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"Come on, Bella, pick your god-damn food already! Jesus…"

I glared at Rosalie as I asked for a cheeseburger.

"God, you're going to get fat if you're not careful. I know you run, Bells, but…running isn't a miracle," she told me, eyeing me up and down like I'd suddenly put on four stone.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Fuck you, Rose," I snapped before grabbing my food and walking off to our table. As usual, everyone parted like the Red-fucking-Sea for me as I meandered through the crowds of people.

I saw that Emmett and Jasper were already seated, and were ogling some freshmen cheerleaders through the window.

"Jesus, you two, they're people, not animals in a zoo," I said as I approached.

They completely ignored my presence and continued watching.

"Hey!" I snapped my fingers, and they both flinched and turned their attention to me. "Stop gawking. If they catch you they'll think you're both perverted."

Emmett grinned at me, before snatching my Coke away from me.


But before I could yank it back, he'd started gulping it down at a rapid rate. Before I knew it, the bottle was half empty. Emmett smiled at me unashamedly.

I scoffed. "You suck," I told him.

His smile widened, before it escalated into a full blown laugh.

"I know, Bells, but you still love me, right?"

He pouted slightly, and gazed at me longingly.

I sighed. "Maybe a little bit."

He gasped in fake shock, before grabbing me and pulling me roughly into his lap, where he squeezed me tightly.

"Just a little bit?"

I laughed - typical Emmett.

"Okay, a lot. I love you a lot."

"I love you too then," he said, and planted a sloppy wet kiss on my cheek.

"Eww!" I brought my hand up to wipe off Emmett's saliva.

He snickered, but squeezed me tighter. I shoved him away, trying to sit next to Jasper who was watching our exchange, highly amused. I slapped Emmett playfully and he let go of, guffawing. I was trying to tame my wild hair that Emmett had messed up when Rosalie trotted over, glaring at me. Emmett seemed to notice.

"Aww, what's up Rosie? Still pissed Bella can eat whatever she wants and never puts an ounce on?" he said, eyeing Rosalie's Caesar salad suggestively.

"Fuck you, McCarty," she sneered, "and don't fucking call me Rosie."

"Fuck me? You want to fuck me?"

"In your dreams."

Emmett just chuckled and transferred his attention back to his food, whilst I trotted over to Jasper, perched next to him and delicately leaned my head on his shoulder.

"Hey, Jazzy."

"Hey, Bellsie."

I rolled my eyes, but he didn't see. I didn't like being called that, but he always insisted he could call me whatever he wanted. Jasper was probably my best friend out of our little elite group. He was the most unique, with his quirky fashion sense and his 'odd' taste in music. I shared his musical interests, but Emmett and Rosalie both thought we listened to a load of shit; they were into modern music, and had objective ideas as to what good music was.

"Did you have a nice weekend visiting your dad?" he asked me.

"Yeah, it was okay, I guess. I don't really like New York that much. I prefer California. It's much sunnier, there. I'm thinking of going sometime soon if you want to come…?"

"Sure," he enthused.

I took a sip of my half-empty Coke when I noticed that the Stanley twins were heading straight for our table, both looking trashy as hell.

I groaned, to which Jasper laughed.

"Hey Rosalie! Bella!" Jessica said in her sickly-sweet voice. Her and her twin sounded nothing alike - Lauren had a nasally voice that made you want to go and cut your ears off just so you wouldn't have to endure it.

"Hi Jessica, Lauren," Rosalie greeted them with a monotonous voice, stabbing a piece of chicken savagely.

"Have you seen the new kids? God, the guy is hot. Like, really hot. Lauren wanted to ask him out, but she knew you'd want the choice first," Jessica told Rosalie.

I hated that arrangement my sister had. I don't know how the hell she managed it, but she somehow claimed every hot guy she hadn't already dated. It was an unspoken rule that every female in Forks High knew - no one dared compete against the infamous Rosalie Swan. However, her options were getting slim recently, so I bet she was thrilled to hear she had fresh meat.

"No, I haven't seen him. What does he look like?" She leant forwards subconsciously, as did The Bitch Twins.

"He's over there, look," Lauren answered, pointing towards the vending machine.

We all followed her eye line, boys included, and came face to face with the hottest guy I'd ever seen. He had a beautiful hair colour that looked bronze in the sunlight, but as he leant back in his chair, it turned slightly darker, like an old penny. It fell in an appealing disarray that the media had now named "sex hair", although his looked fairly authentic. His face was chiselled, with high cheekbones and a strong jaw line - he was a living God. He wore a vintage rock t-shirt with black jeans and Converse, all teamed with a black leather jacket which made him look like a rock god. Next to him sat a girl who was obviously his sister, possibly his twin. She looked just like him, only much more feminine. She had black hair that fell just past her chin, with a lot of blunt layers cut into it. She was also extremely pretty - she could've given Rosalie a run for her money, that was for damn sure.

I broadened my gaze slightly and saw that most females in the Cafeteria were gazing at him. I was ashamed to say I was one of them, so I turned my attention back to my cheeseburger, took a large bite, and washed it down with my half-drank Coke. I noticed Emmett and Jasper were both staring off into space, but neither were looking at the new guy. Jasper noticed I was no longer staring.

"You not eye-fucking the new guy, Bells?"

"Ha ha. No. As Lauren pointed out, Rosalie has claimed her territory - peed all over him already" I muttered.

Both Jasper and Emmett laughed.

"Glad to see you're still the odd girl out, Bells," Emmett told me, leaning over to ruffle my newly tamed hair. I scowled at him.

The bell rang, signalling the end of lunch. I said my goodbyes, and trudged off to English Literature: one of my favourite lessons.

I walked into the room, earlier than everyone else, took my seat at the back of the class and whipped out the book we were studying at the moment - one of my favourites: Romeo and Juliet. I had just turned the page onto Act 4 when the teacher called attention to the class, his voice low and boring. I hadn't even noticed everyone had poured in and taken their seats - reading made me oblivious to the outside world.

"Today, class, we have a new student with us. This is Edward Cullen. I trust you'll all be very welcoming to him." I looked up at the new student. It was the guy I'd been gawking at earlier, but he looked different now that he was closer - he looked better. I could see he had a perfect body, and that he had the nicest eyes I'd ever seen. They were a beautiful green, the colour people paid good money to have in their eyes using contacts.

"Mr Cullen, would you mind going to sit with Miss Swan at the back? Bella? Stand up and wave for me, so Edward knows who you are."

I looked at my teacher as though he had just sprouted another head. I raised my eyebrows, before scoffing and returning to my book. I picked up my bag that had been on the adjacent chair, shifted it to my feet, and gestured grandly for Edward to sit there. He wandered over and took his place, before leaning back in his chair and spreading his feet out. He smelt divine. I just wanted to lean in and take a deep breath right next to his neck.

But I didn't. Obviously.

I just read my book, not listening to the teacher give a summary of what had happened so far up to Act 2, and tried to ignore him sitting next to me. It was hard, to put it mildly. So eventually, my inner struggle to pretend the God sat next to me didn't exist collapsed, and I found myself turning to face him.

"So what do you think of Forks?"

He looked at me - green into brown.

"Hmm?" he asked, eyebrows raised.

"How do you like Forks?" I asked again.

"Oh…It's ok. I liked New York better."

Ahh, he lived in New York. How unfortunate for him.

"My dad drags me to New York a lot. I fucking hate it," I laughed quietly so the teacher did not hear me.

"Why?" He seemed slightly offended, like he had a claim on it or something absurd like that.

"Because it's so generic. It's not all it's hyped up to be in the movies."

He just shrugged. "So where do you like? If New York isn't appealing I'm looking forward to hearing where you think is."

"I love California," I informed him.

He scoffed. "California? And New York's generic?"

I scowled at him. "I like the sun. And the beaches."

"Please. It's full of airhead bimbo's who have nothing better to do with their time than sunbathe."

"Airhead bimbo's? Are you implying something?" I didn't really mean the question, but it came out with sincerity. I half expected him to laugh and say yes teasingly, but instead he said a simple, "Maybe," like he really was implying I was stupid.

I narrowed my eyes and scoffed in disbelief, before turning my attention back to my book. He may be hot, but he was a jerk.

"Asshole," I muttered.

He didn't seem to hear me, but his head did tilt in my direction a little. The rest of the lesson passed without another exchange between us, thankfully.

When the bell rang, I picked my stuff up and bolted out the door to my locker, waiting for Rosalie. She came trotting into view, slightly precarious on her 6-inch heels, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"What the fuck are you so happy about?"

"We're having a party. Mom and dad are going on holiday, so I've organized one," she said, somewhat smugly.

I groaned. "Please tell me you're joking, Rose. I just wanted a quiet night in to catch up on some reading and shit."

"Bella, please. You read the entire reading list before you were 10. I think you've read them enough. Come on, it'll be fun. Plus, I've invited the new kids. Well," she continued, "I've invited the girl, and I've told her to bring her brother."

"What's she like?"

"She's just like everyone else…only she didn't seem to bothered about me. And she's very small," she giggled.

I remained silent.

"Please Bella," she begged. "Please. Please, for me? I'll buy you some new Converse. The blue one's? You don't have them, I know you don't. Please, Bells."

I narrowed my eyes, before averting them to the ceiling and growling, my hands clenching into fists. "Fine! But I'm only going to be downstairs for an hour. Then I'm going back into my room, and I'm staying there for the rest of the night. Okay?!"

She squealed with glee, before jumping up and down clapping her hands together.

"Thank you! Thank you!" she chanted.

"Now come on, let's go home so you can set up for this fucking party."

When we arrived home, Mom and Dad were just about to leave the house to catch their flight to France.

"Rosalie! Bella! Now, we've left you some money in your rooms for shopping, and we've stocked the fridge up to last you both a good week or so. We'll call you when we get to the hotel! We love you both!" My mom, Renee, screeched at us as she ran past us and hopped into the car.

Fuck, we had a dysfunctional family. Rosalie was the fucking Queen Bee of West High, a bitch if ever I saw one, my dad was just…fucked-up. He must've had at least 9 different affairs in the last 4 years. My mom was utterly oblivious to it, and none of us dared tell her - it'd break her fucking heart. My mom and dad didn't really care for us too much. Even as infants, we were forced upon some high-paid nanny who didn't really give two shits about us - just our parents' millions.

"Yeah…bye…" I mumbled to myself, as they'd already pulled out of the driveway.

I trudged up to my bedroom, and found a nice surprise on my bed. I counted it quickly before rolling my eyes and sighing. They'd left me $2000 on my bed - "for shopping". Talk about bribes. They were always throwing money at us so they didn't have to actually deal with us.

"Bella!" Rosalie yelled from her bedroom.

"What?" I shouted back, my voice harsher than intended.

She came flouncing into my room, all her money fanned in her hand.

"How much do you have?"


"Oh, good, me too. Anyway, I'll be downstairs making more room and shit. You can help if you want?"

"Why the fuck would I want to do that?" I snapped at her, narrowing my eyes.

She shook her head at me, before walking out of the room and down the stairs. I could hear her moving the sofas before I heard the clattering of the CDs, letting me know she was trying to find some 'good' music to put on.

I walked over past my mirror to grab my iPod, but I stopped when I saw myself, mainly because I wanted to do yet another comparison between myself and Rosalie. I saw my dull brown hair waving loosely past my chest, growing towards my waist. I saw my equally as boring brown eyes that weren't caked in mascara or eyeliner to make them look good. Just natural, as I liked it. My body wasn't particularly fat or thin, but it was petite. I lacked everything Rosalie had. It seemed she had won the genetic lottery when she was born a year or so before I. She was tall and slender with curves in all the right places, she had long golden hair and piercing blue eyes. People flocked to her. Everyone only sucked up to me because I was her sister.

I sighed, and flopped backwards onto my bed, so my legs were dangling off the bottom. I shoved the headphones into my ears and started listening to the music I knew wouldn't be gracing the house tonight.