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Tom looked at the burning building and walked away solemnly, his beloved niece, I child he'd raised as his own was dead.

As he walked away, from the shadows a young blond haired woman looked on.

'Stupid human, thinking we are killed so easily. Let him think we're dead" the alien that had been Miranda thought, the alien side of her in control now.

'Azura nearly ruined everything but she is destroyed in that inferno; so now the real work can begin' Miranda said, already planning her next pregnancy, now her healing ability was fully functional, her life span was next much longer than a normal human as her body constantly regenerating its self. She could get pregnant as much as she wanted

She then looked to her right and the small form at her side, a young naked blond girl that Miranda had her right draped over and stroked her hair

'My child' she thought, she picked up the girl who looked about three and walked off into the night



Just a one-shot of an alternate ending to Species Awakening, a film I think had too many plot holes.

We didn't see Miranda's body burn; Eve in Species 2 had at least 30 rounds shot into her and after a few minutes she healed so in my mind it is very likely that Miranda could have healed and got out. And she wasn't giving birth after or during the fight or showing a sign of pregnancy which means she probably gave birth