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I wish I could say I'm sorry

*Ash's POV*

You said it's easy to say "I'm sorry", for everything I've done or said.

Have you ever been there in my place to know if my deeds came out good or bad?

You said I'll never say, "I'm sorry", that I'm too proud.

So I guess you can say it out loud?

After every fight we had you said, "we're friends, so what the heck?"

That's why I was so surprised when you started to pack.

Well, let me tell you one thing. One thing that I must:

Do you know that you crushed my feelings to dust?

I couldn't take that any longer, so I slapped on your face.

I saw tears in you eyes. That ended the case.

I know I overacted, I know I was wrong.

Why couldn't we just get along?

You left me a few minutes after; you were so shocked, and so was I.

That was when you said one last goodbye.

I can still remember the day you came back.

I don't know why, but I waited for the mallet's whack.

I was so surprised when you said you love me and know I'm sorry, and couldn't hold back the tears. So couldn't I.

We hugged and kissed each other, and both of us started to cry.

I said I love you too.

But still, I wish I could say I'm sorry…to you.


Author's note: was it understandable? I think it came out okay. I wrote it while Hanuka songs played in the background. Why I said it? I don't know…I just felt then need to.

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