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Word count each chapter: 100. Boo-yah!

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Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Prompt: DRAG. Dean finds he's on the menu during a hunt with one of his father's closest friends. Hurt!Dean. A series of 9 drabbles.

Chapter 1

Richmond, Nebraska is Bumfuck nowhere. The town's main drag is one long street.

The good news is Dean is driving the Impala. The bad news is he's driving the Impala alone.

Dad dropped sixteen year old Sammy off with Pastor Jim two days ago, then he took off in that big ass black truck of his, after a lead on the bastard that killed Mary Winchester. Dean's gig is a black dog hunt with one of Dad's old Marine buddies.

Grady Conner meets Dean at the rest stop outside of town. Big dude. Capable looking.

Dean doesn't suspect a thing.

Eight to go.