Dr. Sariachi silently cheered when Michirus body hit the floor, blood streaming from the fatal wounds in her stomach. Weapon X just stood there, staring down at what she had done. Finally, she pulled herself out of her frozen state and bent down to pick Michiru up. That was when a golden necklace slid out of the aqua haired woman's shirt, and Weapon X's eyes fell on it. Hanging on the necklace was a small golden heart, with the letters "H+M" engraved on it. Weapon X touched it interested, and a flash of memories ran through her.

A kiss, innocent and soft, under the full moon; somehow Weapon X knew that it was the first kiss she shared with the aqua haired beauty…another kiss, after Weapon X had won a race…and a third one, followed by the words "I love you" in the darkness of a bedroom.

Dr. Sariachi frowned when her Weapon X suddenly stiffened and groaned, letting go of the dying Michiru in the process. "X? Are you alright?" Kaori asked, and Weapon X turned around to look at her. Only that it wasn't Weapon X anymore. Harukas teal eyes filled with tears, and she whispered: "Michiru…oh God, Michiru…what have I done…" She stared down at the bloody claws, then her gaze came up and landed on the face of Dr. Sariachi. "This is all your fault." Haruka spoke in a flat voice. "And you'll pay for it." She launched herself at Dr. Sariachi, and her claws dug deep into the woman's chest. The doctor fell to the floor just like Michiru had done before, but she still had enough life in her to watch Haruka walking over to Michiru. She realized what her "creation" was about to do and gasped: "No…you can't…those wounds are too fatal, it would kill you…" Haruka didn't even bother to look back. She knelt down next to Michiru, who was on the edge of dead now, and put her hands on the wounds in her love's stomach. "I'm sorry, Michiru." The blonde whispered. "Please, forgive me." She concentrated, and the wounds started to close. Haruka felt the pain Michiru had felt when they reappeared in her own stomach, probably too fatal to be healed even by her increased healing rate. Haruka managed to stand up again and stumbled over to Dr. Sariachi. "That's it." She whispered, blood running from her mouth. "You pay for your crimes…and I…pay for…mine." She fell on her back, smiled at the unconscious Michiru one more time and then allowed the blackness to engulf her.

Michiru awoke with a dull headache. She sat up, dizzy, realized where she was and instantly remembered what had happened. The aqua haired woman looked down and startled saw that the wounds in her stomach were gone. "…Weapon X has the ability to induct other peoples wounds…" Dr. Sariachi's voice came in her mind. Michirus head shot up, and she saw Haruka lying on her back a few meters away, next to the obviously dead Dr. Sariachi. Haruka wasn't breathing. "Oh God." Michiru whispered. "No…" she stumbled to her feet and ran over to Haruka, kneeling down next to her. The blonde's shirt was matted with blood, in the exact area where Michirus wounds had been. Michiru immediately realized that she was too late. Haruka was dead.

One Week Later

Michiru came home from the police station where she had signed the protocol. She turned on the TV without looking what was on and walked into the kitchen when the words of the news caster attracted her attention. "…three people got saved from the burning building by an unknown person. One of the saved men stated that the woman who had brought him out was incredible strong, and that she walked through the fire as if it wasn't there. That is possible, since she could have worn a fireproof suit. But there is another fact which bothers the police: the man informed us that the woman cut the locked door open with six metal claws that came out of the back of her hands." Michirus legs gave away, and she fell to the couch heavily. "Haruka…but she was dead…is her healing rate high enough to bring her back from the dead?" The aqua haired girl talked to herself. After she had informed the police, the state medic had verified Harukas death, and she had been brought to the state cold storage. Michiru shrugged her thoughts up and smiled. "However…if Haruka lives, she uses her new strengths to help people. And if she wants to come back to me, she will." With that, the aqua haired girl turned the TV off and went to sleep. She knew that Haruka lived, and she believed that one day, the blonde would come back.


Authors notes: There will be a sequel, I promise ^^