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Chapter Sixteen

Take Me Away

Edward closed the door behind him with a sigh although he was unable to stop the wide smile that lit his face at the sight of his mate sleeping blissfully on his bed after their mating. He supposed he should go downstairs and face the inevitable verbal lacerations he was bound to receive upon confession from Severus. That man was like a viper when it came to Harrison. It had been worth it though. A thousand times worth it. Especially when Harrison sleepily made him promise that they could do it all over again when he woke up. He didn't bother to try and suppress his shiver of pleasure at the thought. In fact, the flashback nearly sent him into a wall it was so strong. He stopped in the hallway to compose himself before continuing down the stairs. The house was empty, except for the potion's master who stood stirring some sort of small cauldron on the stove.

"The others left a few hours ago. Something about Alice demanding that they take a day out in Port Angeles. Apparently, your sister had a sudden rabid case of cabin fever."

Severus gave him a knowing look to which Edward gave a stupid, telling grin. The man sighed but shrugged.

"I suppose it can't be helped. Mates will be mates. Teenagers will be rabbits and all that rot. Come on. Let's go run a scan while he's still asleep. No point in waking him up at this hour since I know the two of you didn't get to sleep until recently."

~ o ~

Pale hands lifted the window of the moonlit bedroom silently, just wide enough for a slim, cold body to slip inside. Crimson eyes surveyed the sleeping form on the bed with a smirk. The whole room smelled of sex and the teenager himself reeked of his mate. The pathetic "vegetarian" fledgling had taken the time to loosely tie the black robe back around Harrison Potter's body but in his sleeping, it had slid down to expose one tempting shoulder. He had to admit, the teen had grown beautifully. He pulled him gently up into his arms, waking the small form with the movement. Harrison frowned, eyes unfocused and groggy.

"Hnn...Edward?" He asked, his voice thick with sleep.

When those eyes looked up to see who held him though, they frowned. Curious. He lifted his hand to the cold cheek, the frown deepening.

"I know your face...How do I know your face...?" He breathed, confused and searching his mangled memories in vain.

"You don't remember me, pretty? I'm hurt." He chuckled darkly, leaning down to scent along his neck, "You stole something from me, Harrison, and I've been given permission to take you as payment. I intend to fully take advantage of that."

He licked along the teen's ear, making Harrison squirm and begin to protest as much as he was able with is sluggish exhausted body.

"No...you can't do that. Only Edward is allowed..."

He slid a hand along the creamy hipbone and he could taste venom when the door opened suddenly. There stood Dumbledore's runaway pet potion's master and the fledgling that had claimed the child in his arms. Even if Harrison didn't recognize him, Snape sure did. The man's eyes were wide and filled with hate.


"Well, hello, Snape. Fancy meeting you here."

The man's exclamation was drowned out by the sound of Edward's snarl. He took in the dubious position they were in and the trembling that had begun throughout his mate's weak, sensitive form.

"Put him down!!" Edward roared, his male possessiveness rearing up defensively and his stance ready to lunge.

The vampire smirked, hugging Harrison, whose breathing was quickly becoming labored with his fear. He was going to hyperventilate if they didn't help him soon!

"Relax, child. I'm merely here to send a message. Who your precious mate really belongs to. Me." He said, running a possessive hand up Harrison's thigh.

The teen whimpered pitifully, sending his frantic furious mate desperate pleading glances. The vampire must have moved between his thighs because Harrison gasped, arching back at the unwanted sensation of whatever the bastard was doing to him. Something in him wanted to tear the bastards hand off and find out exactly what he was doing to his mate. The other half was glad that he couldn't see it because of the black robe. Harrison's eyes were fearful and he was writhing in the cold arms, making half pleading, half sounds of unwilling pleasure. Harrison's body would still be extremely sensitive from their mating but the sight still made Edward's fangs retract in blazing unadulterated fury. How dare he molest his mate!! How dare this stranger claim that his mate was his own!! The vampire was leaning down to speak in the teen's ear, his firey eyes still on the two. Severus's wand was pointed at him but there was nothing he could do without hurting his ward.

"You remember me, pet. The knowledge is there, you have only to reach out and grasp it. Tell me, pet. What is my name?"

Harrison was biting his lip, shaking his head as if he were fighting off the memory.

"What is my name?" The vampire hissed, his eyes now boring into the teen's own.

He gasped, eyes wide and filled with something not even he himself could decipher but seemed to please his captor.

"A-Arturo…" He moaned.

It was fearful sound like that of a hurt animal. Arturo's eyes found Edward's seething ones and he purred to the child in his arms.

"Very good, pet. Look at your precious fledgling. He's angry isn't he? It's because he doesn't want to face that you are truly my mate and that he stole you from me."

Severus stepped forward, his hand gripping his wand in a vice grip. His eyes seemed like bottomless holes he was so enraged.

"You said that someone promised him to you as payment. Who was it?" Severus asked but the sick feeling in his stomach told him that he had a very good idea though he didn't know why.

Arturo laughed, a sound that shocked Harrison out of his fearful paralysis and started to reach for Edward desperately, silently begged his mate for help.

"Your precious Headmaster gave him to me. He said that he would be difficult to control because of his condition, but it was nothing that I wouldn't…enjoy accomplishing. However, you seem to have been keeping more secrets than i thought, Snape. You've done all of my work for me." He said with a lick to the side of Harrison's face.

Severus's mind and stomach reeled at the realization. Dumbledore had sold out a child who he still thought to be so demented that he couldn't even function properly. He supposed that the old man was trying to get one last use out of his shattered Boy-Who-Lived. Arturo was a sadist and not teh least bit ashamed by it. Severus had not reported Harrison's recovery, preferring to let the world think he was irreparably damaged. It had given his ward a measure of peaceful anonymity. The invader leveled the two with a stare so heated and full of desire for the creature in his arms that Edward nearly lost control.

"Heal him up well, Snape. I'll be back for him."

Arturo delivered a hungry kiss to the teen's bruised lips before disappearing out the window. Edward made to follow but in his escape, the vampire had released Harrison and the teen, unable to wrap his mind around every thing and unable to hold himself up any longer, he fell to the ground with a soft cry. As soon as Edward touched him to see if he was well, Harrison threw himself into his mate's arms. His whole body was shaking like a leaf and he clung to Edward as if he were the last thing holding his fragile being together.

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