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~~= change in POV (usually from Harry to Voldemort, but if otherwise I'll state it)


How did it come to this?

He was chained to the wall head down, dried blood cracking on his lips. His wrists were yanked over his head, they didn't hurt anymore, since the numbness kicked in about 3 days ago. His shoulders ached every now and then, but it wasn't that bad. Nothing was compared to the torture he used to endure on a daily basis. But soon even the Cruciatus curse didn't bother him that much. So they decided to switch up the torture. Mental and physical were used in combination, with the purpose to drive him insane, at least that is what he thought the reason was.

They didn't torture him everyday now, they would usually heal him the next day too. But it has been 4 days since he was last tortured. What killed him was that he didn't know to what ends they were torturing him for? They never asked questions, and while he could just be because he was the one and only Harry Potter. What other reasons would they need to torture him so? It had been months since he had seen the outside world, but he knew the war still waged. How? Well whenever the Order did something right Voldemort would come down personally and make him pay for whatever the order did. When he was the one behind the wand… it didn't matter what the curse was, it hurt like hell. It took a month for Harry to beg them to just kill him, but when Bellatrix just laughed at him and continued her torture he stopped talking. Not that they wanted to hear him speak, but sometimes when they were taunting him they would rather hear him respond.

How did he ever get into this mess? Well it is very simple. He was stupid and unknowingly came to them. If he had known that those events would lead him to where he was now, he most definitely would not have done what he had, but what would any wizard in his position do?

4 months ago, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey


What does he want now ? Harry sat up from his modest bed and moved to the door and down the stairs. He had gotten home not even a week ago, what could he have possibly done? As he entered the kitchen he saw his thin aunt and very fat uncle. Dudley was M.I.A, probably off terrorizing a 4th grader or something like that. He sighed as his eyes landed on his red uncle. "Yes uncle?" Harry just wanted to go back upstairs with all his school stuff and try to make it through this summer.

"We just got this" He thrusted a package into Harry's hands. The writing was addressed to him but he did not know the writing. It was oddly familiar though

"How did it come? By the post or owl?" Harry looked up at the now maroon face his uncle adorned. He really shouldn't have asked, but he couldn't help it

"How do you bloody hell thick it got here?!?!" His aunt gave Vernon a look, as if to say 'never swear in my house again or I'll end you' but didn't verbalize anything. "Some ruddy bird dropped it right on my head"

Harry had to contain the humor trying to show itself on his face. It took a moment, but he had mastered masking his emotions long ago. He wasn't allowed to laugh at something he found funny… in fact, he wasn't really allowed to laugh at all. "So… er… you alright then? I mean, your not in any pain right?" Clearly that was not what was needed to be said he his uncle right now because the maroon turned to a very violent shade of purple

"THAT IS NOT THE POINT BOY" he roared and Petunia rushed from the room. Harry closed his eyes, why did he let his mouth run away from his mind? "THE POINT IS I DON'T WANT THESE THINGS FLYING IN MY HOUSE!" Harry opened his eyes and remained silent. "WELL?" Harry looked at his uncle

"It's not really my choice, they'll find their way in one way or another, remember last time you tried to stop letters?"

Again another bad remark. But this time… WAM. Vernon smacked Harry so hard he slammed into the wall and his back made a sizeable dent "DON'T YOU GIVE ME THAT LIP BOY" Harry slowly got up and tried to shack the hit off, but god did that hurt. He just tried to nod, to let his uncle know he understood him, but took he had a package hitting his head "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT HUH?" Harry was not getting annoyed at Vernon… well past annoyed, more like angry. He balled up his fists and looked at him.

"I'm going up to my room, I'm taking this" he held up the package and then before Vernon could answer he darted up the stairs and locked the door. He sighed as he heard no sounds coming from downstairs. Good, he was clear. With that settled he looked at the package in his hands once more and sighed. He wished he could remember the handwriting, but he was too curious to really care. He opened up the package, thinking of the different things it could be. It had to be from a wizard, but not Ron, Hermione, or Hagrid… Not any other Weasely, nor Dumbledore. He ran through other people whose handwriting he had seen but came up blank. But it didn't really matter because when he got the black wrapping off and opened the box he saw yet another box, but there was also a letter. Snatching the letter he opened it to reveal the words written in the same writing as his name and address were on the packaging. It was short and to the point, but still chilled him to the bone:

I'll enjoy seeing you again, Harry Potter

What was going on? Who would write him something like that? He looked at the box inside the one he opened and couldn't help it. He opened that one too and then all the pieces clicked and he could have died on the spot. Inside the box was a picture of his friends, Ron and Hermione being killed by none other than Lord Voldemort. The writing from the diary. He remembered now, it was like that… he couldn't help but stare at the picture before him. His their had faces of true agony… It was sickening. After a few minutes he crumpled it in his fist but more writing made him pause his actions to smooth out the drawing and turn it to see the words on the back:

Hope you like it, thought you should see what I was doing to them for your own eyes. I'm coming for you soon, In fact… I should be on my way now… I'll make the prophecy come true soon enough my dear Harry.

Harry was now a little worried… Voldemort had his friends? Who else would it be? It was probably another trick just like with Sirius… but it was a picture. Could you fake a picture? Yeah probably, but still…. His mind was frantic and he wasn't sure what to do. He looked at Hedwig and bit his lips "I don't have enough time to write them…" He then looked down at his broom "I could fly to Ron's…. then from there we can go see if Hermione's alright" Something was telling him that running wasn't the best idea, after all Voldemort couldn't hurt him here, but he couldn't let his friends be tortured while he stayed here. He threw together everything he would immediately need before he released Hedwig "Fly to Ron's, I'll be right there" Hedwig gave his fingers a few affectionate nips before she spread her wings and went off into the night. He threw his bag over his shoulder and put on a heavy cloak and had his invisibility over his arm. With his wand at the ready and his broom under his arm he opened the door to his room before grabbing his Firebolt with his right hand.

Harry marched down the stairs and Vernon and Petunia were still at the table "Where do YOU think YOU'RE going?" Vernon growled. Harry pointed his wand at him and as calmly as possible answered him.

"I'm going to Ron's, I think he might be in trouble and if you try to stop me, I'll curse you" he watched his uncle spit and sputter as Petunia rose and went to the door and opened it for him.

"Hurry up then Harry" she snapped and Harry looked at her with a little surprise before he nodded.

He mounted his broom and then shot out of the door and into the night. It was chilly and he figured it was a good time to put on his invisibility cloak to stay warmer and hid from dangers. He shoved his wand in his pocket and was about to throw the cloak over his body when he saw something dart across the sky. "Bugger…" he breathed as he forgot about the cloak and pulled his wand out again. He shot away from the shadow and towards Ron's. He just had to get there, no matter the costs. Every now and then Harry would glance behind but saw nothing but darkness. Then he would see not just one shadow, but 3, or 4… maybe there were the same shadows… but then he saw a line of 6-8 flying right towards him. He shot down for the ground with the group on his heels. He then glanced back just in time to see red sparks shoot towards him. Harry shot back up, narrowly missing them. This was such a bad idea, and he still had a long way to travel. There was no way he was going to make it. He aimed his wand behind him and sent a few stunning spells. He thought he heard something, but wasn't too sure about it. He just kept on flying as fast as he could but then he heard a laugh and felt something hit him right in the spine. He was slowing down and then he was falling. Harry tried to keep his eyes open, hell even try to move, but he couldn't, he just fell. The laughing grew louder as Harry's world finally went black.

Finally, to have the Boy-that-lived-and-wouldn't-die… It was such a pleasant feeling and he could honestly say he was happy for once. One prophecy said that one of them needed to die, but he had found another: When the two sides of the moon unite as one, their power will know no equal. They will unite mind, body, and soul on the binding day and forever shall know power unmatched. It went on some more and he had figured out that the end was talking about those two pesky friends of his. He would have them soon enough. But he was still trying to figure out what the binding day was? There were references to binding days… but they all were different days. He would figure it out eventually and he would have this power the prophecy spoke of and he would get Harry to see things his way, after all, he was Lord Voldemort, and that is what he did best.

Present time

So that is how it started. He was caught and brought down here in this dungeon… tortured and well, the rest is history. Harry's stomach let out a growl, and if waiting for the cue, Voldemort walked in with a needle "Hello Harry" He was smiling… that was never good. Well, actually seeing him at all was never good. But smiling meant he was actually happy or he was faking happiness. Regardless, when he was having a good or bad day, that meant a really bad day for Harry. When he remained silent Voldemort's smile only grew "Why Harry, you could at least say hello back, where are your manors?"


"That's not nice, I am your master and you should show me respect"

More silence

"Well if you don't want to talk…" Voldemort walked to Harry and looked into his green eyes with his blood red ones. He then stuck the needle into Harry's abdomen like he always did and Harry felt reality slip away. "I know this is so muggle, but Snape assures me that this is the best way to make sure the effects are quick" Voldemort than pressed his fingers to Harry's forehead and smiled as winced and jerked a bit "Yes, you are rather immune to most pain now huh? I heard that my favorite curse doesn't make you blink" Harry remained silent as the lines of the room blurred. This crap always made him feel like he was floating. He didn't know why Voldemort gave it to him, hell he didn't really care either. It was just a nice feeling… until this high went away, which was always sooner than the time before. He was slowly able to see the lines of the room, and everything seemed to be more intense. This is what he liked to do. Snape would cook up this potion to heighten the senses of his victims and then he would bring on the pain. Only Voldemort used this, but it was so horrible each time, since his awareness to the pain seemed to only get stronger with each injection. "Today I think we'll start with your body and work our way in… then I'll show you my new friend" he smiled and then threw a silence curse his way. Cruciatus… that had nothing on whatever Voldemort sent his way. This curse seemed to break each of his bones slowly before putting them back together, but leaving the pain behind. It sucked to be blunt, but there was no way he could fight it. He just wanted the pain to stop, but it never did. Harry raised his screams to the heavens, wishing that someone would come to end his misery.

Ahh the screams. Voldemort wiped off the sweat from his face. What had it been? 4 hours? 5 hours? It was a good session regardless, and it was about to get a whole lot better. He would bring his friend in, then he'd see if Harry would beg…. He missed hearing Harry's voice, but after Bella… well he wondered if the boy would talk again. Not that talking was necessary… he would be more intimidating if Harry didn't speak to the Death Eaters when he joined him. Together they would rule, sure he didn't want to share the spotlight, but by that time, maybe he wouldn't care all that much. He would have Harry, and the world, he could share a little.

Crimson eyes scanned Harry's bruised body and he nodded "Alright, Harry, it's time to meet my new friend. I found my friend yesterday… I think they were looking for you, but then again… maybe they did want to be with me all along" he smirked and then called Lucius to bring his friend in. Voldemort watched Harry's eyes try to open, but he was having problems "Oh, I'm sorry my boy, I want you to meet my friend properly" he waved his wave to heal his injuries and then made the chains drop him to the ground. Voldemort then walked to Harry and placed his glasses on his face. He patted his cheek making Harry yelp in pain "Good boy" He then stood and walked the door swing in and Lucius stroll in with a smirk on his pointed face. He was pulling something behind him that was making a lot of noise. Lucius then threw whatever he was pulling between him, Voldemort, and Harry and Voldemort watched Harry's eyes light up in recognition of his friend.

Harry gasped as he looked at the dirty face of none other than Hermione Granger. He opened his mouth a few times before he finally got it right "'Mione?" his voice was raspy from screaming, and from lake of use. Hermione was in the process of cursing at Malfoy when she looked and saw Harry.

"HARRY!" She tried to wrap her arms around him but Lucius yanked back on a rope in his hand and Hermione's neck snapped back and she went flying back onto the floor. Harry tried to stand to get her but Voldemort pointed his want at him and a chain wrapped around his torso, holding him to the wall. If Harry wasn't happy, Hermione was pissed "If I had my wand you'd be in a million pieces Malfoy" she snapped at him and tried to get up but Lucius turned his wand on her and kept her down

"I will teach you some manors mudblood" he hissed "My lord?" he looked up at Voldemort for permission and Hermione scoffed at him

"Have to ask your master if it's alright? Your Pathetic" she spat at him and then Lucius let out a cry of disgust and hit her with a powerful 'CRUCIO'. Her screams filled the little room and Harry, still being under the effects of the potion clamped his hands over his ears and tried to tune out her cries.

"STOP IT" he yelled and Voldemort held up his hand and Lucius stopped. Harry was breathing almost as hard as Hermione was, but she was still shaking and twitching a bit. Harry felt his heart break as he looked at his dear friend lying helplessly on the ground.

"You see Harry, you don't seem to respond to torture of your own… so I thought it would be best to bring in your friends and torture them… make them turn into the perfect slaves and followers of me and my Death Eaters.."


Voldemort simply looked at her with his evil eyes before looking back at Harry "Let see how you react Harry when I take the body of your friend here" he said and then moved to Hermione. His wand flicked in the air as he muttered under his breath. Her simple and dirty clothes were cut off her body and removed. Voldemort then turned to Harry and sent a spell his way to make him watch what he was about to do. He then turned his evil attention back to the mudblood and he let out an evil smile "Let see how brave you really are"