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'You okay?' I asked, confused about what was happening now.

'Yeah. Sorry, but you are really cold and wet...' she said, and then I realised the most embarrassing thing of all... I had been leaning on her! Or she had been leaning on me, anyway, we were touching!

'S***, sorry...' I muttered.

'It's fine. I'll, um, turn the heating on.'

And so we sat there, our arms barely touching, watching Scrubs comfortably. I had not been more relaxed and, sort of, happy, in all my life. And then, the lights went out.

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"What the fuck?" I muttered, looking at the darkness where the TV had been.

"Go check whether the whole street is out." Bella demanded, and for some reason, I did as she said. The whole street was pitch black, and I started panicking in my mind: how would Alice know which house to go to with no lights? How would I stop bumping into Bella? How would I get home? Why did the power have to cut out during Scrubs of all programs? How was the seat still wet even when I sat on the towel? Yes, these were all pressing questions in my mind.

I told Bella of the situation at hand, and she just sighed. After that pause, she got up (I could hear her rustling) and felt her way to a small cupboard beside the television. I asked her what she was doing, but she didn't reply, until she turned around holding candles.

"We don't have any torches or anything. But, we do have these. We can place them around the room until the lights come on." Crap. All I wanted was to pick up my little sister from her friend's house, and I got a romantic night in with the girl who I may/may not like.

"Fine. Give me some to put around." We placed the candles in strategic places around the room, and when they were all lit, returned to our seats on the sofa.

Just as we sat, Alice received to a text.

"Oh, that's Alice. She said that Jasper's house has got a power cut too and she's not going to leave until the lights come on again." I couldn't tell whether Bella was pleased, disappointed, annoyed about spending more time with me. That girl was like a closed book.

"Okay. Garh, I wonder what caused it?" I asked, and luckily this shot us into a whole conversation about why there could be a power cut. When Bella suggested that the whole government system could be aliens out to get us and this was one of their plans that had failed, I knew that we had gone too far. I laughed, and then tried to turn the conversation in a more interesting direction, trying to understand this girl.

"So. You're friends with Alice?" I said awkwardly.

"No shit Sherlock," she replied, and smiled. I must admit, she did look really beautiful in the candle-light. Her skin glowed and her eyes danced in front of me.

"But you don't like me?" I probed. She blushed the most she had done all night, then, and I took note of it. It took her, like, half a minute before replying.

"I don't not like you."

"Nice answer. Truthful?"

"Well what would you say if I asked you that?" She retorted, and it was my time to cuss myself for asking such a dumb question!

"I don't know you that well..." she looked sad when I said this so I added, "but what I've seen, I like."

There was a long pause. We had been leaning closer and closer together, and, unthinkingly, I closed the gap between us, by kissing her lips softly. She responded by kissing me back, and wrapping her arms around me. As I kissed her I could feel her hands running through my hair and I never wanted it to stop. As she broke off for air I moved my lips to her throat and placed a trail of kisses down her neck.

Just as we began kissing once again (I blame hormones) there was a knock on the door. I broke away from Bella, and noticed at once that the lights had gone back on! I hadn't even noticed!

The next few seconds, as Bella got the door, I started freaking out and panicking. Me and my sister's best-friend! Me and Bella! Me and a girl in the year below! I just made out with a girl after finishing a date with another girl! What a player!

At the door, standing like a little fairy, was Alice. Shit, she would not be pleased.

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