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Indifference on both sides -
Chapter II

So now she knew. He didn't care about her. She got it right before. She was the baggage he was obligated to protect. The Doctor's expression was etched with regret.

"Oh Rose," he croaked, his eyes sad as he outstretched both arms so he could hold her. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..."

Her whole body was shaking under him, and she leaned in on him for support. Her head...it hurt...

"I knew it." She managed to gasp, her voice breaking. "I knew you didn't care!"

And before the Doctor's horror struck eyes, her eyes closed as the dizziness won her over and the darkness consumed her sight.

Forget and forgive -

Chapter III

I did that, was all he could think as he looked at the fragile figure he was holding in his arms. I killed her.

He trudged up the hill with heacy hearts, his mind bubbling like turmoil as he thought of a life without Rose. A dead life, devoid of colour and meaning and laughter. His mind strayed for a moment. What would it be like to never laugh again? He mused.

He continued to plow his way up the hill, his limbs now moving with a speed that was almost robotic; constant but pushing himself faster as he felt (undeneath the hand that was on her chest) each heartbeat dwindling away and growing fainter. He could almost feel his own hearts fading, his entire being shifting focus onto wherever her path would leave.

Wasn't everything so pleasent just twenty minutes ago? Coming down this same hill with a feeling of an airy lightness as he looked at his little Rosebud's back. That feeling that coursed through his arm that made him want to reach out and just touch her. To even feel her soft skin on his was too much. He would be content with just that.

He hissed, directing his intense expression into oblivion.
"This isn't fair!" He snarled. "Take me away from her if you dare, because I swear to Rasillion I wll get her back. I'm not letting her go. Not now."

Tears pricked at his eyes and he saw the vunerable fool he was now because of her - begging at nothing to keep her with him, where she belonged. He loved her. Trying so hard to protect her from his world, but at the same time that selfishness keeping her close so he was unable to let her go. She should be on Earth with her mother and Mickey the Idiot, her biggest problem being that she couldn't decide what shoes to wear for some party! Not stuck here in a fallen angel's arms, clinging onto life with every fibre she had...

Because of him.

He screamed then the hoplesness of everything starting to weigh him down. Never stopping though, never stopping because Rose needed him.

Then something blue came in line with his vision. The TARDIS! The Doctor almost cried out in relief and ran straight for the door, gently balacing Rose on his knee to get to the key in his pocket.
"Yo-yo, bannana, skeleton key, bouncy ball, beanie bag-" He muttered as he felt his way past the objects. "-toy screwdriver, tool screwdriver, sonic screwdriver, squeeky screwdriver...there! Here it is! Ha!"
He grabbed the key and shoved it into the door before carefully (but with haste) carrying Rose directly to the infirmiry.

* * *

Rose's eyes fluttered open, and she groaned as the pulsing green light of the TARDIS played with the shadows beneath her eyelids. As her eyes opened her surroundings were blurry and she had to blink a few times. A shape was in front of her but she couldn't make it out.

A damp cloth soaked her forhead and she closed her lids again. A few robotic beeps sounded from some macine and the person was there again, hands soothing her cheeks touching her face, wiping her forhead in strangely comforting motions.

"Doctor?" She murmered. She was almost scared to look at him, remembering flickers of what had happened between them.

Her head...it had hurt.

"It's me, Rose. I'm here. Don't worry." He soothed her. Oh Please, she thought. How can he tell me not to worry after that? No, how can her even forgive me after that? She grabbed him feebly by the hand and held on tight with the little stregnth she had...

"I'm so sorry, Doctor." She said. Tears were filling her eyes. "Please don't hate me."

She couldn't see it, but the Doctor was close to tears, too. His angel, his beautiful angel asking him not to hate her after what he had inflicted on her?

"I could never hate you, Rose." He whisepered, leaning close to her ear. "I-"
He swallowed the lump that suddenly came into his throat. He couldn't finish the sentance.

"Don't leave me." She sobbed into his sleeve as he attempted to pry himself from her. He wanted to leave the bed, to fill the awkward moment. "Don't leave me - the nightmares, you stop the nightmares!"
The doctor looked at her with the tender devotion that she usually missed so often.

"Of course I won't leave. I'll be here. Just sleep and have sweet dreams. Get your rest." He hesitated for the smallest fraction of a second. "I'm not mad at you. If anything you should be mad at me. But I tell you what, when you're better I'll take you to the hotel we were mean to go to, it's wonderful, it has its own swimming pool just like you said you wanted...the sky at nightime looks like something that's been computer generated...exotic flowers everywhere, even inside..."

And Rose fell asleep to her favourite sound in the world. The sound of the Doctor's voice.

* * *

The Doctor looked over her sleeping figure, watching over her. As her chest went up and down, heard her gentle breathing, her peacful expression, his mind filled with the one thing he didn't think he would ever be able to tell her because of the pain it would cause the both of them.

I love you.

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