. Her eyes filled with tears at the sight of the black small square shaped box in front of her and Jade picked it up with trembling hands, slowly sitting up, and flipped it open. A beautiful three stoned diamond ring stared her in the face as she covered her mouth with her hand, tears streaming down her face as Randy sat up beside her. Her heart feeling like it would leap out of her chest at any given moment. Her eyes slowly met his as she licked her dry lips, waiting for him to say something.

Randy seemed almost at a loss for words. They barely knew each other and yet he felt like he had known Jade for his entire life. They hadn't had time to really build on their relationship with the entire 'Taker bullshit, but he wanted her forever. He wanted to know her inside and out, wake up each morning next to her, the works.

"Will you marry me?" He whispered finally, his voice husky.

This was the last thing Jade expected, especially with how little they really knew each other and the whole Mark incident. Still, she loved Randy with everything inside of her and knew she couldn't let him go. Taking the ring out of the box that was set on a silver band, Jade slid the rock on her left ring finger and closed the box, setting it down and kissed him.

"Yes." She whispered when they finally parted, moaning as he rolled her over on her back and proceeded to make love to her again. This time it was more explosive and passionate than any of the other times. Even the first time in the hotel room when Randy took her away after Cody had nearly mauled her down.

"Oh thank god." Randy breathed, letting out a breath he hadn't even known he'd been holding. His heart was going a mile a minute, again, finally able to speak. "Thank you." He whispered, kissing her gently. Then he bolted upright when the door opened. "Don't you two fucking knock?"

"Actually, I wanted to- Hey, put that away!"

"Busy Coddles, beat it."

Jade was laughing as their love making had been interrupted, shaking her head and kissed him softly, the ring on her finger sparkling in the dim lamplight. "I love you." She whispered, seeing he had doubts when she hadn't answered him right away, and pressed her hand over his heart, nuzzling his neck before wrapping her arms around it, loving his warm body on top of hers. He never crushed her, which amazed her, and ran her finger up and down his arm. "I missed you." She whispered, smiling when he kissed her again and rolled over to where she was on top, Cody having vacated already.

"I missed you too. Next time, don't hesitate, my heart can't take it." Randy only half teased, pressing the palm of her hand to his still rapidly beating heart, smiling when she smirked. "You'll be the death of me, Jade." He whispered, his blue eyes fastening with hers.

"Just like you will be to me, Randy." She murmured in reply, kissing him again, staring back into his eyes. She honestly could get lost in them for hours and ran her thumb across his cheek, happiness radiating off of her in waves. "When you go tomorrow, I'll stay at the hotel." She quietly said, feeling him nod against her neck, and ran her fingers through his short hair, sighing in contentment. She didn't want to be anywhere near Mark's place, knowing Randy and the boys could handle it. Jade didn't know what time it was when she finally dozed off, but it was with Randy's head resting on her chest, right over her beating heart and her fingers never left his hair.

Randy somehow managed to fall asleep as well, knowing tomorrow was going to be interesting to say the least. He was basing this plan on 'Taker assuming nobody would be stupid enough to fuck with him at his home. Well, Randy wasn't stupid, he preferred to think of it as having balls of steel. Hopefully, after Legacy was finished, the Deadman would stay down.


Arriving in Houston Texas, Legacy left Jade at the hotel under a false identity, just incase they were spotted. As far as Mark knew, Jade had went home to New York. How wrong he was! Jade spent her entire day writing, focusing on the task at hand and blasting Disturbed. She couldn't wait to see Cristina again along with Andre and the other members of Lacuna Coil, always forgetting their names. She felt bad, but Jade couldn't remember anything.

It was nearly nine o'clock at night when the door finally opened and Jade looked up, wearing black cotton shorts with a matching tank top, seeing how exhausted her boys were, especially her fiancé. She swallowed hard and slowly walked over, feeling Randy pull her into his arms tightly and knew it was over. They had done it and Mark was probably in the ICU at Houston Memorial Hospital.

"Baby, I need a shower..." Randy muttered, pulling away from her after a moment, knowing he probably shouldn't have touched her, but hadn't been able to stop himself. He, Cody and Ted all reeked of gasoline.

"I think I got it in my eyes..."

"Don't inhale."

"You think he's alive?"


Jade nodded, smelling herself and sighed when she didn't smell anything. "Go on, all of you."

They'd gotten a room to where there was, amazingly, three showers, all for this purpose. It cost them an arm and a leg, but Randy was well off and so was Jade. She sat back down and started typing again, not even wanting to know what they did. Her mind was on her story, needing to finish this last chapter before it left her. It was of her and Randy at their wedding, though Randy's name had been changed along with hers. She was making this a happily ever after one, non-fantasy, something different for her readers. She just hoped they enjoyed it and let her fingers fly over the keys, getting lost in her music, and blasted it as she began singing.

"Damn I feel better." Cody said happily, the first of the three to finish, sniffing himself. "I smell good. Smell me." He teased, dropping down next to her. "Is it finished? Can I read?" He asked, aiming for an innocent and cute expression, not hitting the mark and jutted out his lower lip. "Please?"

Jade rolled her eyes and nudged him playfully, "You smell good and no you cannot. You'll read it when it's published like everyone else." When his puppy dog eyes flashed at her, Jade groaned and knew she did owe him for keeping her on the road with them. For all the times he had helped her out...wait a minute! Wasn't she hooking him up with her cousin? "ONE chapter." She stated emphatically before printing it out, having bought one before they came to Houston and handed it to him, laughing as he snatched it and went to read. "Damn kid at heart..."

Smirking, Cody stuck his tongue out at her before moving away to read before she could take the chapter back, his eyes flying over the papers.

"What the hell is he doing?" Randy asked, emerging from the bathroom in a pair of jean shorts that hung low on his hips, toweling his short hair dry, arching an eyebrow when Cody sniggered.

"He's reading chapter one of my story so he'll leave me alone..." She groaned when Randy snatched it from him, shaking her head and began typing the rest of her last chapter out. She was calling it Land of Confusion, something that the WWE was all about. The lyrics just fit and it made her smile. She would never think about what Mark did to her again, writing was her therapy, like she'd told Randy. It was weird, but it was who she was and Jade wasn't changing for nobody. When Ted walked out and the three of them started fighting over the chapter, Jade finally had enough. "HERE!" She handed Randy his own copy and Ted's. "Now STOP bickering, please! I'm TRYING to finish this!" The incredulous look on her face was priceless as they all shut up and began reading, shaking her head, not able to keep the smile from her face.

"So I'M not the main man in this?" Cody pouted, groaning when Randy and Ted both whacked him with their copies. "What? A guy can dream can't he?"

"You-" Randy sighed when his cell phone rang, smirking when he seen the number and answered it. He spoke quietly for a few minutes, smirking somewhat. "Really? His house burnt down? Was he hurt?" He snorted. "Alive huh? But how crispy?"

The conversation dwindled for Jade as she kept typing, a bright smile crossing her face when she realized it was finished. Her next masterpiece. Land of Confusion. Fitting name with everything that had happened to her. She was going to send Mark a personal copy with her autograph, wanting him to know just how painful and agonizing that night with him was. She could be vindictive when she wanted to be and pressed the save button, her beautiful diamond ring sparkling back at her.


A year later, Jade and Randy got married in a beautiful, quiet ceremony in St. Louis, Missouri. Just family and close friends, nothing major. Paul and Stephanie were there, Stephanie being her maid of honor and Aurora was the flower girl. Cody and Kelli hit it off the instant they met. Her blue eyes and fiery red hair turned Cody on more than words could say. Kelli introduced Ted to her friend Crystal, another Playboy cover girl, and they hit it off as well. Cristina, Andre, Tarja and the rest of the band members along with Amy were present as well.

The colors were black, silver and gold, Jade absolutely REFUSED to wear white on her wedding day. Her dress was a simple silver gown that was strapless and shimmered under the glistening sun. It was a beautiful September afternoon, not a cloud in the sky as Jade professed her love for Randy and he to her. She knew she was always meant to be with him, from the first moment she walked into Madison Square Garden, she knew. He was the love of her life, her husband, her best friend and the father of their son, Seth.

When Jade found out that she was pregnant, she scheduled in an abortion, but the more she thought about it, the more she wanted her son. He had deep jade green eyes and black hair, a real lady killer, just like his father. It was amazing how only one romp with Randy in the shower and a whole night of fucking from Mark resulted with Randy STILL coming out the father of Seth. That was the happiest day of Jade's life and her wedding was the second.

After the ceremony was over with, the reception followed and Randy took Jade to Paris for their honeymoon. Vince had given them a month off and Stephanie was more than happy to watch Seth. It was amazing how her life turned out in this land of confusion, but -just like her fourth best selling novel- Jade wouldn't have it any other way.

The End.