Disclaimer: I do not own any of Jane Austen's creations. Nor do I own the character of Amanda Price from ITV's "Lost in Austen" ... I am simply borrowing them!

Prologue – Fainting In the Loo

"Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint." – Jane Austen

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Amanda Price and I am a Jane-ite (or whatever Jane Austen fans are called nowadays). My life as a whole has become routine. I wake up, stare at the wall for a bit (wondering why nothing has changed), brush my teeth and shower, change my clothes and have tea and some biscuits and run off to work. What can I say; I'm stuck in a rut!

I do the whole 9-5 thing and by the time I get home; can think of nothing better than kicking my shoes off and relaxing with a glass of wine and my favorite novel.

Pride and Prejudice!

There is something about that novel that makes me feel as though I am home again. The language, the characters; they all seem to jump off the page and I am not ashamed to say that I hold them close to my heart as dear friends. I often find myself wishing that people still spoke like this instead of the slang that I hear day in and day out. Where has the beauty of speech gone? Where have manners gone?

As I daydream at my desk, I hear a voice call out, "Amanda Price?"

I sigh, for, it is time to bring myself back to reality. "Yes," I look at my boss, Gemma.

She beckons for me to come to her office and as soon as I sit in the chair opposite her; she replies, "There will be a few changes made today."


It was not the change that I wished for. I have lost my job with the bank and cannot even focus on my beloved novel.

I just stare at myself in the mirror; thinking how could this have happened. I can hear my phone ringing; however, something has happened and I cannot move. I see my reflection moving; and yet, I am still. My reflection comes out of the mirror and replies, "Oh my dear, but, you seem faint?"

"Who are you?"

"Elizabeth Bennet," says my reflection.

Before I can respond any further or ask myself what would Jane do (Jane Austen to be exact), I promptly pass out on the ground.

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