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Casey never thought she'd enjoy trying to catch her breath until Mike Logan came into her life. Her bare glistening body rolled off of him before she pressed herself against him. Resting her delicate hand on his firm pectoral she lifted her chin and stared into his dark eyes. She could tell by the curious glint in them that he had something on his mind.

"What?" he asked her as his hand gripped the small of her back.

"You're the one with question," she raised her eyebrow.

It impressed and pleased to see how intuitive she was, "That's what I get for dating a lawyer."

A small smirked touched her perfect lips, "Just ask it."

Seconds passed before he spoke, "With all you see at can you still have sex?"

The question he asked wasn't a first for her but unlike the other men who had asked her, she knew there wasn't a morbid curiosity behind it nor would he abruptly end their evening together after hearing her answer.

"Case?" he said her name, "you don't have to answer."

Her head slowly shook, "It's ok Mike..sometimes I wonder about that too. I..Sex is about connection, intimacy, generosity, pleasure..there's none of that in any of the cases I see," she stroked his face and asked a question of her own. "Have you ever been considered for SVU?"

Mike never brought up Father Joe Krolinsky with his girlfriends, he was afraid of being judged and pitied. Casey was different, because of her career and the woman that she is he wasn't afraid to tell her the truth.


He brushed a strand of her hair from her forehead, "It hits too close to home."

Her eyes widen as shock spread throughout her body, "You were abused? Physical, sexual?"

"Both," he managed to push out of his mouth, "my mother liked to smack me around when she drunk and there was Father Joe. I collared him a couple of years ago, he's gonna leave Rikers in a box." His eyes almost became flooded but he held those tears captive.

Even though his tone was flat, she could see the pain and anger in his eyes, her lips pressed against his, "You got justice, Mike," she refused to refer to him as a victim, "many don't."

His lips pulled into a slight grin at her loving reaction, "I know..I know.."

Their gazed at one another quietly relishing the moment.

Last night during dinner with Don, Thea realized how wrong she had been for calling progressive bloggers and informing them about Grady. Once they stepped onto the elevator together she turned to Munch.

"I'm sorry," she looked into his eyes, "I was pissed off at what he did and how he humiliated others..It was stupid and unprofessional."

In the short time of their partnership, he had seen moments of maturity from her, this was one of them and he couldn't help but be proud, "You're right but pricks like's tempting to sink to his level. But don't do it again."

"I won't, I promise," she smiled and hugged him.

When they stepped off the elevator, they headed towards Major Case's squad room.

"Good morning guys," Thea happily said.

"Morning," Bobby grinned and leaned back in his chair while Eames simply nodded at the SVU detectives.

"Has Grady's wife called?" Thea asked him.

He shook his head, "No…I thought I reached her," his eyes went to his desk.

John spoke, "Before she married Grady she was out of work and living off welfare. If she turns against him, she has to get off the gravy train he's setup for her."

Resting a comforting hand Bobby's shoulder Thea said, "There's still plenty of time left before the trial, she might come around."

The feel of her gentle hand brought a grin to his lips.

Eames looked at the gesture with a hint of contempt in her eyes.

Apple sauce dripped down Eli's chin. His father used his bib to wipe his chin and smiled at him.

"You have Stabler men's table manners little guy," he said to his son before feeding him another spoonful.

"Good morning El, hey honey," she kissed Eli but not Elliot.

"Morning Kath," he answered with a brief grin not dwelling on her lack of affection towards him. He had gotten use to it but didn't want to address it until she rejected his advances, she hadn't thus far.

"You made breakfast?"

He shrugged, "Eli and I got up before you and..thought it would be nice."

"Thanks," she smiled before tearing a piece of omelet with her fork.

The ringing of his mobile phone caught his attention, "Stabler," he answered, "Ok, I'm on it."

"You caught a case?" Kathy asked.

"Yeah, Thea and Munch are with Major Case while Fin and Lake are working on a case with the 2-7," he stood up.

Kathy's mobile phone rang, "Can you watch him for a minute, I need to take this call," she didn't wait for his answer and went into the dining room.

"Sure.." he watched her leave and tried not to wonder why she started to take calls away from him.

Lunch came around and to show how she remorseful she was, Thea went to the break room to get her lunch and the one she had made for John. Bobby was at the refrigerator when she entered the room.

He opened the refrigerator door for her, "After you."

"Thanks," she smiled at him before retrieving the lunches.

"Would-would you mind answering a question?"

"Sure what is it?"

"What motivated you to lose weight, to change your life?" he asked and fixated his stare on her reading her expression.

Her eyes fell to the floor and then returned to him, "I couldn't look myself in the mirror and I was tired of letting myself be a slave to my self hatred. If I wanted to learn to with myself..I had to change."

He nodded understanding how she used to feel and was a bit turned on by her strength, " was a very mature and brave change to make."

She shrugged, "That reminds me, I run in the morning and I was wondering if you'd like to join me?" she handed him her card with her home address written on the front. "I start at six," she grinned.

"Oh..I-I can't," he lied. He was reluctant because he was afraid of not being able to keep pace with her, "I like to sleep in."

Her expression fell, she didn't understand why he would lie to her, "Those bags under your eyes could have fooled me. Have a nice lunch Bobby," she left the room not letting him respond.

He sighed and arched his brow, other than Eames and Nicole, Thea was the only woman who could see through his lies. Although he felt embarrassed, he was also impressed.

At her desk, Eames phone rang, "Eames.." a deep exhale left her lips once she heard the voice inform her of what happened. "We're on our way."

"What is it?" Bobby asked his partner.

The four detectives arrived at the Grady household where Keith sat on the front steps crying on an officer's shoulder.

They entered the mansion and took a right turn where Mr. and Mrs. Grady bodies lay on the living room floor. A homicide detective approached them.

Bobby felt his heart sink into the pit of his stomach when he saw the slain couple.

"The son said that she shot Grady first and then apologized to him for not being a better mother before killing herself," Detective Lentril said.

"She was thought doing this..was the only way to free herself of guilt and all the people Grady hurt," Bobby said as he shook his head, "there was another way.."

Eames spoke to him, "She chose her own."

They looked down at the corpses with shock and disappointment.

After finishing her stretches, Thea attached the hands free leash to her hipband and petted Milo's head before they left her apartment. A wide smile spread across her face the moment she stepped outside.

Wearing a black nylon pants with stripes on the sides and a dark t-shirt, Bobby stood at the bottom of her building's stoop with a small grin on his face.

"I didn't expect to see you here.." she walked down the stoop.

His shoulders rose then dropped, "I needed a change. Hey Milo," he petted the canine's head.

"Keith said he couldn't keep him, he reminded him too much of Christian," she explained then looked up at him with apologetic eyes, "About what I said yesterday..I'm was really mean and bitchy."

Her sincerity moved him and caused him to smile, "It wasn't untrue. But thanks."

She nodded, "We can't go too fast..Milo needs to keep up with us."

His eyes went to the eager dog then back to her, "He will."

The bell on the front doors rang when they opened. John looked up and smiled once he saw who came walking in.

"Good morning Alex," he said to her.

Eames nodded and grinned as she sat across from him, "Morning Munch," she answered. Even though they only shared two cups of coffee, she tried to convince herself that this was a friendly gathering and nothing more. She couldn't help but by charmed by his presence and enjoyed their time together.