Just to reiterate: this is a year on from Bella's suicide attempt

Memories Pt 2


Neither of them told me what he said to her that day. But whatever it was, it had made a difference. Bella accepted treatment during her stay in hospital, seeing a councillor that specialises in abuse. She never discussed their sessions, that was for sure. The scarring around her neck would be worn like a necklace for the rest of her life, but she never tried to hide it. She said it was reminder of darker times, of times she'd rather forget but had to remember because Davy would be owed an explanation at some point. I never really understood it, but the way Jasper reacted told me he did. He'd kissed her lightly, and put his arms around them both: the woman he loved and the child he'd adopted as his own. And then Davy had looked up at Bella and had gurgled once and then said his first word.

"Mamma," a little voice said. Bella had gawked at him like he'd just leapt out of her arms and danced a flawless waltz. Jasper had laughed, and then she'd burst into tears and Alice had jumped up and down, Rosalie had gone all gooey and cooed over him and Carlisle had smirked at Bella, and you could practically see him thinking she's got so much to come yet.

"It's all downhill from here Bella! As soon as they talk, they talk back!" Charlie had said, a little moist around the eyes himself.

From then on, with every milestone Davy reached, Bella had gained strength and the light had brightened in her eyes. When Davy took his first shaky steps from Jasper to her and proudly shown his Mamma his first tooth, his first sentence, she had gone from better to better, from bright to brighter.

And the day she walked down the aisle to marry my brother, I didn't have a clue she was hiding a secret. She'd said I do with sparkling eyes, a flushed face and looking unbelievably beautiful. Jasper had choked through his tears his vows and she'd smiled her way through hers. And at the reception, when, as the best man, Emmett had leapt to his feet and made a speech typically full of jokes and implications, Bella herself had leapt into his arms, thanking him for being such a fantastic brother. It was contact she would never have initiated a year before, but Emmett had been allowed to seize her in a bone-crushing hug and spin her round. And when she and Jasper had stepped out onto the floor to Westlife's Unbreakable, Jasper had held her like she was made of spun glass and would shatter to pieces if he held on too tightly, there was speculation and gossip. But nobody was prepared for Jasper to make his speech at the end, just before they left for London and their honeymoon.

"Well, everybody, today, Isabella Swan has made me the happiest man alive - but not just because she agreed to marry me. Last night, before I was unceremoniously hauled away because it's "bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding", she told me something she was deliberately keeping. I am overwhelmingly happy to announce to all of you, that Bella here is going to make me a father - she is pregnant." There was thirty seconds of dead silence, and then the screams of "oh my god!" began. Bella was purple in the face, and Jasper was grinning around like a lunatic. I didn't even know they'd started sleeping together. But Emmett gave several loud catcalls, which earned him a whack round the head from Carlisle. Jacob was blubbering like a baby, and Esme had had to take him outside to calm down. And then I saw Bella fighting her way through the crowds. She came to a stop in front of me and smiled shyly up at me.

"You kept that quiet."

"I didn't know myself until yesterday, not for certain anyway."

"Come here, give me a hug." I swept her up in my arms and cuddled her close, being careful of her.

"Do you still want to know why I call him Dog?" she asked, her eyes gleaming.


"Well, when he first "came out" he got himself a guy down on the Makah rez - you don't get jealous of exes, do you?"

"No, no."

"Well, this guy was a beast. Seriously, think of Jacob and then like double him, that was how huge this guy was. Anyway, he used to have this mongrel - irritating little thing that dog was - and Jacob loved this little object very much. And anyway, when this guy cheated on him, Jacob made off with this mongrel in revenge. Two weeks later he turned up at my house, begging me to drive him down to the rez to give this dog back. And because it was the most annoying drive I've ever made, with that thing yapping in my ear, I've called him Dog ever since. It's not really that funny, now I come to think of it. But he was so obsessed with that dog." I stare at her, then snort. And then we hear Jacob behind us.

"Bella! You said you wouldn't tell!"


"I hate you sometimes."

"No you don't. Now give me a kiss, quick - I have to run, Jazz is getting impatient, we'll miss our flight is we aren't leaving now." We both kiss her, and she darts off to join her new husband. He kisses her on the doorstep and everybody cheers.



They had a long life together, happy and peaceful. They had two kids together, a girl and another boy. She never stopped smiling, except for moments when she'd look at Davy, and a flicker of sadness would pass over her face. Everybody knew how happy the little family was, and everybody knew what blackness haunted her nightmares sometimes. And when she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 91, she had dealt with that with the same levels of capability she'd handled everything since that black day when she'd tried to end everything. And when Jasper got ill towards the end, and ended up virtually bedridden, she'd taken care of him too. They died within hours of each other, and Davy had found them both when he'd gone round the next morning to say hello on his way to work, just as he always did. Edward, now an old man who needed help doing anything at all, had nonetheless gone straight there, to help, and call the necessary people when Davy found his hands shook too badly to do anything but sit. And then he'd called me, and I'd joined him at the funeral home. Suddenly, we were organizing a funeral for the two people who were always so full of life. Their three children had mounted the stage, taking it in turns to read the dedication. But it was the slide show. Set to Seasons in the Sun, it had showed a couple in love, no matter what stage of life they were at. Even when Bella was using sticks to get around, and Jasper was in bed because he was in too much pain to move, they still had love written on their faces. It was incredible. And they looked so perfect.

That's the way I'll remember them. Because even though the end is near for me, at the age of nearly 98, I still have time, and I'll remember them as the couple who loved each other until the end.

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