Disclaimer: I have not now, nor ever, owned Harry Potter. That right goes to JKR. The plot for this fic is based off of one created by Cypher3au on FicWad. I will do my level best not to make this too much like that story.

Chapter One - The new, improved Harry

It was a normal day at the Dursleys. The summer sun, beating down on the dried out ground, made everything too hot for outdoor activities, though people tried anyway. Vernon and Petunia were listening to the early news, Dudley was out with his gang, and Harry was trying to gather any information he could on the activities of one Voldemort. It was during the news that Harry discovered something that would make his whole life a lot more livable.


The yell of Uncle Vernon echoed out from the house. Harry, although startled from the shout, slowly made his way up from the hard ground he was lying on while listening to the news, and peered into the window, where he saw on TV a fascinating sight. He missed the loud crack and the meow that followed it.

A guy was on the screen. Now this is usually normal, but the man was huge, with immense muscles, and bear-like claws. Wait, claws? thought Harry.

"Splicing, the next generation of bio-medical technology, as well as the latest body fad. With me now is Dr. Ivan Moreau, the creator of the gene-splicing technology and founder of the Gen-tech splicing center." On screen with the reporter was a man with a lion's mane and muzzle, with a tail coming off his backside.

"Tell me, doctor, how did you come up with this technology?" asked the reporter.

"Well, when I was younger, I was in the army, and lost my foot in combat," said Dr. Moreau. "I hated the prosthesis I was given, and tried to find a way to get my foot back. I went to college and majored in biology, specifically human and animal genetics. One of the areas I researched was how reptiles regenerated their limbs when they lost one. It didn't take me long to figure out how to extract the DNA code for the regeneration, but I needed a way to get it into a human, namely, me."

"And how did you do that?"

"A friend of mine came up with the answer," said the doctor. "He works with pathogens, and managed to create a harmless one, one that carries the DNA code as well as the encoding agent needed to write the ability into the human cells. However we still needed a way to activate the agent, so we made it to activate with UV light, in this case from a tanning light, since UV rays can pass so easily through skin."

"So now, you have a way to not only repair damage to a person's body, but can also make them into something from Sci-Fi and Fantasy? What if something goes wrong?"

The doctor replied. "We created an antigen at the same time we made the pathogen, so there are no problems with reversing the process. In fact, I reversed the regeneration ability to test it out, and I still had my foot, good as new. Also, all of us here recommend that if you want to change something, you get the previous changes reversed, so that there wouldn't be any problems between the old and new code. I hope to see some new customers. We accept walk-ins, as well as appointments"

"Thank you for your time, Dr. Moreau. This is Lisa Williamson, reporting."

Wow, that looked cool. Hey, maybe I can get some animal abilities to help me with Voldie and his munchers? thought Harry.

Heading inside, Harry went upstairs to his room and grabbed some of the money he had converted before he came back to the Dursleys.

Five pounds, that's not gonna be enough, thought Harry. He was about to grab his key, but came up with something else. As he came in the front door, he saw his uncle's wallet on the entry table, stuffed with a lot of money.

I can't steal from him! thought Harry. Then again, he does owe me for all the labor I've done here, and if he hasn't noticed Dudley's theft, I doubt he would notice mine.

Heading back downstairs, he found his relatives still glued to the tv. They never noticed Harry taking 300 pounds and adding it to the five he had in his pocket. Harry then quietly opened the door, and headed on his way.

Harry made his way to the bus stop and waited. It wasn't long before the bus arrived and stopped. As Harry got on, the driver asked, "Where ya headin'?"

"Gen-tech," replied Harry.

"Oh, gonna try that out? Five pounds, please."

"Yeah, I thought I'd look into it. Here you go," said Harry, handing over the money, then taking the seat near the driver.

"I have a niece who's into that. Got that whole 'catgirl' thing going. Unfortunately, so do most of the other girls in London." With that, the driver pulled out from the stop, and took off for London.

Harry arrived thirty minutes later at the center. Heading in, Harry walked up to the receptionist.

"Hello, I was wondering if you had any room for a walk-in today?" he asked the young woman, who looked fabulous in leopard fur. It really set off her brunette locks.

"You're in luck. We just had a cancellation, and since you walked in at the right time, you get to take it. Just sign these forms, and we'll get you started," said the receptionist, whose name was Jennifer.

Harry quickly filled out the forms, handed them back to Jennifer, and waited. It wasn't long before a doctor came out to see him. "Mr. Harry Potter?" called the doctor. Harry walked up to the man. "I'm Dr. Louis Berg. Please, follow me." The doctor led Harry back to one of the splicing rooms.

"So, what can I do for the Boy-Who-Lived?" asked the doctor.

"How did...?" started Harry.

"I'm a squib, one who still has connections with the wizarding world," said Dr. Berg. "Dr. Moreau knows this, and has allowed me to see if this process can work with magical creature DNA. I tried it on my eldest son, who is also a squib, but the process didn't stick. Turns out you need an active magical core, and you're the first known wizard to walk through our doors."

"Meaning I'll be seeing some catgirls at Hogwarts, too. This should really tick my friend Hermione off," said Harry.

"How come?" asked Louis.

"Accidentally took a cat hair in Polyjuice Potion. She was stuck for a month," said Harry with a grin, remembering the incident.

"I don't want to know. Anyway, since you're here, we can either use the regular DNA, or we could try the magical DNA. Which one do you want to try?"

"Let's try magical. I got the Dark Bore Moldyshorts after me again, and I'm gonna need all the help I can get," said Harry.

"Wait, you mean to say that he's back?" asked a scared Dr. Berg.

"Yeah, but Fudge didn't believe me when I told him in June. He just thought I was delusional."

"In that case, we're gonna make sure that when you leave here, you'll be more than ready to fight him," said Berg. "Let's get started."

"First off, will this be able to repair the physical damage done to my by an abusive childhood?" asked Harry.

"It sure will, in fact, we can make a recording of you before the changes and give it to the police as evidence."

"Nah. Knowing Dumbledore, he'll just make it disappear in order to keep his weapon under wraps," groused Harry. "Anyway, what do you got?"

"Well, I was thinking along the lines of dragons, specifically the Hungarian Horntail, as it's one of the strongest when it comes to magical resistance," said Louis.

"True, but all it takes is five AKs and I drop dead, and the munchers do travel in packs. Is there anyway to up that protection?" asked Harry.

"The only thing I can think of is a basilisk, but I don't have the DNA on hand."

"If you had a sample, how long would it take for you to install?"

"Not long. Why?" asked Dr. Berg.

"Dobby!" called Harry. With a crack, the hyper house elf appeared.

"Master Harry calls Dobby?" he asked.

"I need you to go down to the Chamber of Secrets an get a scale from the dead basilisk and bring it back here. Make sure it's in a safe container. I don't want you to get poisoned," said Harry.

"Dobby do." With that, the house elf vanished.

"Did you just send your little friend to get a scale from a basilisk?" asked the doctor.

"It's dead. I killed it in second year," replied Harry. Dr. Louis Berg looked at the young man, shock shown on his face.

Moments later, Dobby returned with a lead box.

"The scale is inside. Is that all?" Harry nodded, and Dobby went back to Hogwarts.

The doctor took the box, opened it, and placed it underneath the extraction unit. Once the DNA was stored, he found the code for the magic resistance, and looked it over.

"Dang, this must have been a powerful snake. Let's see what this will do when added to the Horntail resistance." tapping a few buttons, the code was added to the code for the Horntail's, and the bar showing the resistance level shot to the top of the screen.

"Bloody hell! According to this, I won't be harmed by any spell ever again!" exclaimed Harry.

"Well, at least you'll know you'll be safe. What else do you want?" asked Louis.

"Add in the wings, tail, claws on the hands, and fire breath. Can we add something to make me stronger?"

"Like what, Re'em's DNA?"

"Yeah, that's perfect! I read about them, and their the strongest magical creature on the planet," said Harry. "They're even stronger than dragons."

"I should warn you, we haven't found a way to limit the level of strength in the Re'em DNA, so you're going to be just as strong as one, meaning you're gonna have huge muscles," said Dr. Berg.

"Anything would be better that what I've got now," said Harry, waving his stick arms. "Anyway, can I get a phoenix's flame teleporting ability?"

"Sure. Anything else? How about a nundu's speed, agility, flexibility and eyesight?"

"Excellent. That should be it," said Harry.

"Alright, let's get a scan of you as you are now, then we'll apply the changes to an image of you on screen, to see what you'd look like before we make it in real life," said Louis. "Now, one of the devices I'm using is a magi-scanner. It was developed in the USA for magical EMTs when they can't use a wand around muggles." Harry nodded, and the scans were made.

"Hmm according to the magi-scanner, you have two blocks on your magic, one from St. Mungo's when you were born, the other from your first birthday. The first one is a power regulator, which is standard for high powered magical kids, while the other one is for the metamorphmagus ability." At Harry's confused look, Louis continued. "That means you can change your physical appearance, like your hair length, your eye color, or even your entire body, though you'll still be male."

Harry was stunned. This perfectly explained how his hair grew back when he was seven, as well as why it hasn't grown since.

Dr. Berg looked back at the scan. "It also appears that you have a soul fragment inside you."

Harry looked at Berg is shock. "Please tell me it's not who I think it is?" he pleaded.

"I'm sorry to say, but it looks to be... him," said the doctor.

"Any way to remove it?" Harry asked.

"Let me check something with the model. I have a good feeling about it." Louis plugged in the data from Harry's scans and added it to the splicing information. The image of Harry soon appeared on screen. Louis then clicked the 'splice' button, and the Harry on screen changed. He grew tall, very tall. The figure now stood 6' 10". Wings, claws and the tail appeared on the model as its muscles bulked up, and up.

"Holy shit! I'm gonna be a tank!" exclaimed Harry happily. As the model finished expanding, two notices appeared.

"Removal of blocks: 100 percent. Removal of Soul Fragment:" Here the cursor blinked for a moment before showing the number.

"100 percent! Harry, that monster will no longer be connected to you!" yelled Louis.

"Alright!" Just then, two warnings appeared.

"Warning: subject's core will be expanded greatly, due to the amount of magical creatures used," said the first warning.

"Warning: subject is still under the effects of puberty. Subject will be growing taller and heavier."

"Okay, the first warning is that you're gonna have a huge magical core, larger than anyone's ever seen. Meaning you'll be the most powerful magic user ever to exist," said Dr. Berg.

"That's pretty much a given in my life," said Harry. "And I'm guessing the other one means that I'm gonna be between Shaquille O'Neal and Hagrid in height?"

"With enough muscle mass and density to make sure physical weapons can't hurt, either. Well, shall we proceed?" Harry nodded yes, and the doctor mixed up the pathogens, as one wasn't large enough to hold it all, poured the mix into an IV bag, and hooked Harry up to it.

"Let all that drip into you, Harry," said Louis. "Thankfully, it's a thin fluid that runs fast, so it will be in you in a moment." About a minute and a half later, the drip was done. Harry was disconnected, and led over to the UV booth.

"Now, just stand here, and the changes will be activated momentarily. Here, put these over your eyes to protect them." Harry put the eye shields on and signaled he was ready. Dr. Berg turned the lights on, and Harry felt a sharp pain enter his system as his body was reformed.

Harry was in the booth for five minutes before the changes were complete. First the two blocks were removed, which passed as a small magical wave.

"Good thing everything's shielded," said Louis to himself.

However, the soul fragment didn't want to leave without a fight. Harry was screaming as the fragment tried to retain it's hold of Harry, but in the end, the expanding power of Harry's core overloaded it. It got pushed out of Harry, where it exploded into nothingness seconds later.

Harry exited the booth, huffing at the exertion of removing the soul piece, and Louis got a good look at him.

Harry was now immense. Power incarnate, though he'll still need to train to use it without hurting someone unintentionally. His bold green eyes were now slitted, and glowed with an unearthly light. His wings were more than strong enough to lift him off the ground, as was shown when he tried them out, and shot up to the ceiling some twenty feet up.

"Nice to know that we don't need to do that portion of the physical," laughed the doctor. "Now I just need to test the rest of you, plus an eye exam, get you some new clothes to accommodate your new appendages, then you can be on your way."

Harry had never felt this great in his life. Strength and power exuded from every fiber of his being, and it showed every time he flexed his muscles. Harry's new clothing was black, with holes that buttoned around his wings. On his pants was a button that allowed his pants to wrap around his tail, due to the spikes on the end. The good news is, he got new trainers out of it, as he had vastly outgrown the ones he wore in.

"Okay, that's everything," said Louis. "Now, I want you to come back here in a year for a check-up, as this is the first time we've done magical creatures and got it to work."

"All right," said Harry. The two of them walked out to the front.

"Good. Now then, your bill, minus 50 pounds for bringing in the DNA sample, comes to 250 pounds," said the receptionist.

Harry handed over the 300 pounds, and got a 50 back. Louis then explained that there was a clothing boutique near The Leaky Cauldron that catered to gene-spliced people. Harry promised himself to go tomorrow.

"Good thing your wings a similar to bat wings, or the receptionist would think something really fishy was going on. I'll see you later, Harry," said Dr. Berg as Harry left the building.

Harry walked to a secluded alley, focused on the alley near Number 4 Privet Drive, and flamed away.

Harry arrived in time to see his cousin walking home.

"Hey, Big D," said Harry as he walked out of the alley. "How's it hangin'?"

Dudley stared at his cousin, though he didn't know it was him. "Do I know you?" he asked.

Harry pulled up his bangs and showed the scar, which was now starting to fade.

"Holy shit! Harry, is that you?" Harry nodded. "You went and got spliced? That is so cool! Dad is gonna kill you, but cool. What creatures did you use to get like this."

"Let's just say that the doctor I had has connections in my world. He used DNA from various creatures that live in my world, like dragons, which is where I got the wings and tail," said Harry.

"Dragons are real?" asked Dudley.

"Yeah, in fact, the one used on me was the one I faced in a tournament last year."

"Anyway, how strong are you now?"

"Strong enough to lift up Big Ben and toss it into the Eiffel Tower," replied Harry.

The two of them continued to walk home, with Dudley learning more about Harry's world and all the dangers within it. They were almost home and were in the tunnel near Privet Drive, when Harry felt the coldness that comes with the darkest of creatures: Dementors.

"Dudley, stay behind me. A very dark creature or two has come. You can't see them due to you not having magic, but whatever you do, keep your mouth closed. If you have to talk, do it fast," said Harry.

"What are they?" whimpered Dudley.

"They're beings called Dementors," said Harry grimly. "They feed on despair and other such emotions, and will suck out your soul if given the chance. I'm going to try and drive them off."

"But you can't use magic outside of school!" exclaimed Dudley.

"You're right. I didn't bring my wand with me, anyway. However, I'm not defenseless. What I'm gonna do happens to be a dragon's specialty."

Dudley's eyes widened in awe. "You can breath fire?"

"Yes, now be quiet. They're coming." The moment Harry said that, two Dementors appeared in the tunnel. Harry took a deep breath, and launched a jet of flame from his mouth.

The jet of fire rushed towards the two Dementors, who had stopped the second they felt the blast head towards them. They tried to flee, but were too late. With a high-pitched wail, the Dementors were destroyed, not even leaving ashes behind... wait, there was something left behind.

"Harry, what are those?" asked Dudley.

"I'm surprised you can see those," said Harry. "Must be a psychic reaction. Those are the souls that those Dementors sucked out. Without one of those creatures holding them, they're now free to move on. Yep, there they go." The two watched as the souls floated up into the heavens.

"Let's go home, Dudley," said Harry, but before they could move, someone else entered the tunnel.

"Good word, is that you, Harry?" called the figure.

"Mrs. Figg, is that you?" asked Harry.

"Yes, now what happened? Oh, I knew something would happen if that Mundungus Fletcher left early," she rambled. "When I tell Dumbledore..."

"Wait, you know Dumbledore? Are you a squib?" asked Harry.

"Yes, to both questions. Now answer mine. What happened?"

Harry told her about his afternoon and what he did to the Dementors.

"That's incredible, Harry. But I think we better get you boys home. I need to contact Dumbledore as soon as possible. Damn you, Mundungus Fletcher!" yelled Mrs. Figg. Just as she said that, a loud 'CRACK' was heard as a man who looked to be of ill repute appeared.

"What's goin' on, Figgy? Why'd you reveal yourself?" asked the man.

"I'll tell you why, Mundungus Fletcher. Two Dementors attacked Harry and his cousin just a bit ago, and if it wasn't for Harry getting spliced with magical creature DNA, he would have been in major trouble, either with his soul sucked out, or from the Ministry of Magic!" yelled Mrs. Figg. "Now go tell Dumbledore! We need to get Harry moved to headquarters as soon as possible!" She punctuated the last four words with hits from her sack full of cat food cans.

"Alright, alright, I'm goin'!" said Fletcher, and apparated once he was free of being hit. Once he was gone, the three of them hurried back to Number 4 Privet Drive.

"Harry, I need you to go and pack. The Order members will be here soon for you," said Mrs. Figg.

"Alright. Thanks, Mrs. Figg," said Harry, and the two boys entered the house.

"Welcome home, Dudley, how was tea at the Piers' house?" asked Petunia. "I see you brought the boy... " She was about to say home, but stopped when she saw what he looked like now.

"Should have known. At least it works for you. Are those...?" She pointed to his wings. Harry nodded.

"I'm only going to use them around school," he said. "Right now, I need to go and pack. I'm being picked up soon."

"Good riddance, you... " started Uncle Vernon as he came into the hallway and saw his nephew. "FREAK! What did you do to yourself! Get rid of it!"

"No way in hell," said Harry. Vernon roared, then charged at Harry. Harry just grabbed Vernon's neck, and lifted him straight up.

"Listen up, Uncle Vernon. I am now thousands of times stronger than anyone on this planet. Now I don't want to, but I will break every single bone in your body if you push me around anymore, and believe me, the doctor who helped me change into this kept the records of me before, and he can turn them into the police. I truly doubt that you have the money needed to keep you out of jail for child abuse," said Harry before dropping his now scared shitless uncle. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some packing to do."

Harry got all his stuff packed and sent Hedwig on ahead. He got the cage and his trunk downstairs just as the doorbell rang. "I got it," he called and opened the door a crack.

"Identify yourself or selves," said Harry.

"What is your most useful possession?" asked a voice.

"My invisibility cloak," replied Harry. "Who is my family's true betrayer?"

"Wormtail," replied the voice. Harry opened the door, and revealed Remus Lupin. Behind him was Alastor 'Mad-eye' Moody and a few other wizards and witches he didn't recognize.

"Hello, Harry," said Remus, who turned back to the others. "Mrs. Figg told us what happed to you. With me are Alastor Moody, Nymphadora Tonks..."

"Never use that name," the young lady said pointedly.

"... who likes to go by her last name, Kingsley Shacklebolt, both Tonks and he are Aurors, Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Hestia Jones, a hit-witch, Emmeline Vance, and Sturgis Podmore," finished Remus.

"I have a few dozen questions, but they can wait until later. How are we getting to headquarters?" asked Harry.

"Flying. It's the only safe way," said Moody.

"Great! If someone would shrink the trunk and cage, we can get out of here." Remus quickly shrank the two items and pocketed them.

"Harry, where's your broom?" asked Moody.

"In my trunk. As you can see," started Harry, spreading his wings, "I don't need it."

"How is this possible?" asked Hestia.

"One of the doctors at the splicing center is a squib with connections. Everything that was spliced into me was from a magical creature," answered Harry.

"We can ask more about that later, there goes the first signal," said Moody as red sparks flew up. A few moments later, green sparks flew, and the group took off.

Harry flew on the wind like never before. Soaring on his new wings, he flew circles around the others.

"Potter, quit showing off!" yelled Moody. "You're making me airsick!" This got a laugh out of the others.

The flight lasted an hour, but Harry wanted it to last longer. They landed in a square and Harry followed the group out onto the street.

"Here, read this," said Moody, thrusting a note into Harry's hands.

The Order of the Phoenix can be found at Number 12 Grimmauld Place.

Moody took the note and incinerated it, spreading the ashes on the wind.

"Now, think about what you just read."

Harry thought about the words, and a new building popped up into existence. The group ushered Harry inside. Tonks moved towards the staircase, but tripped on the troll leg umbrella stand.

"Mudbloods! Traitors! Vile filth!" yelled a voice from behind the curtains on the wall, which opened up to reveal a mad looking woman. Harry, in surprise, breathed dragon fire at the portrait, burning it down instantly.

"Mistress! No!" screamed another voice, this one coming from an old house elf who jumped at Harry. Still breathing fire, Harry turned to the elf, and burned the elf to death.

"Hello, Harry. I see you've met my mother and Kreature the house elf. Thank you for taking care of them," said the voice of Sirius Black, Harry's godfather.