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Pairings: HP/EC, SS/??

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Chapter One

Everything Will Be Wonderful Someday

Edward Cullen did not consider himself to be a person easily surprised or startled. He was calm, stoic and had a self determination and will that put diamonds to shame. So when Carlisle's contact from the magical community in England turned up in Forks on night and made an emergency call, he followed his father nonchalantly. The man had taken up residence in a home on the other side of the forest that they lived in. When they arrived, the door opened immediately as if he had known all along that they had arrived on his property. He looked at them out of obsidian eyes. His body was tall and willowy in a masculine sense, covered by the black robes that were traditional on their eastern wizarding cousins, and strands of his lank black hair escaped from the low ponytail that harbored it to fall around his face.

"Severus, I came as soon as possible."

"Yes, come quickly. He's in the upstairs bedroom."

Edward quirked an eyebrow at this exchange. He? So it wasn't the dark man who required Carlisle's expertise. Odd. He didn't hear anyone else's thoughts in the house at all. Severus showed them upstairs quickly, not wasting a moment for pleasantries. Edward immediately liked him. They stopped at the second door on the left and entered quietly. The moment he stepped inside, Edward was assaulted by the most tantalizing smell he had ever experienced in all of his long eighty years. Delicious, addicting, arousing. He slammed himself against the wall in a vain attempt to distance himself and bring common sense back to the forefront, unable to stop teh widening of his eyes or the reflex that flew his hand to cover his mouth. He could feel his fangs extending and venom filling his mouth. His reaction earned him two confused frowns. Couldn't Carlisle smell that?! Blood may not affect him but he still smelled it just as strongly! He ignored their frowns in favor of staring at the shifting, human sized bundle shivering beneath the bed blankets. Severus kneeled down next to the bed calmly.

"Harrison, come out now. We have guests. There is no call for rudeness." The man said but his words held no bite.

The bundle shifted until a small teenager emerged. He kept his eyes averted at the bed but Edward was drinking in his appearance. His skin was pale, almost translucent to the point that he could see the blue and purple veins beneath the skin at several points on his body. His paleness was offset by the curtain of long dark hair that spilled over and ended at his lower back. The vampire suspected that it would be longer if not for the matted and tangled state it was in. The boy looked like he had been in a refugee camp. He was unusually thin and his cheekbones stuck out sharply on his lovely face. Even slightly emaciated, he was breathtakingly beautiful. Carlisle spoke up in his mind.

'Edward are you in control? Do you need to leave?'

He grimaced in response.

'I'm fine. His scent though…Damn! I've never smelled anything so…addicting.'

His father frowned deeper. Strange. The thoughts he was gleaning from Severus's mind were muddy but he could clearly read the worry for the teen. From what he could read, something very bad had happened to Harrison and then he had been in some sort of accident. Foul play had been strongly suspected. That lovely face looked up and Edward was met with the most unearthly, ethereal emerald eyes he had ever seen. A groan slipped passed his defenses, drawing the boy's attention. Suddenly, it seemed as if the whole universe had turned its attention to him. A single word slipped past the boy's lips, so light that even he was unsure if it had been reality.

"Cedric…?" Was the whispered response. A name?

Severus's eyes filled with grief and he touched the boy's head tenderly.

"No, Harrison. This is Edward and his father Carlisle Cullen. Carlisle is going to be your doctor and they're gonna help you get all better again."

The shock was what Edward heard in the man's mind though.

'No, Harrison. Cedric is dead…He's been dead for three years…'

Carlisle approached the dazed teen with a soft smile. With Harrison's nodded permission, he began his check up. The strange boy did not utter another syllable, in fact, his eyes found the wall and did not move for the rest of the visit. Severus was able to coax him back under the covers and into bed afterwards although Edward noticed that no attempt to offer the boy food that he so obviously needed was made or to light the fire in the somewhat chilly room. He was staring at the beautiful teen. The entire visit he had been trying to read the teen's thoughts, to try and find out how he had gotten into this state but to his immense frustration, his mind glided over the other's like silk on water. He wanted it. Craved it! He needed to know more about the curious, tantalizing enigma before him. Severus lead them downstairs with a heavy sigh, offering them seats in his small study where they settled. He knew that the man was wishing he had a drink.

"So, you may have noticed that, aside from his health problems, Harrison has some mental illness as well." He began.

Carlisle nodded.

"Well, he was in a bad accident a year ago and has never really recovered. His entire life has been just one complicated trauma after another. He was orphaned as an infant and abused as a child and when he came into the care of the school, every year it was some new thing. In his accident, they suspected foul play. Harrison's child, the godson that he adopted after the child's parents were killed in the war, did not survive the accident. Harrison was in a coma for several months before he woke with very few memories and none of the accident. He didn't even realize that the child had been killed. Since he woke up, he has never been the same. Everyone abandoned him after that until I was the only one left. He refuses to care for himself and it takes me almost an hour to get him to consume the smallest amount of food. I wish I could light the fire in his room but the last time we did, he stuck his hands inside it and grabbed onto the burning log. I'm afraid to say that he isn't in a good state of mind. He tips on the brink of insanity constantly. I brought him here because you are the only one I could think of that maybe had a chance of helping him, Carlisle. I don't know how much I can help him anymore." Severus admitted wearily.

Edward winced visibly. Poor Harrison... He couldn't stand the thought of such a beautiful creature being in so much pain. His father nodded grimly.

"We will do our best, old friend."

"I'm just not sure what else I can do except keep him from hurting himself or starving to death. I think…Harrison wishes he had died too. Most days he is lucid even if he may not seem all there. He has only spoken a few words since he woke from the coma. He hallucinates and has the most vivid nightmares. I'd like to get him well enough to go to school again but first I have to get him well enough to care for himself. He was intimately involved in the war effort so I fear that it may be in great part Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sometimes he will just stare off into space and I know that he is reliving all of those horrors over and over again. It kills me to see him in such a state. He used to be so fiery and determined. He had the brightest spirit I'd ever seen outside of his mother."

Edward spoke up this time in a serious case of word vomit that had even him stunned.

"He still does. It's just buried inside him." He said and to his surprise, he earned a soft smile in return.

From above, the two vampires could hear Harry softly tossing and turning before getting out of bed and walking around the edge of his room like a tiger in it's cage. Severus sighed.

"He doesn't sleep a lot of the time, so he paces and walks around. Often times, I will bring him down into the living room with me and read to him or into my office and he will just sit there and watch me work. He frowns when he does, like he's close to remembering but it always passes." He explained darkly.

They sat up for many more hours talking of Harrison's condition and the best treatments. Eventually, the teen made his way down the stairs and blankly, curled up at Severus's feet, using his knee as a pillow. Those green eyes never moved from Edward's own the entire time.

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