the replacements: a daring rescue

by nita dee

disclaimer: the replacements belong to dan santat and disney productions.


traveling up a mountain in western spain, british intelligence agent k and her intrepid spy car carter were being chased by a group of ninjas in a hummer up the mountain.

"ninja's in spain?!! why i never.." carter protested.

"they're everywhere these days." k said with a weary tone.

this kind of thing was starting to get tiresome to agent k. she was no longer a kicky girl of 20 who loved the spy missions and the danger but rather she had matured into a woman of 38 who was married and had a family waiting on her in the united states.

"look out, k! they are gaining on us!" car said alarmed.

"okay car, give me options.." k said. "here we go again..."

the ninja's were gaining on the sports car in their black hummer that matched their outfits. sticking his head out of the window, the ninja on the passenger side and shot a flame thrower at the back end of the sports car.

"this isn't good, k..." car said.

k watched in the rear view mirror as the back end of carter caught fire. she had to make a quick decision. to step on the gas could well mean the end of carter and herself. or she could stop and allow the ninja's to capture her and carter and worry later about escaping.

the left rear tire on carter blew out. k, an experienced driver at fast speeds, tried to take control of the car but the narrow and steep mountain roads did not leave any room for experimentation. k lost control of carter and the vehicle rolled down the side of the mountain, flipping several times before coming to a stop upside down.

at first, k was stunned and unable to comprehend what had happened over the last 30 seconds. her head and entire left side ached and she knew from a previous fracture she had fractured her left arm.

car's voice brought her back to reason.

"for the love of god, k..get out!! i'm fixing to blow up!" carter said in a commanding voice.

"no car..i can't just up and leave you.." k said wearily.

"get out, k!! that is an order!" car commanded and then he made good on his command by releasing the utility device under the driver's seat. k was catapulted out of the car and onto the grass, still stunned.

"car.." k said, rising to her feet to try and get to the fire extingisher located in the back of the car.

but then, k felt something that felt like a bee sting on the back of her neck and her world went black.

the caravan of ninjas stopped at the top of the mountain and two ninjas exited the hummer. the two men walked down the steep incline to where k was laying still as carter burned 20 feet away from her.

"is she dead?" the younger ninja asked the older ninja.

"no. but she has a price on her head and when raja rameen gets finished with her she will be." the older ninja said.

together, the two men put k into a body bag and carried her up the incline to the awaiting hummer.