The Marauders are all now 30-years-old. They and their families are all at Jamie and Luke's house for a Saturday barbecue.

A lot has happened in the past Seven years.

Rebecca and Nick had three more little ones to add to Claire Marie. Eli Nathaniel who's five, Seth Nickolas, two and a half and Bailey Elizabeth, who just turned one.

Jamie and Luke have had Paige Stephanie, four, and Ryan Luke, eighteen months to add to Hayley Renee.

Alyssa and Jason had a little girl, Alexis Jane, who's three.

Summer and Matt had Chase Matthew a year after they got married and then Ellie Jenifer a year after Chase.

Rebecca, Alyssa, and Summer are sitting at a picnic table in Jamie's backyard.

Luke is grilling burgers on the grill. He's doing it my hand because of the Muggle neighbor's.

"I'm sure glad Jamie's neighbors aren't nosy" Rebecca said.

"Why?" Alyssa asked.

"Claire often changes her hair color with her mood. And that changes pretty often." Rebecca said.

Summer chuckled, "We sure wouldn't want to have to modify their memory's every time."

"Yeah,. That's get really annoying." Alyssa said.

Just then Claire, Hayley, Aiden, and Andrew came up to the table, arguing.

Claire walked over to her mother.

"Mummy!" she whined, "Tell Aiden and Drew that girls are just as fast as boy's!"

Rebecca smiled at her daughter, "Why don't you tell them sweetie?"

"We did!" Hayley said, "But they won't listen!"

"Well then, I think that calls for a race" Alyssa said.

They all cheered.

"Ooh! Can we? Can we Mummy? Please?" Claire begged.

Rebecca laughed, "Of course you can"

"Yay!!!!" Claire squealed, changing her hair color for red to pink.

Alyssa got up to mark a start and an end for their race.

Jamie came over with Ryan on her hip. She sat down and sat Ryan down on the grass.

"Hey" She said.

"Hey" Rebecca said.

"Yeah, it's great you Jamie. Haven't seen you the whole time I've been here today." Summer teased.

Jamie sighed, "Yeah I know, and I'm sorry. I've just been busy with the kids and my aunt stopped by this morning so I got started making things late."

Summer grinned, "Sure, sure."

Nick came up to the table, Bailey on his shoulder. He sat her on the table in front of Rebecca.

"Bailey has a gift for Mummy" Nick said.

Rebecca smiled at her daughter, "Oh really? What did you bring me?"

Bailey grinned and stretched out her hand to Rebecca.

"'Tick!" She said, dropping a small stick into Rebecca's hands.

"Aw, thank you baby" Rebecca said, kissing Bailey's cheek.

Bailey just continued to grin.

"Burgers are ready!" Luke announced.

"Finally!" Jamie said, getting up.

It took three picnic tables to seat all of them together.

Summer laughed, "After all these years Jamie still loves food."

Rebecca and Alyssa, who had come back after Hayley and Claire had proved girls are as fast as boys, laughed.

"I think Jamie will always love food." Alyssa said.

Rebecca took Bailey off the table and sat her beside her.

Claire bounded up to Rebecca.

"Hayley and me want to next to Uncle Matt." She declared.

Rebecca laughed, "Okay sweetie, you do that."

Claire and Hayley took a seat next to Matt on the other side of the table.

Nick sat across from Rebecca with Eli and Seth on either side of him.

After everyone ate Jamie put a movie on for the kids.

The adults all sat outside and talked. Bailey and Ryan were all ready asleep in they're cribs.

"Man, I miss the old days." Jamie said.

"Yeah, day's soaking up the spring sun next to the Black Lake at Hogwarts." Summer said.

Alyssa sighed, "Thos where great times. But I don't think I'd go back, I'd miss the boy's and Alexis too much."

"Yeah" Jason agreed.

"I agree" Rebecca said, "I'd miss my kids to much."

"That's true" Jamie said.

Summer smiled, "Definitely. But it would still be cool to go there and see if anything was the same."

"It would." Nick agreed.

And so they sat and reminisced old memories and watched the sunset.