Blood Brothers

It was due the last battle against the Decepticons that it had happened. Every Autobot had heard it and it had sent shivers down their metallic spines.

It was a spark wrenching scream of agony and pain that was all too sudden cut off. The battle almost froze up. The Autobots stunned in horror and the Decepticons sneering in triumph by their enemies' reaction.

An Autobot had fallen.

Ratchet immediately started searching for the fallen Autobot but as the clicks passed he became more and more frustrated. The battle had caused dust and sand to swirl up in the desert-like battlefield. The cloud of the light organic ground cover – sand – didn't only irritate everybots' optics; it made the medic unable to locate the fallen. He couldn't sense the 'bot's spark signature, which was even worse.

The Autobots who weren't fighting off the Decepticons also started searching, each and every one of them praying to Primus that the small Autobot wasn't offline.

//Ratchet, over here!// It was Jazz who was the one to yell to Ratchet through the communication link.

Jazz was horrified to find the small Autobot lying face down in the sand with an open back wound and a part of his midsection missing completely. He kneeled beside the mech, not knowing if he was online or offline and not daring to turn him to check. Every movement to the smaller frame could be fatal, so all Jazz could do was to stay beside him, making sure no Decepticreep was near.

Jazz was no medic, but he could easily see that it was bad. Wires sparked and spat violently at the saboteur, there was a growing pool of energon and coolant under the small frame and he could even spot a part of the spark chamber through the back wound. But all he could do was silently plead for the 'bot's survival and he hated the feeling of helplessness that clawed his spark.

"Com' on, ya gotta hold on, man…" It was all he could do, plead and await the CMO's arrival. Even though he tried to stop some major energon leaks it didn't help. Jazz wondered if anything would help.

When Ratchet finally burst through the wall of swirled up sand, his face told everything. And Jazz could feel his spark sink by the stunned and horror-struck expression on the medic's face.

"Primus, no…" Ratchet mumbled under his intakes as he snapped out of his stupor and ran to the damaged Autobot's side. He showed Jazz to the side before he started his frantic working.

All whilst he talked to the smaller 'bot, even though he knew that words was one of the few thing that could not reach him now.

"Come on kid, you can't die yet. Bumblebee, stay with us!"


Ratchet had successfully stopped the leaks, and repaired Bumblebee enough to move him from the battlefield to the med bay. The battle was already over by then, and the damage to the Autobot ranks was minimal; beside Bumblebee. Ratchet hadn't been able to confirm his survival at the time.

It was three Earth days ago. It took the CMO one day to fully repair the internal damage, and after that, he confirmed that Bumblebee would live. It had been easy to see the whole crew's sparks being lifted with relief and Bumblebee's human friend – Spike – being equally relieved. The yellow minibot had been in deep recharge the last two days.

In the meantime, Optimus was trying to collect the puzzle of the attack. And who had shot the little spy. The last anyone had seen of Bumblebee in the fight, were before Megatron and the seekers had shot at the ground and thereby cause the sand to fly up and blind everybot. There were still Autobots who tried to get the last sand out of their joints. Sunstreaker was especially annoyed by this.

Bumblebee had been fighting Ravage – and maybe Laserbeak – off. But Ratchet had mentioned that he probably was attacked from behind by another enemy and not a Cassetticon, by the looks of it. Ravage didn't have firepower to do so much damage with one shot.

Optimus sighed heavily as he laid the report back on his desk. This was no good. The Decepticons had intentionally been going after the smallest and youngest Autobot to throw the rest of the Autobots attention off. And it had worked, sort of. It was luck that Optimus had managed to damage Megatron before anymore Autobots were critical damaged.

There was a risk that the Decepticons would use tactic in another battle, so therefore Optimus made a decision.


First off, everything seemed so terribly white. Blinding his optics a big deal, he decided to offline them and reboot properly. But several thoughts stopped his CPU from rebooting his system.

Was he deactivated? Because he remembered the battle, fighting off the black panther-like Decepticon Ravage, then the sound of jet turbines and…

As the memory flashed back into his struggling CPU he felt every fearful feeling again; the realization that they were behind him, the spark clenching dread as he turned and worst of all,

I'm going to die!

Bumblebee yelped loudly as he sat up, even before his system had rebooted and before he had onlined his optics, immediately drawing the attention of the CMO who rushed to the yellow 'bot.

The sudden movement of the spy's aching joints and energon-low body caused 'Bee equilibrium sensors to offline, and leaving the light-CPUed bot to topple off the berth.

Ratchet caught Bumblebee just before he could crash to the floor.

"Whoa there, Bumblebee, stay calm." Ratchet mumbled calmly as he placed the minibot securely on the berth, "Its okay now, you're okay…"

Bumblebee's intakes huffed as he flicked his optics online, looking slightly confused. "Ratchet?"

"Yes, and go back to recharge." Ratchet said while he checked the monitors of Bumblebee's internals readings. "You shouldn't be moving around just yet…"

However, Bumblebee realized he couldn't go back to recharge. Yes, he was tired but his CPU couldn't find rest and it was fighting to get some answers to why his joints were aching.

"What happened?" he asked silently once, again shutting his optics.

Ratchet glanced shortly at the minibot before relaxing back into the chair he had been recharging in for the last three days. "You were shot in the last battle." He then sighed.

"We almost lost you back there…"

Bumblebee fell silent looking at the orange ceiling. So he did almost die… But who had shot him? Ravage? No, that couldn't be it…

"Seekers…" the faint mumble was barely audible


"I think it was a seeker that shot me…" Bumblebee looked at the CMO as wanting to confirm it.

"Ravage could hardly do so much damage…"

Ratchet shrugged lightly. "Possibly. But either way you're okay and if you don't go back to recharge I'm going to drug you…"

Bumblebee gave the medic a weak smile before trying to settle back to recharge. But once again, there was something wrong.


"Yes?" sounded a grumpy reply

"My joints are creaking…" To prove his point the yellow 'bot moved his arm and truthfully, it creaked in protest.

"It's nothing…" Ratchet mumbled. "You just got a lot of sand in your system. I'll clean the joints later. Now, recharge!"

With the short order, Bumblebee fell back into deep recharge.


Bumblebee spent another day recharging and after that Ratchet spent half a day cleaning the yellow 'bot's joints from sand.

Finally good to go, Bumblebee took his sweet time walking from the med bay to Prime's office, where he would have to report. He actually didn't want to. After spending 3 or 4 days inside, on the same berth, he would rather go for drive with Spike – just driving to somewhere strange and unknown.

Many of the Autobots greeted him, smiled to him and were clearly glad to see him up again. 'Bee responded to every one of them, smiling back or waving. But he didn't get to see Spike, which was a disappointment but probably for the best. If he was to talk to the human, he would probably end up choosing to go outside instead of reporting to Optimus.

However, there was one Autobot who was anything but pleased by the sight of Bumblebee.

The yellow minibot looked confused as he saw Cliffjumper storming towards him looking ever so furious.

"You! This is your entire fraggin' fault!" the red minibot roared to his yellow counterpart.


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