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Tonks felt like she had been run over by a herd of hippogriffs. She didn't even remember what she was hit with- a bone crushing curse maybe? Her side felt like it was on fire. Where was she anyway? She couldn't really remember what happened. They were trying to get Harry and Hermione, and then… the alarms went off. Yes that was it. They were running across the yard with Hermione, not Harry though and then she was hit with something. She remembered seeing Remus' face as he apparated away… shit. She couldn't restrain the groan that made its way out of her throat.

"Oh dear niece o'mine- I've been waiting for you"

You have got to be kidding. Tonks opened her eyes to look at Bellatrix- trying to look emotionless but probably failing. Tonks knew she wore her thoughts on her sleeves. She put a smile on her face "How have you been Bellatrix? It has been a long time hasn't it?"

"Too long" Bellatrix answered very quickly. Tonks knew she was in for a lot of pain, there was really no other option. She was caught by death eaters- of course they were going to try to find out about the order and their plans. "We have been waiting for you to wake up, you have been out for a while- I was afraid you were too hurt to wake up"

"Nothing a little rest won't fix Bella" SLAP. Tonk's face whipped to the side as Bellatrix's palm struck her brutally. When Tonks reached up to touch her face and realized those long nails also managed to make a few cuts on their trip across her check.

"Now now Nymphadora, I think it has been too long for us to be so informal"

"How silly of me to think us closer, we will have to change that though. It would be weird for us to know so little about each other when you are about to kill me"

Tonks almost recoiled at the look Bellatrix gave her. Some truly disturbing smile mixed in with something else… something Tonk's couldn't even being to recognize or dissect. "Dear niece… I'm not going to kill you. No the Dark Lord will let Harry have that honor I'm sure. No I'm going to torture you. There is a small different between the two. You see, both will hurt- make no mistake about that. But one will leave you with a beating heart and the other one won't" Bellatrix ran the back of her index and middle finger down Tonk's cheek and she found herself flinching subconsciously "Shall we start?"

Tonk's felt her mouth run slightly dry before she composed herself "What's the rush? I find myself with nothing but time suddenly" She managed to remain calm as Bella cackled, definitely more amused than anything by her antics.

"Normally I would agree with you" She slowly got up and pulled her wand out "I do so like to take my time, however any information you have has a limited window of usefulness and you already slept so much. Some veritaserum is on its way so you will be telling the truth, but you know how hard that is to get, even with a potion master on hand… Besides I know in your cute auror training you had to learn or try to learn some basic occlumency- we can't just blindly trust that potion can we?"

"I guess not"

"No- 'friad we can't so it has fallen on me to find out what you know cousin. So tell me- where are your little friends? What are they planning and how many are left? Take your time though- I've been looking forward to this for a long time-CRUCIO!"

She screamed

A few floors up Harry was still on his knees, unable to get himself back up. Voldemort had moved to sit at the desk, though he turned the chair so he could continue to look at Harry. Voldemort was delighting in sending Harry waves of magic which was doing terrible things to his ability to stand, otherwise he would have gotten up ages ago. Apparently the better he was today would determine what curses Voldemort used against Hermione- it is not too hard to guess that Harry would be on his best behavior.

He was breathing fairly heavily, his limbs trembling from the onslaught. More sweat rolled down his temples and that back of his neck grew damp with each passing moment. "Now Harry, seeing you like this does wonders I'll have you know. I think I should keep you like this forever. Whenever I am feeling angry I could come see you like this and all that would go away- I'm sure of it"

Harry bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment as he weathered another bought of magic. He took in a shaky breath before opening his eyes and looking at Voldemort "You don't really want that" He said in such a quaking voice he was disgusted with himself.


"No. You want a strong slave" He gasped and couldn't help writhing a bit on his knees as a strong wave rushed over him

"Slave… What gave you that thought Harry?" He could hear footsteps but his eyes had closed at some point- he didn't remember when. "I want your loyalty and admiration. I want your love and devotion. I don't want a slave. I want every inch of you" The cool hand touched his face and Harry not only nuzzled it but his body jerked towards it, his hands latching onto the arm and pulling the coolness closer to his enflamed body. A soft chuckle rumbled around him but he just needed salvation. Gods this was all he ever wanted. Peace and salvation. "But for now…" The magic cut off and Harry felt his body return to normal, though his breathing was still heavy and his heart felt like a hummingbird in his chest. The cool hand was starting to just feel cold. The sweat combined with the coldness made him shiver and pull away slightly. "Now now Harry, you were being so agreeable"

Harry opened his eyes and looked at Voldemort "What do you want me to do? You know I'm going to do it, just tell me what it is" He couldn't keep his voice from sounding a bit husky or a bit tired. He just was so very tired.

"Oh Harry" His hands ran over his face prompting another shiver and then lips pressed on his forehead, right over the scar "I am going to make you strong. I am going to give you the key to all that dark seductive magic you have inside you. I am going to unleash you on the world and watch them tremble" His lips moved against his skin, soft puffs of air that were warm compared to his cold skin caressed his forehead and somehow helped bring him back to his body and mind, out of the fog of magic. "For now I want you to try to make that field you made earlier. And later" Harry felt the smile on his skin as Voldemort moved to kiss his temple "Later… well later I will continue to teach you about our magic"

Abruptly Voldemort stood, but his hands had moved to Harry's arms thus pulling him up too. Harry's head rushed with the rapid change in height and if it wasn't for the hands he probably would be back on the floor. As he centered himself and resisted the urge to step away from Voldemort- which was a rather strong urge- he spoke softly "Can I have a glass of water first?"

"Of course" A wave of his hand brought an elf with a tray with not only a cup of water but also a tea service. The house elf placed the tray on a table before disappearing before their eyes. Harry reached for the water and took a few sips of it as Voldemort moved closer to the tray and put cube of sugar into his cup before pouring the tea in. He splashed a small bit of milk in before stirring it. "I want you to be able to materialize your magic for at least two minutes" He drank a small bit of tea before he placed it back on the tray and walked a small distance from Harry. "Your magic can block not only physical objects but also magic. Think of it as a wandless Protego, yet not. Do you know why?"

"Because I don't say 'Protego'?"

"Harry" one warning. Harry was too tired to earn another.

"It's stronger"

"Yes, but how do you know this? Why is it stronger?"

"It's hard to use, usually means something is stronger"

"Or it means a witch or wizard is not as advanced in that area and those type of spells are taxing for them. Now think this time, why is what you created stronger than protego?"

"It's pure magic?"

"Yes. Pure, unfiltered unrestrained magic. The manifestation of not only your potential but also your will. That is why you have been able to conjure it when you are scared or angry at me. Your emotions are tied to your magic- but you don't need emotions to use magic in this way. All you need is the will. I know you have this" Harry saw Voldemort's lips pull into a slight smile

Will huh… Harry sipped at the water again before putting it down on the tray. Better get this over with. "Willpower… right" He said softly and he could almost hear Voldemort's smile grow

"Strength of Will Harry, you have that in spades"

Harry didn't look at him, but he definitely knew Voldemort would lose that smile Harry knew he was wearing if he didn't start soon. He just needed to find the will to create that barrier. Closing his eyes, Harry let himself fall into a fantasy where creating this would keep him safe, would keep everyone safe. He wanted to feel safe again. He wanted that more than anything. He felt a little silly as he lifted his hand but he thought about creating a shield to protect him, something no one could get through. He let himself fall into that dream, that desire to be safe and protected. And then….


Nothing happened. No tax on his magic, no barrier, nothing. Well Shit.

He sighed and rubbed his face quickly before he tried again. He couldn't use those strong emotions like he did before, he knew that Voldemort would see that as cheating. He had to figure this out.

"You have to mean it" Voldemort said softly, as if he didn't want to full break his concentration "You have to want it to happen and then know you need to accept that you will make it happen. You have done it before so you know it is possible. You need to be strong in your desire, you own your magic- it is yours- bend it to your will"

Surprisingly that was what he needed to hear. As much as Harry hated to admit it. He took a gentle breath and thought about what he wanted. He didn't bother with visions of safety, just with the want to have a ball of magic at the end of his hand. He wanted it there and he wanted it there-

"That's it" He looked at his hand as Voldemort spoke and a shivering clear ball was hanging in mid-air off of his hand. It bent the room past it- the only real indication that Harry had that he was successful- other than the tax he felt on his body. He allowed himself a soft smile as he pushed more magic into the ball and he saw streams of gold and green flow into the ball before also turning clear. Was that what Voldemort saw while his eyes were closed?

He did feel the drain the longer he held it out. And then Voldemort stood and walked towards him. He let his hand ghost the perimeter of the ball and the edges closest to his hand turned gold and green in reaction to his proximity. When he was close Harry felt a strong drain on his magic. He took a deep breath and looked at Voldemort, watching his movements carefully.

Voldemort places his hand on the orb and then an inky red color was being pushed into that ball and Harry gasped. It was his magic, and that pleasurable feeling traveled up his arm and through his body. His arm started to shake as not only he started losing the strength of will to hold the ball up, losing the magical strength, but also the pleasure was so delicious. His eyes became slightly unfocused as he watched his gold and green magic attack Voldemort's magic and then felt Voldemort push more in. He felt sweat bead on his brow from concentration and fatigue. If Harry could form a few coherent thoughts he may have been disgusted with how tired he got so quickly. How long had it been? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Probably seconds- knowing how his luck would be. And Voldemort wanted him to do this for two minutes? He swallowed hard and concentrated all the more on his magic. He wanted to beat Voldemort. He wanted to last as long as he needed to. He wanted his magic to not tax him so much. He tried not to think of how tired he was getting as Voldemort pushed more magic at him.

"You are doing well so far" Harry wasn't looking at Voldemort but at the orb that was shrinking slowly. "Most would not have gotten this far Harry- this is just a testament as to how strong you are, how similar we are" His hand started to stroke the ball of magic- an action that Harry did see before he forced himself to look into Voldemort's eyes.

There was satisfaction in his eyes before his mouth moved and words started to come out "I was able to do this too. Bend my magic to my will. I forced myself to work harder than you did at school, but we will remedy that won't we Harry?" a terrible smile appeared on Voldemort's lips before so much magic was thrown at the orb that it shattered in an instant and sent Harry to his knees. His hands prevented and further fall as he gasped at the aftermath of Voldemort's raw magic singing over his nerves.

He tried to steady his breathing as he rested on his hands and knees before he pushed himself back on his heels and with heavy eyes Harry moved his eyes back up to Voldemort who had not moved an inch. "Shouldn't I learn to hold my magic out for as long as you want, before you do that?" He tried to keep his voice steady but it sounded husky and breathless to his own ears. And judging by Voldemort's knowing look he heard it too.

"Harry- you did that. I wanted to step up the task at hand and see how well you would do, you did not disappoint. Only one try and you exceeded my expectations" Harry felt his body sag slightly and he let his eyes closed. He did it huh? Well that was a fun feeling. Except it now meant that training was probably done. He doubted that was a good thing

"Get up Harry, and make that orb again, let's have you hold it for two minutes while I push back against you with my magic" Okay so training was still on but he had to deal with that again? Fuck.

He took a moment to gather himself- he knew Voldemort was not in a hurry, and since he was happy we could take a few extra moments before he slowly pushed himself up and moved over to the tray and took a few sips of water. Part of him was exhausted. He wasn't sure if he could battle with Voldemort' magic like that. However… he knew what it meant to not try. Voldemort would no longer be happy.

He turned back around and gathered his desire to have his magic materialize in front of him like a pane of glass. A shield of sorts. He wanted to erect a wall of protection between the two of them, like a sheet of steel. Impenetrable. He watched and waited and soon he said his magic crackle in front of him in a clear wavy barrier. He let himself smile briefly, that was after all pretty cool to see one's magic like that, and then he grimaced and Voldemort touched the wall and he immediately felt the drain on his magic, faster than last time. It seemed as though the training wheels were off.

It no time he was gasping and sweating. Maybe panting was a better word for it? God his nerves felt like they were on fire regardless. He didn't know how long he lasted this time but it wasn't terribly long before he went crashing to his knees again and the barrier was gone.

"Harry" Disappointment… shit. "Not even a minute Harry, that isn't good at all… not at all" Harry didn't chance a glance up. He let himself draw a few deep breaths before he pushed himself up and then there was a barrier erected again, only this time he didn't hold out his hand. His hands were balled by his sides as he concentrated at the space between himself and Voldemort. He was already breathing heavily so when Voldemort pushed his magic towards him, also without moving his hands, there didn't seem to be a difference, though they both knew there was. Harry felt his heart beat wildly and his cheeks grow red. If he could see himself he could see his pupils were blown wide, making him look like some sex crazed lunatic.

He didn't last long this time either, though slightly longer than the time before. Some small success he supposed… Only when the barrier broke Voldemort did not stop saturating the air with his magic.

"Stop" Harry didn't even recognize his voice. It was too husky, breathy, too much begging could be heard in it. He didn't like it.

Voldemort smirked at him "No" Harry would have begged if he thought it would work, but he knew that look, he knew training was over, for now at least. He tried to ignore the heat running through his veins as he pushed his magic out against Voldemort's to try to bloke the affects. He wanted to stop feeling like this. Please, just for a moment. As if he knew his intention Voldemort laughed "You think you can stop feeling what you feel? That if you put up a strong enough barrier you can stop thinking about ripping our clothes off and attacking my body with your own? So you can stop your mind from telling you to beg me to take you as you rut the sheets on the bed? I would eventually stop you, right before you find just the right amount of pleasure. I would hold your hips up too high… so you would start to fuck yourself on my cock. So you can avoid thinking about how you want to beg me, even now, to take you on that bed over there"

He nodded to the side and Harry couldn't stop his traitorous body from moving slightly to look at the bed while still trying to call up his magic to protect him. However his will was failing him. Voldemort's words sounds good… they sounded really good.

"Beg me Harry. I won't if you don't beg" He said softly and let his magic caress Harry's skin as he moved in closer. Nothing but a few inches of air was between them now and within a moment Voldemort let his hand run over Harry's back before settling on his hip. Harry moaned at the contact and couldn't find it in himself to be ashamed. "Beg me to take you. I'll make you feel so good. You know this is what you really want. I would wager that if you let you magic follow your will our robes and clothes under them would be gone. Shall we find out? Or would you like me to do that?"

Harry tried hard to blank his mind, to turn away from the bed, to pull away from Voldemort and to calm his racing heart but none of those things were happening. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the bed as he thought about everything Voldemort had said. He could see them on the bed, he could hear his whimpers as Voldemort thrusted into him… or was he whimpering now? Shit he didn't even know anymore. He did know that the hand on his hip was moving. That the thumb was pushing itself through his clothes on onto his skin. God did that feel good. He knew his eyes fluttered in pleasure, only because his view of the bed flickered. Maybe he was losing consciousness? That would be appreciated. Then he could forget about what he was going to do. He could say he didn't really want this but if he was awake… he wasn't sure he trusted himself not to react much longer.

Suddenly there were lips on his neck and Harry lost all control as he whipped around towards Voldemort and pulled his face up and captured those lips. "Please" he mumbled as his hands grabbed onto his arm and hip, pulling him close as his magic did just as Voldemort said it would- it divested them of their clothes. Harry knew it was his magic that did it. There was no question as he felt a spike in Voldemort's pleasure. He couldn't bring himself to care though. It felt so good… too good to care about stopping. Harry was the one who pulled Voldemort to bed, and he was the one who demanded Voldemort prepare him. He rubbed lube all over Voldemort's cock and he pushed himself back on it. Voldemort was right, he did rut the bed and when Voldemort stopped him he did fuck himself and he gasped in groaned in pleasure. He demanded a faster and harder pace. He growled out commands as readily as the pleas, moans, and groans that dripped from his lips. If Voldemort was annoyed with being told what to do he didn't show it. If his reactions were anything to go off of it didn't seem like he cared at all. But Harry couldn't see Voldemort's triumphant smile as he watched Harry thrust himself back and forth. He didn't see the satisfaction in his eyes, and not all from the pleasure he felt. Though what was the worst part about all this was that even if Harry could have seen all of that… he probably wouldn't have cared one bit.

Bellatrix wasn't known for her patience.

She liked torture probably as much if not more than the Dark lord, but she wasn't so fond of the torture that went with interrogations. She just liked causing endless amounts of pain until she was bored or the person was dead. She didn't like having to leave a person with enough of their facilities to be able to answer questions and make statements that had any sense to them other than the old favorites like: Please, Stop, Mercy or her favorite line 'I'll do anything'.

Unfortunately for Bellatrix her dear niece was very good with pain. She screamed of course, after all who wouldn't under the care of Bellatrix, but she didn't utter one word about the Order or plans, or anything. When she did speak it was to cheekily tell Bellatrix she wasn't using a curse to its full potential. Bitch.

After one such comment Bellatrix viciously cast an organ shredding curse which caused an insane amount of pain and death. Oh how it causes death and did she ever wish there was a time she could let it run its course on Tonks… But the Dark Lord wanted her alive. So when Tonks had passed out from the pain and was near death Bellatrix muttered the counter curse and healed her properly but left her unconscious for the time being. She stood with a sneer and let her index finger run over Tonk's sweaty face "Sweet Niece- you are proving to be much stronger than I thought you would be… not many impress me" She informed her softly "But no one resists forever. I will pull the truth from your lips one way or another"

She had left the room and stalked down the halls. It didn't take long before she was in front of a door with a rather plan cut to it. She opened without knocking and immediately ducked a particularly nasty hex and annoyed words.

"Bellatrix- perhaps you should try to prove you had a pureblood upbringing by knocking and waiting for permission to enter. One could be prevent injury by adopting such a practice"

"Prevent injury? You missed Severus" She smirked and invited herself in further and stood by Snape as he continued mixing his potion like nothing had happened "I require information from you"

"Do you now?" She wanted to destroy his potion, smash it all to the ground for having him not give her the attention she deserved. However, she knew better not to. She was able to brew potions but never at the skill of Severus. He was a prodigy in this art and one misstep could cost a person their life or worse.

"Yes, and you will tell me what I need to know"

"Why don't you sit over there and wait- I am rather busy as you can see" He said with a biting tone, though not as strong as she remembered it.

She took a seat and continued to watch him stir counterclockwise, then clockwise, adding bits of chopped and crushed things into the cauldron with the care of precision of a master. While she watched him she did notice a few things. He looked worse than he usually did. He also was a bit thin… too thin- almost like he had been the recipient of some curses… How strange. She hadn't seen him in ages and only wondered if he would be in these rooms. She hadn't known for sure. What had happened to him… A question to be sure, but not for today. She only had one puzzle to solve today and that was how to break her cousin to make her sing such pretty songs about the Order.

She summoned a cup of tea while she waited for Severus to finish his potion. Who knew how long that could take and she didn't want to be too bored. She sipped the drink and moved about the room. It was just as stark as she supposed any of Serverus' rooms would be. He didn't have a family, none other than the Dark Lord and his followers. Why would Severus concern himself with worldly possessions? He never did strike her as the type. She was wandering about by his bookshelf when she heard him sigh. She turned and saw him looking at a few filled bottles of a ruby liquid "What did you make Severus?" She said as if speaking to a child. While she was teasing him part of her was interested… a very small part.

"A potion Bella, a very rare potion" He muttered and looked at her with tired eyes. "What exactly did you want?"

She sighed at his answer- no use trying again, not with him. He wasn't one for sharing and truth be told she didn't really come to learn about his potions. She came for information.

"I need you to tell me all about my niece and her life with the order"

She saw a smirk pull at his lips for a quick moment "And she can't tell you because?" He started and she glared.

"She may be rather tolerant of the pain I am prone to inflict" She snarled as he barked out a laugh.

"A nut Bellatrix can't crack, well this is a day isn't it?" She pulled her wand on him and glared viciously

"Careful Severus"

His wand was out too but he looked serene, as if he hadn't a care in the world "I'm merely marveling at the occasion. You are going to try psychological torture aren't you? Not really your forte Bella. I would suggest using mental curses, harder to escape"

"I tried those" She bit out and crossed her arms "I need to know about those she cares about. I need to know who I can use against her"

"You were never an accomplished Legilimens, no matter what people say. You weren't even very good at Occlumency. If you were you could find out these things on your own. However I am both" He looked at her "I don't need either of those things to know about her life though. What will you give me in return for this Bellatrix?"

She sneered and looked away. What to give him in return… She looked around his room and then back at him "Potions"

"As if I would require you to make those for me" He turned away from her and cleaned up his bench "You can see yourself out. Best get to work on Tonk's, the Dark Lord is waiting"

"The Black Library vault has many rare and one of a kind books on Potions Severus" She said softly with a smile "We could go right now, and you could select two books. You can make copies of them in their entirety and then you will tell me everything you know about my cousin"

"You think I know a lot"

"I know you" He remained silent but Bellatrix knew this game. He was already hers… he just didn't voice it yet.

"Yes… you do. I should give you more credit" He nodded "Alright, best we be off?" He summoned his cloak and Bella nodded.

Dobby appeared in the kitchen with a crack and he looked around at all the faces. The twins jumped up and ran to him "DOBBY!" they both grabbed and hugged him before letting him go.

"Dobby has never had such a greeting…" he muttered softly "How can Dobby help? Is Harry Potter here? Dobby hasn't seen Harry Potter in a long time"

The smiles that had been on everyone's faces slipped off of them and George cleared his throat "No Dobby, Harry is not here. Harry is in trouble"

"Dobby must go find Harry Potter!" Dobby almost left before George shouted

"WAIT DOBBY!" He saw the Dobby had in fact waited before he continued "You can't help him… at least I don't think so. You see no one knows where he is anymore… He was with the Malfoy's and we tried to save him-"

"The Malfoy's have Harry Potter? They will not harm Harry Potter!" Dobby frowned in anger.

Albus knelt and put his hand on Dobby's shoulder "We do not think he is still there. We tried to save him and Miss Granger but you see, it went badly. Harry is still there and one of the people who went to save him was taken prisoner. We were wondering if you were still about to go through the Malfoy's wards and try to save Tonks, and maybe even Harry if he is still there"

"Dobby has always been able to go through Sir, Dobby is an elf Sir" he looked confused "Dobby always gets through Sir"

"Always?" Fred asked "As in No wards can keep you out?"

"None that Dobby has encountered Sir" He smiled slightly before a sad look touched his face "Harry Potter is in trouble, as are his friends?" Albus nodded and Dobby nodded "Wait a moment"

He stepped away and then was gone.

Albus stood up slowly as Alastor spoke "Do you think he went to go find Tonks and Harry?"

"You know, I think he did" Albus allowed himself a moment of hope to blossom in his chest. "I think he did"

Harry laid on the bed covered in sweat. His breathing had just about returned to normal and his eyes were trained on the end table that held his interest not too long ago. The magic wasn't clouding his mind, not like the warm body against his back was, or the hand wrapped around his waist. He remembered the exact moment Voldemort had stopped saturating the air with his magic. He felt his sense come back and there he was… on his hands and knees in the center of this very bed, with a very hard dick up his ass. Voldemort kissed his neck then, let his hands run over his hips and spoke softly about how they could stop now. How if Harry wanted to run away He would not be chased. Though Voldemort's hand had been jerking him off as he asked him, he wasn't intoxicated by their magic. He was shaking with anger at himself for falling into this trap again. For having no good way out of this mess and for letting Voldemort do these things to him. But he was mostly angry because it felt so good. He didn't want it to stop. He wanted Voldemort to continue. He had asked what would happen to Hermione if he stopped and Voldemort said that nothing would change for her if he left or if he stayed. He would not be pressed into continuing, he had to want to.

The choice was his.

Stay and finish or run and pretend it never happened. A chance to leave with no repercussions. To get away without hurting anyone. What more could he ask for? So why did it seem like moving away from that body and those hands would kill him? Why did being on this bed with a murderer feel so good? God what would the others think of him now? He stayed, contrary to what even he thought he would do. And god was it fantastic sex. He didn't even know sex beyond Voldemort but god it was wonderful. So here they lay, on the bed covered in sweat. Harry was sore all over and regret curled in his belly, but part of him never felt so alive. You did it for you that part told him. You took what you wanted because you could. It was right… he was offered pleasure and release and he took it. He could have denied himself for the sake of his friends, his teachers, Dumbledore, the order, his parents, his godfather, and just about everyone he ever met… He should have done that. He should have never stayed on this bed. He should have shot off the bed the moment he realized what was happening and scrubbed his skin rare. He should have been so filled with disgust it hurt to breath. He should have done anything but what he ended up doing.

Harry wished he felt numb, he wished he was crying with regret but the regret never left his belly. That part of him that felt alive- that part of him, while small, wouldn't let his regret cripple him. It allowed him and lay there basically wrapped in Voldemort and realize he had finally chosen something because he wanted to. And that knowledge didn't sicken as much as it should. He should have felt even more regret and disgust knowing he wanted to stay on that bed and finish what he started. He willingly slept with his parent's killer. And this wasn't like those other times… not when he was doing it to save a life. Not when he was too far drowned in magic to care. No it may have started out like that but it ended very differently. With a choice.

So Harry lay there faced with his decision and finding himself not crippled by it. Sickened a bit, regretful yes, a little disgusted but not crippled. He had finally chosen something for him and no one else. Just that action alone felt so freeing, so wonderful, that he could almost forget it was Voldemort that he chose. However that hand on his waist moved a bit more and he felt the body behind him stir. They hadn't been like this long. A few minutes really, but part of him felt like he had been in his head for days, thinking and reflecting.

"You haven't run yet, should I be waiting for you to try to kill me?"

"You know I can't"

"No but some do like to try"

Harry remained silent. What could he say? What was there to say? He didn't move though. He wasn't sure if he wanted to sleep or get up a shower Voldemort off of him… he would have to return here anyway though… but a shower would be really nice right now. He started to move and Voldemort immediately released his hold and rolled on his back. Harry looked back at him unsure of what the hell he was doing. What game was he playing now? Voldemort didn't say anything, simply put his hands behind his head and let the sheets pool around his waist. Harry moved out of the bed and looked back at him for a moment before he shook his head and grabbed a robe from a chair. He pulled it on and guess what? It was Voldemort's! Harry just continued his trek to the bathroom without looking back to see a smirk pull at Voldemort's lips- he didn't want or need to see that. Just as he got to the door Harry heard

"Shall I join you?"

Harry didn't even pause "No" he shut the door behind him and divested of the robe and got into the shower. It didn't feel like a 'pity me' shower. It felt like a 'what the fuck just happened' shower. He mechanically washed his hair and body- but didn't scrub it raw. He stood under the hot water and breathed slowly. Why was everything such a mess and so complicated? Why did he do these things to himself? He wished he felt things like a normal person would have…the self-loathing and pain but he didn't. He felt free for having some control over his life for once. He was given the choice to do what he wanted without consequence and he did… was that really so bad? "I'm sorry guys" he said softly. He betrayed everyone he ever knew, and everyone he didn't. But even knowing that- he sighed and got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He didn't bother with the robe again, he was just going to put his clothes on so he would have to take it off again anyway.

He re-entered the room and saw Voldemort right where he left him. Sitting on the bed without a care in the world. Voldemort's eyes ran over his chest and then he nodded "I thought you would have been in there longer, scrubbing me off of you"

"Well I didn't"

"You are admitting that you enjoyed it are you? I'm impressed Harry"

"Please stop talking" Harry walked to the closet and grabbed some clothes. He dressed quickly and tossed the towel over the wardrobe door.

"Where are you going?"

"The library, unless I'm not allowed to leave your side"

"I rather liked having you by my side. It is rather late Harry, you should just take all those clothes off and come to bed"

"Just because I fucked you doesn't mean I'm about to snuggle in bed next to you"

"No, but this is your bed and I expect you to sleep in it"

"I'll take the couch" Harry moved towards the door but then his feet were frozen on the ground. He looked over at Voldemort, bored "Really?" he gestured with a sweeping motion to his feet "I don't do everything you want and you freeze me to the ground? What happened to wanting my loyalty and admiration? Wanting every inch of me? Forcing me to do things against my will isn't the way to achieve that"

Voldemort stood and summoned a cloak to cover his body. He approached Harry slowly and Harry did his best to stamp down the feelings of helplessness and fear he felt. "Now now Harry, never think I don't mean what I say. I want every inch of you as I said before, but I will not tolerate disrespect" his hand reached out and grabbed Harry's chin. It took every ounce of strength Harry had in him not to jerk away "You want to study, go study. You want to beat yourself up over giving into your desires, do it. You can even sleep on that damn couch if it makes you feel better" As he spoke he leaned in but Harry didn't lean away. He stared off at the wall as Voldemort's lips came right by his ear "But if you take that tone with me again, I'll make you bleed for weeks" Those lips pressed against his neck and the hand curled around his neck "Don't test me" Voldemort then stepped away and moved towards the door, opening it and walking away down the hall away from the library.

Harry gave himself a moment to shake the latent fear away from his mind before he tested his feet. He found them freed of the freezing charm and without a moment to think about it he grabbed few papers from the desk left to head to the library.

He was in the library for a few hours, sitting and reading until his eyes hurt from keeping them open. He then couldn't help but think back to his would be rescue. Their words to forget him… the curse sent his way to kill him… Was that how it was now? If they couldn't get him he should be killed? Why would they do that? It was probably for the best now… especially after what he just did. Of course they tried to kill him. Maybe they had a seer that saw his fall. Maybe he deserved to die. He put his head in his hands and breathed slowly and tried to hold back his emotions, tried to reign them in. He didn't want to be any weaker here, he didn't want to show such vulnerable emotion.

He got up and tried to hold back any sobs but when one escaped it was like a floodgate opened and he placed his hands on the table as he sobs wracked his body. His body hunched over his hands as he tried not to collapse on himself. A few tears slid from his eyes and then suddenly he felt Voldemort approach before he felt the hands touch his shoulders.

He shook his head and bent his neck and curling further into himself, in attempt to hide his weakness "Leave" he tried to say with some amount of force, but it was a word thick with emotion and the hands rubbed gently over his shoulders. Lips pressed against the back of his head and Harry couldn't even bring himself to resist or move away.

"I can't leave you like this Harry- I'm not Dumbledore"

A loud sob broke his lips and he bite his lip "They tried to kill me"

"I know Harry, I know"

"Like you used to do, but they are my friends… they left me and then they tried to kill me"

"I know"

"They left and tried to kill me… they want me dead now… and you want me to live. What the fuck is happening to me? I don't know what I'm doing anymore..." he felt his throat close from the weight of his emotions and his body was buckling under the stress.

"Life- she is a cruel mistress" Voldemort said softly behind him.

"That curse should have hit me"

"No" Voldemort said firmly "You will live, but not for them. Not to be their pet"

"What's the point?"

"Harry… You know what the point is. You are finally able to make your own choices, so choose a reason to live. You need rest, your body is exhausted and these emotions are only taking more from you"

"I can't… "

"I'll give you a dreamless sleep draught" Shutting his mind off felt like a good idea. So he nodded through his sobs and his knees really started to buckle. Voldemort lifted him into his arms and he was carried the short way back to the bedroom. Harry buried his face into Voldemort's shoulder and let himself just forget who was holding him. He knew he shouldn't, but the feeling that everyone he loved wanted to kill him was… suffocating.

He was placed on the bed and Voldemort left briefly to return with the offered potion. Harry drank it without a thought. Voldemort had slid into the bed behind him and wrapped his arms around Harry's middle. He didn't fight him, but he also didn't engaged him. The hands ran over his side and chest "I'll take care of you. I'll teach you to protect yourself and when you can't I will be there to protect you from them. I promise" Voldemort said softly to the back of his head. He didn't respond, he still shook with sobs but there was more time between each one, he felt the potion pull at his eyes and he also felt his emotions start to calm and he wondered if he didn't also get a few drops of calming draught… He took a deep shuddering breath and let his eyes succumb to the want of the potion and in no time he was pulled to sleep.

A soft crack sounded in the empty corridor.

Dobby found himself in the dungeon of Malfoy Manor. A place he had been very few times before. He took a moment to collect himself "Dobby is to find Tonks Dobby is" he said softly and started walking down the rows of cells. He peaked into each one, hoping to find Tonks to bring back to Fred and George, friends of Harry Potter. Oh if only he could find Harry Potter too. He hadn't seen Harry Potter in so long. Dobby truly missed Harry Potter. He would look for Harry Potter too though. He would find Harry Potter too, Dobby had too.

Dobby found himself slightly sidetracked by his thoughts when suddenly he heard a door. Dobby hid quickly as Bellatrix Lestrange strolled down the hall and pulled open a cell door and slammed it behind her. Dobby crept down the hall to that room and saw Bellatrix stand looking at a locked up Tonks. How was Dobby going to get her out now? Maybe Dobby should look for Harry Potter and return for Tonks. Dobby looked over the cell and memorized it. He would have to come back. He would also try to think of a way to distract Bellatrix if when he came back she was still here.

Another soft crack sounded in the corridor before Dobby appeared on another floor. Dobby let himself remember Harry Potter's magic and let himself search the building for it. It was there, mostly. Dull, but present. He started to moved towards the magic. He let his feet guide him towards Harry Potter, after all, he had save Harry Potter. No one had ever been Dobby's friend like Harry Potter was. It was Harry Potter that freed Dobby after all. And now it was Dobby's turn to return the favor.

However, after what felt like hours Dobby knew he was walking in circles. He couldn't seem to get a lock on Harry Potter's magic. Dobby reached out with his own elf magic, looking for his adoptive master but he couldn't find him. Was he even still here? Harry Potter could have been moved, that was likely.

Dobby nervously hopped from foot to foot, thinking about the situation. He needed to save Harry Potter, but he couldn't find him… how do you save someone you can't find? Dobby had to keep looking though, there wasn't really a choice. The way Dobby saw it, he would keep looking for Harry Potter for a bit longer, return to Tonks, save her, then return to search for Harry Potter. Yes that would work. He found her already so it would be easy to get her out of her situation. So with a soft crack Dobby appeared back in the dungeons and walked back to the room and saw it only contained Tonks. He smiled and looked carefully at the door before smiling and apparating himself in the room "Miss Tonks!" he said happily and Tonks jerked up and stared at him with her mouth hanging open. "Dobby has found Miss Tonks. Dobby will be saving Miss Tonks now" he looked at her and hopped over to her and took her hand.

"Dobby?" she asked softly, confused.

"Yes Miss Tonks. It is Dobby. Dobby will save you, bringing you back before coming back to Harry Potter. Dobby must save Harry Potter" He smiled at her.

"OH thank god" she pulled him into a hug "Please get me out of here" she whispered.

Dobby felt tears prick his eyes "Miss Tonks hugged Dobby" he tried to hold back a sob but it escaped, as did several fat tears.

"I did Dobby, but please you have to hurry, they won't be long" she begged and Dobby wiped his eyes on his pillowcase and nodded. He took her hand and thought about the Kitchen with Fred and George. He gathered his magic and with a crack they were gone.

To appear in an office. Dobby sensed the danger and lifted his hands to protect Miss Tonks and himself before a red spell shot towards them. It fizzled on the barrier he created. Elf magic was very different from most wizarding magic. Most of their spells could be canceled by his magic, and wards rarely considered them when being raised.

"See Bellatrix, I told you elves should not be underestimated" a chilling voice spoke gently from behind Dobby and he could feel Miss Tonks tense next to him. "Most spells you know won't work on them, not with him protecting your cousin" Dobby slowly turned and looked at the man who everyone feared. Voldemort "You must be Dobby"