Title: Helpless

Series: NCIS

Pairing: Abby/Gibbs

Summary: Helpless, she surrendered unto his touches.

Spoilers: None really.

A/N: Just a short little diddy.....wanted to get it out of my system! Enjoy!! :D

Moans of pleasure filled the stuffy atmosphere of the basement. Hands roam over each other as pleasure is felt beyond reality. Strong callused fingers explored the creamy expanse of porcelain skin. Sighs of love are expelled on short breaths as bodies melt together in passion. Her lips are so soft and inviting. Smooth as satin and tasting like cherries. This moment had been building for over seven years. She feels his cock- hard, and pressing urgently at the barrier separating it from its destiny. He grabs a hold of her underwear and tears it off of her. A small sound of protest was heard but quickly silenced by crushing his lips to hers. The fabric of her skirt was brutally scrunched up at her waist. A fierce growl echoes through the air before he finally plunges in to her hot, wet love hole. He has to take a second to adjust or else he would have burst too soon. He wanted to take his time with his girl. He wanted to discover all the places that bring her to the edge. She moans in absolute pleasure. She sobs his name out loud. He quiets her cries with kisses to her exposed neck. He gently nibbles at her pale skin. She gasps in delight. The fit of her is perfect. It was if he was made to complete her. Sweat glistens on his brow as he starts a steady pulsing rhythm pumping in and out of her. He whispers her name in to the crook of her neck. She is heaven. The feel of her flush against him is nirvana. She swears she will explode if she endured this sweet torture any longer. He was perfect. His cock is the perfect thickness to fill her tightly. Smiling wickedly, she lifts herself up slightly and impales herself on his hard length. He went rigid with surprise. She cries out in rapturous delight as he fills every inch of her. His hands grip violently on her waist, regretting slightly that there would be bruises left tomorrow from his actions tonight. The pace became almost frantic as waves of pleasure crashed over them. Reality itself trembled as he spilled his seed inside of her. Looking at the couple, it was hard to tell where one body started and the other body ended. Panting heavily, they rest to slowly come down from the high they are on. He carefully releases his grip on her waist. She mewls in protest at the loss of his touch. He leans towards her and lets his forehead rest on hers. Closing the tiny space between them, he gently kisses her silky lips. Wispy confessions of undying love are delivered finally after being ignored for the longest time. She unwraps her legs from around his torso, and eases herself to the floor. She shivers as her bare feet come in contact with the cool concrete. He starts to sign to her, questioning if she had protection. She signed back that she had none. He releases the breath he didn't know he was holding. He pulled her in to his embrace and held her tightly. He thanked her for giving him the opportunity to be a father once again. Hand in hand, they venture upstairs to shower and go to bed. He wasn't a very religious man, but right now he was thanking what ever force is up there for bringing his goth girl to his arms.