New story. This is because, I was looking at some twilight fan fictions and I thought how all human ones were actually quite good. I attempted one before but no one read it and it is complete shit so I decided to start again and hope that people prefer this one. Please tell me what you think, and if I should continue because I don't know if I will, to be honest:


"Edward, are all boys idiots?" I heard the hum of Alice's voice as I lazed about by the pool in the liquid sunshine.

"Edward. Edward?" Alice's voice chirped but I had closed my eyes and was drifting off into a nice sleep where girls worshipped me, but I only worshipped the one and only –

"Edward!" She exclaimed, kicking my shoulder with her shoe. I grumbled something, slurring all of my words together, before jumping up so that my little sister couldn't assault me anymore.

"What, Alice?"

"As I said, are all boys idiots?"

"I'm not an idiot," I said, hoping that that answered her question. It did, but somehow for not the right reasons. She sunk onto the paved floor and put her head on her knees.

"Er, Alice?" I asked, now it was my turn to prod her with my barefoot. She looked up at me and smiled half-heartedly. I decided not to ask about it as it was obviously boy trouble, and she had her pesky friend Rosalie for that.

"Edward, Alice, we've got to go soon!" I heard mum yell from the kitchen. We strolled in from the outside pool and joined her in there. Dad was there too when he normally worked on Wednesday nights and I felt confusion ripple through my body.

"Edward are you forgetting everything in your adolescent years? I know that you are caught up in girls' and school work and teenage boy stuff that I frankly don't want to know about, but couldn't you at least remember our monthly visit to Auntie Sue?" Auntie Sue. Good God. That woman was more of an elephant than an auntie, I should know, when I was merely six years old she accidentally sat on me. I had to go to hospital.

I sighed and asked if I had time to have a shower, which I luckily did have time for, and ran upstairs to wash my hair. It was a nice day, and although it was almost nine it was still light, so I decided to shower with the curtains open. I thought that this would be okay due to the fact that we had those net curtains which were already drawn, so people outside wouldn't be able to see me… naked, even if they wanted to.

I was relaxing in the shower with Alice's special glittery soap - that I wouldn't admit to liking in a million years – as well as singing a few of Van Morrison's hits for around twenty minutes before I heard giggles outside the bathroom door. I turned the shower off and heard chorus's of "shhh!" as well as the patter of feet running down the corridor.

Embarrassed and confused as to who was spying on me in the shower I quickly dried my hair on a nearby towel (I say dried, I mean rubbed with a towel for about five seconds before getting bored) and wrapped a towel around my waist before running out of the bathroom and down the corridor, realising that I had virtually no chance of finding the girls who were by the bathroom. I realised that one of them must have been Alice, and then one of her friends? Surely not Rosalie? She hated me. Who then?

I was interrupted from my thoughts by Alice's bubbly voice coming from her room which, luckily, I was standing near.

"I don't think he knew it was us."

"No. I certainly hope not. That's a bit too embarrassing. He'll think that I'm stalking him or something. Oh God, Alice do you know what it looked like?" The voice was sweet and yet excited. Gentle yet boisterous.

"What did it look like?"

"Like we were trying to see him naked…" The girl's voice changed from being excited and exuberant to soft very quickly. I wondered how that worked, how could someone have a mood swing that fast? Actually, why did I even bother thinking that? Alice.

"Oh shit. I guess it did. Oh well, you saw him naked anyway." WHAT? Who saw me naked?

"Alice! That was by accident! Anyway, we weren't spying so that doesn't matter."

I didn't know whether to make an appearance or keep hidden in my safety position (outside the room of pervy stalkers). Well, to be honest it didn't matter whatsoever because just at that moment Alice and the girl who saw me naked came out of the room. What's more was when I bashed into the girl in an attempt to escape.

"Edward! What are you doing?" Alice seemed surprised, but I knew her too well. I glared in her direction before realising that I was half naked in front of a person I had definitely never seen in my life.

"What were you doing?"

"It's a long story. But, you need to get dressed before we go to Auntie Sue's." Alice shrugged her shoulders and whispered something to the girl I had not properly looked at yet.

"Well… fine. Fine Alice fine." I replied in a childish manner, unable to resist sticking my tongue out as I sloped off, "by the way, who's she?" I asked for effect. I wanted it to be rude as I had already decided that I didn't like her nosy little buddy but that was before I looked at her. I mean really looked at her. Her chocolate brown hair covered half of her face as I guessed she was embarrassed (who wouldn't be, when you had seen your friends brother naked and he then yelled at you like some drunk child?) but her eyes were an endless brown. Deeper and deeper they went; I could practically swim in them.

"I'm Bella," she whispered, blushing crimson. I joined her, raised a hand as if to shake hers, though we were too far away from each other to shake hands.

"Edward," I muttered gruffly before making a run for it. The running thing never did any good, you see, because it makes people think you have a weird disorder or something. It did in this case because I left Bella and Alice stranded in the corridor. This is bad in itself, but combined with the fact that Alice will probably have a lot of fun making up some problem which 'I was born with' like mental social abilities was unthinkable. Actually, right now, I wouldn't argue with that.

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