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Ohayo, minna-san. This is my first Bakuretsu hunters fanfic because 1) it is only now that I have come up with a story for my favorite BH characters and 2) the series is quite new in my country that I haven't watched enough to ensure hat the characters would act out-of-character (pun not intended). Nonetheless, gomen for A LOT of OOCness. This is supposed to be a one-shot fic but I just can't tell.

Anyway, did I mention that this features a Chocolate Misu and Marron Glace pairing? They are my favorite female and male characters in the series, respectively, and I have this outrageous tenacity of pairing my favorite male and female characters up. Sorry, Garron fans but, aside from the fact that I do not write or read yaoi because of my morals (okay, fine! I accidentally stumbled across one during my high school freshman year. I was really repulsed and you can say that I am quite prejudiced against that sort of thing.), I don't really think that such a bishounen, as Marron should be wasted. After all, who's to argue that Chocolate is pretty much bishoujo herself? Anyway, this is my opinion and you may gladly leave if you get pissed off over these notes. I respect your opinion but you can't stop me from having my own. To each his/her own. Oh, and I am no lemon writer either so.

With that said, I'll go on to the fic that I formulated during an unusually boring Christian Living class (and that's saying something). -.-; Things in parentheses are mine, italics are thoughts while all caps emphasize.

Oh, and did I mention that this has a Carrot-Tira implication? My Chocolate- Marron fics won't do without them.


By: Ryuuen

"Da-a-a-rling." Chocolate Misu said in a slurred tone. She was half drunk and, as usual, was latched onto the arm of a very nervous, though extremely drunk, Carrot Glace. They have been in the bar of their hotel for almost two hours, a time during which they have treated themselves to a fine array of liquor.

"Oneesan, you have had (hic!) too much to (hic!) drink!" her younger sister, Tira, exclaimed in exasperation over her sister's rather aggressive behavior, even for her. She, herself, was rather tipsy, though, compared to the rest, she was more sober. aside from Marron, that is.

The ever-immaculate sorcerer Marron Glace had refused to let even a drop of liquor touch his lips, and now, sat amidst the drunken group, busily keeping an eye on his brother and, at the same time, staying as far away from the infatuated Gateau as possible.

"I'm afraid she's right, oniisan," he addressed Carrot, speaking in a rather stern voice. "It would be best if we return to our rooms now."

"Marron-chan, I didn't (hic!) know you (hic!) could get so (hic!) impatient.," Gateau said, placing an arm around the said bishounen.

Marron got the message and placidly removed himself from the muscleman's grip.

"Tira, I suggest you bring my brother and Gateau up," he said in his usual tone.

"Nani? Oh. okay, Marron. (hic!) But, what about my sister?" said the pink- haired girl, placing her half-finished goblet of wine down.

"I'll bring her up to your room. It would not do to entrust her to Gateau especially when he is. umm. rather."

"Look at me, Marron-chan,' the muscleman said, while doing his routine.

Tira sweatdropped. "I get the point.' Then, approaching Carrot, she pried her half-asleep sister off him and dragged him up the stairs. (Lucky Carrot was too drunk to feel anything.) "Come now, Gateau," she said, dragging him as well. (My, isn't Tira rather err. strong today. must be the wine.)

"I'll wait for (hic!) you, Marron-chan!!!" he screamed.

Marron heaved a sigh of relief. It was a good thing Tira hadn't drunk as much as the others did. He couldn't just imagine the horror of escorting a drunk Gateau to his room, considering what he may have been planning to do.

"Daaaarling. where are you?" Chocolate said, coming to. She directed her attention on the remaining Bakuretsu hunter. "Oh, it's you, Marron. (hic!) Now where did the others go?" she asked, looking around.

"They have gone to their respective rooms to rest and I suggest that we do the same,' he answered, standing up. "I shall escort you to your room."

"Wait." she said, laying a detaining hand on his arm. "Do I get to sleep in Darling's room?"

Marron sighed and sat back down. The girl had drunk much more than he thought. "Gomen nasai but I do not think that would be such a good idea."

"So, (hic!) where is he?" she asked, ignoring his answer.

"Tira brought him up to his room," came the reply.

"WHAT?!? My own sister dares steal my darling away from me! This shall not. mmph!" Marron had clamped a hand on her mouth to save both of them from embarrassment. He released her the moment she calmed down.

"It's not what you think," he explained. "She was the most sober next to me so I decided it best to have her bring him and Gateau up."

"Oh." she said, settling back into her seat.

"Now, if you do not mind, I think we should both get our well-deserved rest. Tomorrow's another tiring day," he said, once again preparing to stand up, and likewise stopped by Chocolate.

"Wait, let me (hic!) finish this first," she said, pointing to a half- filled wine bottle. Shakily, she poured herself another glass of the reddish liquid and carelessly brought it to her lips. She then poured another glass of wine and pushed it towards Marron who politely declined.

"Oh, come on," she coaxed. "The great Marron, afraid of a little (hic!) drink?" she giggled derisively.

"No," he said firmly.

"Oh, come now, imouto. You're no fun!" she jeered.

Marron felt a nerve twitch. Imouto? Closing his eyes, he reached out for the offered cup and drained it of its contents in one single gulp, some of it spilling onto his clothes. He felt a warm feeling surge through him as the alcohol began to take its effect.

"Sugoi!" Chocolate cheered, draining her cup as well. "We (hic!) can go (hic!) now." She stood up rather shakily and she would have fallen down if only Marron had not caught her.

"Gee, thanks, Marron," she said, snuggling closer to him as he held her in his arms, eliciting a blush from the already crimson-cheeked sorcerer.

"Err, Chocolate." Marron said rather uneasily. He was aware of her face pressed into his chest, her breathing matching his, and was drowning in her scent and that made it quite difficult to think straight. (That and the alcohol, of course.)

"Yes, Darling." she said, snuggling closer.

That struck him. She obviously thought that it was Carrot whom she was hugging.

"Err, Chocolate, it's me, Marron," he said, half-heartedly pushing her away. It has been such a long time since he had held someone in that manner. After his mother passed away.

"Marron? (hic!) Oh gomen," she said trying to back away, only to find that she had long ago lost her balance. Groping the nearest thing for support, which happened to be Marron, she managed to bring herself into his arms once again.

Marron blushed more furiously when he felt her grab him once more. That was when he felt the first spell of drowsiness hit him. It must have been the alcohol.Tightening his grip around her, he steadied himself and managed to whisper in Chocolate's ear. "We would get nowhere at this rate. It would be best if I carry you up." And, ignoring the curious stares of the other customers, he scooped her up into his arms, placing one hand under her knees, the other around her shoulders. Her head was against hi chest once again and Marron got rid the feeling that was welling up inside him, dismissing it as a mere effect of the alcohol and berating himself for giving in to her taunting.

He struggled to get them up the flight of stairs that led to her and Tira's room. Reaching it, he turned the knob, not without difficulty, half- expecting to see Tira staggering towards them, a worried expression on her face. Little did he know that what he would find was something he would least expect.

"Oniisan! Tira!" he exclaimed under his breath as he caught sight of the two, butt-naked (forgive the expression), snuggled close to each other in a rubble of sheets, discarded clothing littering the otherwise orderly room. It didn't take a genius to realize what had just happened there and, at the moment, all Marron could think of was the girl he cradled in his arms. She shouldn't see this!

As quietly as he could, sneaked back out of the room, locking the door behind him. It was then that the second wave of drowsiness hit him. Leaning against the wall for support this time, he shifted his hold of Chocolate so as to make her more comfortable. She was smiling serenely in her sleep. Probably dreaming of oniisan.If she only knew.Brushing a few of her auburn tresses from her face, he brought himself into a standing position and started walking. Where to? He was surprised when he found himself upon the threshold of the room he was supposed to share with his brother. Sighing, he stepped inside, pushing the door closed behind.

Carefully placing the still sleeping Chocolate upon the bed, he decided to change his wine-stained clothes before proceeding down to the main lobby and booking a new room. Surely it wouldn't do to sleep here. Why not? a voice said in his head. Blushing for the third time, he ignored it and shed his outer garment. Little did he know that the girl whom he thought was lying on the bed was presently watching him with an amused expression on her countenance.

Ouch! My head! Must be the damn wine. I hate hangovers! Opening her eyes, Chocolate Misu scanned her surroundings. She was obviously in one of the rooms they had booked but she doubted that it was hers and Tira's. Trying to sit up, she caught sight of a figure at the far end of the room. Darling? I didn't know he cared. With a coy smile, she got up and walked unsteadily towards the figure that she thought was Carrot. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a shirtless Marron, tending to his usual vestments, trying to remove what seemed like a nasty wine stain and, at the same time, massaging his temples. Wine? He doesn't drink wine.That was when she remembered everything.

"I see you're up," he said in his usual tone.

Grinning sheepishly, she stifled a yawn. "Mhm. Though the alcohol still seems to have an effect on me."

A rather uncomfortable silence followed, during which the still rather tipsy girl managed to take in Marron's appearance. She has never seen him before out of his usual garments. She had often wondered what he would look like out of it. It was nothing perverse or anything. She just wanted to see him in casual clothing for a change. She didn't know she'd be so blessed to be given the chance to gaze upon his beauty in this manner. Since he had his back to her, she thought he didn't notice the sweeping gaze she gave him. Damn! He does have a wonderful back!

"I think you should go back to the bed and rest," he said, turning around to face her, noticing the blush on her face. "You seem to still be unbalanced."

Heck! His chest looks better! Chocolate nervously brought her stare from his chest to his face. "Err, no thanks. I'd rather be awake. My headache'd worsen when I awake." And, remembering something, she asked, "By the way, what am I doing here? Don't I get to share a room with my sister?"

Marron looked at her with uncertainty, but continued, "Your sister seems to be rather. preoccupied at the moment so I brought you to my room."

"Oh, so this is your and Darling's room. Where is he, anyhow?"

Marron looked away. He didn't feel like telling her about what he saw just now.

"Umm. he. umm," was all he managed to say but Chocolate got the idea.

"What the hell!" she exclaimed. "I'll show them." She rushed to the door and clumsily tried to undo the lock. Thankfully, Marron was able to reach her before she totally unlocked it, and, pinning her against the door with his body, he tried to subdue her struggling by pinning her hands in between them.

After a moment, she stopped struggling and finally broke down crying. "I can't believe it," she said bitterly. "My own sister dared take my Darling away from me." Marron's eyes softened as he gently released the girl's hands. Oniisan, how could you? Placing his hands tentatively behind her, he rubbed her back soothingly and whispered into her ear, "Gomen nasai. They were both drunk and." Chocolate cut him off. "No, it's not the alcohol. It's." She pressed her face more firmly into the hollow of his neck continued, "It's. love." "Love?" Marron couldn't help voice out his surprise. "Yes, love,' she repeated. " It doesn't take a genius to realize that. I mean, why would Tira always react like she does whenever I would make my advances on Carrot? She may not admit it to me but I could tell. And Darling, I'm not blind to see that he has this certain attraction for my sister. Damn it! I was so stupid to ever believe that I could make Darling reciprocate my feelings!" Marron didn't know what to do, what to say, so, acting on pure instinct, he tilted her chin to up to face him and, using his fingers, wiped away the tears that drowned the sparkle of her eyes. She was quite taken aback by this gesture and she lifted her eyes to meet sincere golden orbs. "It wouldn't do to call yourself stupid. You fell in love and there's nothing stupid about that." "But," she said, unable to avoid his gaze. "Why is it that love has always been unkind to me? All it does is hurt me. There are times when I feel that no one loves me anymore. All the people I love seem to be leaving me for one reason or another." Marron sighed. This was getting too complicated. "Chocolate," he said her name forcefully and she cringed at the loss of its warmth. "That is a lie. I know it is and you know it is. Though oniisan may not love you in the way you want him to, that doesn't mean that he feels nothing for you. He loves you as a sister and Tira loves you as well. Nothing could ever change that. We're your friends and nothing can change that. We'll always be here for you." "Marron." she said quietly. "Gomen nasai." Marron's eyes softened once again and he pulled her into his arms saying, "It's okay. I understand." They stayed in that position for quite some time, drinking in each other's warmth. Marron. I didn't know he cared this much.Chocolate thought as she snuggled closer to him. Hmm. this is really comfortable. Marron looked at the girl he once again held in his arms and wondered why his oniisan didn't choose her. She was beautiful, there was no denying the fact. She was sweet and loving, yet had a tougher side to her. He really didn't know why his brother didn't see this side of Chocolate. Probably because he is always too busy running from her. He chuckled to himself. Unlike you? a voice said in his mind. Shut up, he countered. "Marron." she said sleepily, breaking him from his reverie. "Since when did you become an expert in giving advices on matters of the heart?" He didn't respond, but, instead, held her closer to him. She understood. "Marron," she said yet again, snuggling sleepily into his chest. "Be careful about treating me this way. If you're not, I might fall in love with you." And, yawning lazily, she whispered, "Oyasumi nasai, Marron-chan."

Marron's head was swimming. What the heck did she mean by that? And why the heck am I blushing? And how the heck does she make me feel this way? And when the heck did I start using the word HECK? He stared once again at the now sleeping girl in his arms, a smile of contentment on her face. Then, hesitating, he carried her over to the bed. He was about to put her down carefully when a rather strong spell of drowsiness hit him and he tumbled onto bed, bringing Chocolate with him. He tried to pick himself up, but, finding it hard to fight against the pounding in his head, he finally succumbed to the allure of sleep.

Gateau chuckled to himself as he crept stealthily up the silent corridor. The sun hadn't risen yet but the muscleman was fully awake. With mischief in his eyes, he moved towards the door of a room at the end of the corridor, and turning the knob, entered with a snicker. You're mine now, Marron-chan.

Once inside, he locked the door and very slowly, moved towards the bed. There were two figures and that didn't surprise him. Of course, his Marron-chan always got to share the room with his hentai oniisan. That was not a problem at all. He approached the bed further, preparing to deliver a blow to the figure whom he thought was Carrot when. "WHAAAAAAAAAT????????!!!!!!!"

He stumbled back at the sight that met his eyes. Marron was clutching a sleeping Chocolate in his arms while the girl had her arm slung over his chest. A blanket covered them both, and noting that Marron was shirtless, the gears in his mind began turning. What he didn't notice was that Chocolate was fully clothed in contrast. "MARRON-CHAN, HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!" he wailed. His scream was loud enough to wake the dead but it didn't seem to work for the two. In frustration, he stomped out of the room, slamming the door on his way out. More wails could be heard as well as the breaking of a lot of things, probably vases thrown at him by people he disturbed.

"Oooh, my head," Chocolate whispered in agony, her eyes fluttering open, her sight hazy and unfocused. Where am I? she thought, still in a stupor. Then came the awareness of two arms encircling her waist and another heartbeat near her own. She looked up to see the sleeping face of an angel. Marron. And then she remembered. The truth, the pain, and this. Noting that she was fully clothed, she surmised that nothing perverse had happened that night. She let out a sight of relief. Thank Kami-sama.And then, she felt him stir, his golden eyes gazing at her sleepily. "Good morning," she greeted him with a smile, propping herself up into a sitting position and stretching her arms, yawning. "Did you sleep well?" "Hai," he said, sitting up as well, massaging his temples. "Though I do seem to have a progressive migraine." "Oops, sorry about that. Must be the after effect of the wine," she grinned sheepishly. He eyed her awkwardly and then said, "Chocolate, Daijoubu ka?" She smiled, "Daijoubu. I've learned to accept the truth now." Thanks to you. He returned her smile. "I'm glad." Then, noticing that they were on the same bed and he was shirtless, he blushed and looked away, muttering and embarrassed, "Gomen ne," before standing up to get dressed. Chocolate smirked. Boy, this guy has a lot to learn.Oh, and you must be willing to teach him that, ne? Oh shut up now, will you.Chocolate ended this mental conversation with her alter ego when she noticed that Marron was standing, fully dressed, beside the door. "I suggest we get some breakfast," he said in his usual tone. Chocolate sighed. "Yeah, sure." She wondered if the guy she walked down the corridor with was the same guy who showed her genuine concern the night before.

"Marron, Chocolate, you're finally up," Tira waved to the two of them as they entered the hotel's eating area.

Chocolate yawned open-mouthedly and muttered a muffled a "'mornin'" before plopping down carelessly into her seat.

Carrot eyed her suspiciously.

"What do you want, Carrot?" the brown haired girl asked in irritation.

"Sister, are you feeling. well?" It was Tira.

"Never better," she beamed. "Why'd you ask?"

"Well, for one thing, you called Carrot. erm.. Carrot. And."

"You're not actually after me?" Carrot couldn't hide his bewilderment. Grabbing her by the collar, he shook her fiercely, saying, "Okay, you. whatever you are. Who are you and what did you do with Chocolate?"

A nerve twitched and, in a split-second, Carrot's not-so-bishounen face was plastered undecoratively on the wall. Marron and Tira sweatdropped. "It's me, you baka!" Chocolate yelled.

"Yeah, sister, why the sudden change of perception?" interrogated Tira.

She was surprised when Chocolate dramatically held her hands and said, "Tira Misu, listen to me. You have succeeded. You have won the man I have loved so dearly over. I should be mad at you now but be thankful that I now have my eyes set on a certain someone or else I would've pounded you to pieces by now." She paused, not noticing the large sweatdrop that was forming over her sister. "I wish you happiness, imouto."

"Oneesan!" Tira exclaimed, her glasses getting misty.

Chocolate smiled back.

Marron, and a slowly recovering Carrot watched on.

"She's letting me go?" the older Glace said, still very much bewildered.

"I'm afraid so," Marron said solemnly.

Carrot gave his brother a playful smile. "Have you got anything to do with this?"

The black-haired bishounen blushed and looked away.

"Chocolate and Marron sitting in a tree, K-I-S- yeow!"

A star shone in the distance as Chocolate massaged her knuckles. "Baka!"

Tira looked from her sister to Marron. Hmm. they do make a cute pair. The younger Misu gets the older Glace. The older Misu gets the younger Glace. Oh, the irony of life. She sighed, taking a sip from her mug of steaming hot chocolate. Can't live with it, can't live without it.

So, what do you think? Crappy ain't it? Anyway, I did enjoy writing it and that's what matters. Please don't sue me for this. Review and tell me what you think of this alternate-pairing fic. I wanna know if I should make a sequel or not. go easy on the flames though. This is my first BH fic, after all.