Meet the Parents: (Alternate)

Nanoha gulped nervously as they went inside.

"It'll be fine!" Fate reassured her.

It had been a crazy few months. Fate had come to Earth seeking a smuggler dealing in Jewel Seeds, met Nanoha, gave Nanoha the magic item Raising Heart, and the two then working together to stop the crook, Yuuno. THEN there was the Book of Darkness mess. They had also fallen in love between crisises... it had only quieted down enough now to finally visit Fatr's homeworld.

And meet Fate's mother.

'Oh goddess...,' Nanoha thought nervously.

"FATE-CHAN!" the beautiful woman rushed forward, glomping her.

"Mother," Fate laughed.

"Onee-chan!" a identical blond to Fate rushed in, making Nanoha blink in confusion.

"My twin sister, Alicia," Fate explained.

The meeting went well. Precia was charming and warm, and clearly loved her daughters. They were a happy family, even if Nanoha did wonder where the dad was.

"Mother...," Fate took a deep breath, "we're engaged."

"I'm so happy for you both!" Precia beamed.

Both Fate and Nanoha visibly relaxed.

"Nanoha and I should talk," Precia continued warmly, "Fate, have you seen Alicia's new Device?"

"Come on, onee-chan!" Alicia tugged her hand as they walked off.

"Nanoha-san?" Precia said, still smiling.

"Yes?" Nanoha replied.

Still smiling warmly Precia continued, "If you break my daughter's heart, I WILL END YOU."

For the first time in her life, Nanoha felt real fear...


Notes: In most canons where she lives, Precia tends to be a BIT excessive in how protective she is with her kids. See: Nanoha Innocent, as a example.

I was mean to Yuuno again. Sorry, ferret fans.