Author's Notes: The following story popped up in my cute little head after I had absolutely NO work to do. Office work is super *g*

Dedication: I dedicate this story to my sister, who is a real pain in the ass, but also nice. Sometimes.

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Lost And Found

3 years ago:

Michiru sat in the dark hospital room, sadly looking at the lifeless form of her lover, Haruka Tenoh. The steady beeping of the heart-lung-machine filled the room, accompanied by the raspy breaths that came from Harukas chest. Behind Michiru, the door opened and Harukas doctor, a tall man named Seiichi Takawashi, entered the room. "Miss Kaioh?" Michiru turned around to look at him, and he noticed that she had been crying again. "Yes?" Michiru now asked. "We have got the report on Miss Tenohs condition." Dr. Takawashi now said. Michiru gave him a begging look. "Please tell me what happened to Haruka." "Well, as we already told you, Miss Tenoh had a heart attack." Takawashi answered. "But how can this happen?" Michiru cried out. "How can she have a heart attack? She's only 25!" Takawashi sighed heavily at the young girls outburst. "As we found out, Miss Tenoh was born with a cardiac defect. No one ever noticed, until the day she almost had that car accident. The great shock she suffered in the process caused her to have a heart attack." "Will she be alright?" Michiru asked worried, and Takawashi nodded, much to the aqua haired girls relief. "Most probably Miss Tenoh will be back to her old self when she recovered. But she'll have to take good care of herself, if she doesn't want to have another attack." "Okay, I'll make sure she'll be careful." Michiru promised, happy that Haruka would be alright. The doctor also smiled and left the room, while Michiru remembered the events that had led to Harukas heart attack.


The whole crowd gasped when Harukas car almost crashed into the one of her greatest opponent; if Haruka wouldn't have reacted fast, the accident would have been terrible. Haruka brought her car to a sudden stop and panted, whipping sweat from her brow in the process. Michiru came running over to the car and reached it just when Haruka climbed out of it, her heart racing in her chest. The other driver came running, his face looking slightly green. "Haruka, I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" the man yelled. Haruka nodded, shortly wondering about the pain in her left arm. "I'm fine, don't…worry…" She trailed off when the pain suddenly increased, and a numb feeling spread over her chest. "Haruka?" Michiru asked worried. "Haruka, are you okay?" Her worry turned into horror when Haruka suddenly slumped against her car, holding her chest and moaning in pain. "Haruka! Haruka!" Michiru yelled, rushing to her love's side. "My…heart…" Was the last sentence Haruka managed to say before blackness engulfed her.

~~End Flashback~~

Michiru was ripped out of her memories when a weak sound came from Harukas bed. The aqua haired girl's eyes flew open, and much to her joy Haruka looked at her, finally awake. "Haruka, you are awake! Thank God. How are you feeling?" Haruka managed a weak smile. "Not to good…but I'm glad you are here." Michiru smiled and kissed her lover. "Don't you ever do that again." She then scolded. "You had me so scared, love…" "Sorry." Haruka answered, smiling. "I'll try not to worry you again." Michiru sighed and decided to ask Haruka the question that was on her mind since the heart attack. "Haruka…would you do me a favor?" "Just ask." Came the short reply. Michiru took a deep breath. "Would you stop racing?"

Haruka just stared at her love, shock in her  teal eyes. "What? Michiru, I don't think so. Why should I?" "Maybe because you had a heart attack?" Michiru shot back angrily. "I don't want this to happen once more, Haruka!" "And it won't happen!" Haruka snapped back, anger in her eyes this time. "You can't ask me to stop racing, Michiru! Racing is my life!" "Haruka, don't get so angry!" Michiru pleaded. "Think about your heart!" "I don't care about my fucking heart!" Haruka yelled, totally out of control now. "You start it again! You try to tell me what to do again! You know I hate that!" "Haruka…Haruka, what got into you?" Michiru asked on the verge of tears. Haruka had never been so aggressive before, and Michiru was really worried now.  "Please, calm down!" The aqua haired girl now begged. Haruka just growled, a weird sound that came deep from her throat. Now Michiru was really afraid. "Haruka…? Haruka, what…" Before she could finish her sentence, Haruka jumped at her.


"…and that's the whole story." Michiru ended her tale. "Haruka hit me unconscious, and when I woke up again, she was gone." Hotaru patted her moms hand. "And she didn't show up anymore?" Michiru sadly shook her head. "Every time the phone or the doorbell rings, I hope it's her…but she never shows up. I always mistake people with short blonde hair for her, but she was never one of them." A single tear ran down Michirus cheek. "I only wish I knew what happened to her…where she went…and if she's alright now." The aqua haired girl whispered. Hotaru pulled her close and hugged her. "I feel that she's alive." Michiru admitted. "If Haruka would have died, I would know it."

"Is the subject ready for the test?" A deep, yet female voice asked. "Yes, doctor." A man answered. He handed a syringe filled with a weird colored liquid to the woman, who accepted it smiling. She walked over to a big metal desk that stood in the middle of a huge room. The person that laid on it, strapped to the metal with thick steel bands, looked at her with pain filled eyes. "Here's your medicine." The woman now said. A small whimper came from the person's throat, muffled by the thick gag that was stuffed between her lips. "Awww, don't wanna take your medicine? Bad subject!" the woman scolded before she turned to the man who obviously was her assistant. "Electrocute her." The man nodded and pushed a button on the control panel that stood next to the table. The woman that was tied to it screamed in tremendous pain, her body jerking up, her wrists and ankles starting to bleed when the steel cut into them. Finally, after an seemingly endless time, the electricity was turned off. "Well done, James." The woman with the syringe now said. She  turned back to the tied up, almost unconscious woman. "And now hold still, Haruka."